Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The Need Hierarchy Some theories incorporate more than champion typeface of motive. Abraham Maslow developed a motivational theory that includes some(prenominal) physiologic and cognitive motives ranked in a pecking entrap from radical to higher level. According to Maslow, individuals must first chance the close basic takesthat is, physiological survival necessarily out front they rump attend to those of higher levels. Maslow, like Rogers, was c at one timerned with individuals self-actualization, their exertion of the highest level of development The order of needfully from highest (1) to lowest (7) is 1.need for self-actualization 2.aesthetic needs 3.cognitive needs 4.esteem needs 5.belongingness and love needs 6.safety and surety needs 7.physiological needs Learning Factors in feeling Emotions may also be learned. For trialple, fear may be learned finished conditioning, and once fear is learned, the drive to turn away it is a powerful motivator. Th e cultivation of some fears, however, as intimately as certain other(a) emotions, may involve other processes, which ar discussed later. Emotional responses may be learned also through modeling. The high incidence of strength in our society is seen by some to be related to the high incidence of violence in the media, in particular television and movies. Coping with emphasize Direct action.
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One stress-reducing tactic is cladding a chore directly by identifying it and then growing a scheme to solve it. For example, for students who become highly offensive at exam times, recognizing that their studying has not been adequate and growth more econ! omic class-preparation procedures can be helpful. Relaxation. Relaxation strategies, which can effectively quiet stress, vary widely and range from programs of state-of-the-art relaxation behavior and relaxation therapy to short-term techniques such as pickings a hour or two to breathe late and count, providing a momentary escape from a stressful situation. fond project. Social support from friends and relatives...If you want to get a full moon essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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