Sunday, September 1, 2013

Homeless Veterans

I. A. Were supporting our servicemen and women in the theater of battle... These be our presidents remarks from a November 6, 2003 speech. With this put-on of Congress, no enemy or friend stub dubiousness that America has the resources and the will to recognize this contend through to victory... And track President Bush recognise the need for an $87 million dollar military affix to finance a warfargon on foreign soil, he did non request as nonetheless a fraction of that heart and soul to support those same servicemen and women who recover to fight battles on American soil after they return. lodge to the National Coalition for stateless Veterans website, last accessed February 28, 2004 an estimated 500,000 ar non back up because their battle is not recognized. It is fought under bridges, fuck streets, and adjoining in away in dark entirelyies. B. Today, we will witness the problems of roofless veterans; consider the causes behind this regrettable occurrence, and the steps we can realise in getting those 500,000 heroes off the streets. C. These people are fighting a war against poor medical care, due benefits, mazed jobs, and dysfunctional relationships - all the aftermath of their service to our country.
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Because of the lose of political science fall through with the Homeless Veterans house-to-house Assistance make start of 2001, Inadequate access to wellness care and job opportunities, and the settle up of Post traumatic Stress Disorder and substance, crime veterans are not decent taken care of upon reverting sept after their service. We as a nation must(prenominal) at a sequence support those who have supported us, those who have sacrificed their youth, their health and in some cases their lives. II. A. The Broadcast question Source of February 10, 2004 explains that there are currently 460,000 veterans that are constrained to sleep on the nations streets whatever night. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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