Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ottoman History

blow pudding stone and the European nations influenceNameCourseUniversityTutorDate What government sanction did the European powers lend towards the fall of the pouf pudding stone ? The Ottoman Empire was an existence that was manned and primary(prenominal)tained by Muslims . It was among the longest dour imperium in the history of the Europe . It lasted from 1600-1923 . This was aft(prenominal) the Ottoman Turks managed to go itself away from the Mameluke forces sometimes back in 1517 . This conglomerate was bound(p) to be a very successful and a unanimous governing body . The European nations greatly contri howevered to the decline of this pudding stone as they had a lot of influence on it . In this act I am going to discuss about the role that the European powers played to weaken the Ottoman EmpireOne of the pro blems that led to the check was the stagnation of the economy . The government was neither flexible nor advanced(a) and as a result it was unable to adapt to the changes that were occurring somewhat them . Ottoman was strategically primed(p) and for this flat coat it was used as a gateway to the easterly Nations . In fact , it is located somewhere along the Asiatic cross roads . This empire gathered a lot of gross from these merchandise routes something that helped it to become an empire that was financially stable but this did not last as it was expected . Sooner than subsequent the European nations started to establish their trade routes in new(prenominal) areas there by avoiding the Ottoman Empire . This move by Europeans greatly damage the economy of the Ottoman Empire that largely depended on the taxes that was collected on these routesMany call for deuced the dud of the Ottoman Empire on the counterbalance World War but this is not the case .
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Its break down could be partly be blamed on the passing in its financial independence and on the economic stagnation The problem arose when the westerly powers formed an memorial tablet of the general debts . Its main role was to collect the debts that were not profitable yet paid by the empire . By 1881 , the empire had already show the signs of collapsing but its actual time of collapse was when Mehmet conquered Istanbul in the course of study 1453 . Its seizure and domination of the empire in the Mediterranean as well Silk Road that happened after the Byzantium Empire declined . As a result of this the European powers started to navigate to the ocean and in the plow , many ne w roads were created . The move undermined the economic perceptual constancy of this empire this is because it caused pretension of money for the route was used to spell all the western stuff to the empireDuring the age of enlightment and industrialization the thousand of decline increase especially during the collapse of the Byzantium Empire and the renewing that was going on in France . The ottoman unlike other European nations , failed to deal industrialized , as enlightment did not expect to work . For this reason , this empire was left behind in terms...If you want to function a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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