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Cross Religion Study Religion and Women

crabby religion Study Religion and Women\n\nTHE ROLE AND IMPORTANCE OF WOMEN\n\n1) a muliebrity who helped from the history if the usance or who contributed to the historical discipline and cultural understanding of the unearthly customs duty; a muliebrity who, by her life, teaching and attitude, challenged or preserved the tradition and in some cases made a satisfying impact on its development.\n\nAs religious tradition developed there were significant changes taking place, meant the need to reaffirm key teachings or the chance to reinterpret an some different\n\na) CHRISTIANITY: HILDEGARD OF BINGEN\n\n- 1 of the greatest & nearly true thinkers of gallant atomic number 63. Her life, teachings & attitude, helped shape Christianity making a significant ploughshare & challenging/preserving traditions.\n- Performed a add of significant roles including abbess, scientist, leading medieval authority, musician, prolific composer, artist, imaginative, high pen political an d religious act\n\n- an abbess who contributed to Christian knowledge in relation to earthly concern\n- a scientist, renowned in Europe for her herbals, medical commendation books & scientific treatises\n- a visionary who was one of the greatest most original thinkers of medieval Europe and helped the evolution of monasteries towards education, care of the hapless and evangelism\n- a high indite political and religious run across who maintained correspondence with other leading medieval thinkers and became real involved in solid ground and church building issues\n- helped set up the scene for the 13th degree centigrade reforms in the western church\n\n- Lived in era where the predominate culture of the church was patriarchal, and anything that menace the hierarchy was put down, mystic or ignored\n- Referred to as a spiritual rebirth woman several centuries before the renaissance\n- Interests and accomplishments in science, music, theology, painting, medicine and healin g, commentaries, and prognostication and social justice and promote women with these gifts\n\n- Educated by a recluse called Juta, nun at 15, received visions and revelations (contained in the same scivias She took over as principal of the convent which was not conventional as wore colourful ilk dresses and wore jewellery. Which did not seam worried by sin\n\n- The monks interfered and tried to hold open the nuns from writing and conversing with people who came to them for commission\n- Spoke about subvert of power observed among the clergy attacked the dreadful emperor Frederick Barbarossa and encouraged other nuns to write and criticise.\n- Book of prophesy works attacked anthropocentricism (human effect universe) as wanted readers to have feelings and preserve the wonders of the world\n\n- Threw society of her epoch into turmoil as the convent became the centre of great change\n- Her books were taboo and burnt....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our websit e:

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