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1.1INTRODUCTION OF APPLE apple, Inc originated from the starship and mutual interests of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The Two collaborated in the cultivation of the apple in the early 1970s. The Apple I was a step ahead of most computers of the time featuring a nod off of aTV as a display system and a cassette interface for recording programs. After obtaining financing for the development of Apple II, the Apple calculating machine Company was formed in 1970.As the appendage of billet computer use grew, Apple grew with it. In 1980 the participation issued its sign public offering of investment stock. Apple undermentioned introduced the Macantosh electronic computer in 1983 during the Super Bowl. The computers desktop publishing features provided the tail end for approaching innovations that have become standard for the company. Today Apple, Inc has more than than 33,000 employees and revenues exceed 42 million dollars. 1.2HISTORY OF APPLE [pic] [pic][pic] [pic]   In 1971 Steve Woz Wozniak designed a device called the Blue Box. It allowed -- of course illegal -- phone calls bump of commit by faking the signals used by the phone companies. His friend Steve Jobs nowadays realized that there must be a ample market for whateverthing that useful. He bought the parts for $40, Woz built the boxes and Jobs sell them to his gallant students at the University of California in Berkeley for $150. To demonstrate the product to some students, Woz erstwhile posed as Secretary of State henry Kissinger and called the Vatican. allegedly he played his role so comfortably that they told him the pope was sleeping but if he requested they would on the lookout him. Woz got restless and hung up. One of Wozniaks biggest dreams was that he trusted to have his accept computer. In March 1975 the first meeting of the Amateur Computer Users mathematical group - better known as the home brew Computer monastic order - to! ok place in a garage in Menlo Park. The numeral of interested computer freaks quickly...If you want to get a proficient essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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