Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Masks

The Masks Great literature is comprised of many different facets. There argon conflicts, themes, motifs, symbols, and plot. Great literature also transmutes and intensifies ordinary language, deviates systematic in tot completelyyy from chance(a) speech. Anna K arnina by Leo Tolstoy accomplishes all of this and even much. Tolstoy uses all the facets of considerable literature to convey a actually daedal plot with intricate turns and elicit characters. deuce of the most liberal and intriguing of these character are Anna Karenina and her economize Alexi Karenin. They are very different in many slip elan and it would be interesting to know the story before this rattling as to how they met and poisonous in wonder, alone nonpareil way in which they are similar is as the novel progresses all(prenominal) develops a masquerade toward each other and society. Wearing this overhaul has a more(prenominal)(prenominal) detrimental effect on Anna than it does on Kareni n.         Anna is a healthful woman, hard in mind and strong in beauty. She is called upon by her brothers wife Dolly to help stipulate what has gone unconventional with her trades union. She has enough strength to pull a broken marriage totakeher, she manages to do so without shocking anyones feelings. except as the novel progresses she begins to have marriage problems of her own. A little army military officer Vronsky move in love with her and in turn she falls in love with him. This brings on the onset of the suppress, at setoff it is say towards her husband. The block out is utilise to be an emotional bar between Anna and Karenin to prevent all from being hurt. But as she confronts her husband about what has happened she lifts her bury of gaiety. This lifting of the masquerade party causes perturb in both of the Karenins. advance into the novel she becomes closely ill, this was caused by the implementation of this feign in the first place. By non telling Karenin what had be! en going on in the first place, Anna amass an extreme amount of guilt. each(prenominal) this guilt is what causes her to become so severely ill. During this illness all she faecal matter think of is gaining pardon from her estranged husband. After leniency is granted she recovers from her near death experience only when with a new out impression on life.         Karenin is also strong, and only in mind. He is a prominent in St. Petersburg society as he is a government official. His mask is a different one than Annas. While Annas mask was more directed towards her husband, Karenins was more directed towards society and making an port that everything is normal.
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He maintains that the mask should be worn to prevent a decline in his rush or position in society. Although the mask brings him extreme pain sensation in its streak of the divorce of Anna, it does not cause a long barrier effect on him or his goals. He in incident is hurt more by a mask not being in place. When there is a mask Karenin bear go about his life as if nothing has happened, and non of his opponents can find anything wrong with what he is doing, but as the mask is lifted he begins to falter in work and his study project becomes less important until he can reclaim order in his life. Without a mask Karenin would have crumbled towards the blood line of the novel instead of persevering.         Both Karenin and Anna request a mask to try and help their situation but neither mask accomplishes this goal totally. Although both are hurt by its implementation, Anna is more severel y damaged than Karenin. The This conflict helps tra! nsform Tolstoys words into the great piece of literature known as Anna Karenina. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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