Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Histroy of Native Americans

During the European exploration period, explorers set down on land own by the primordial Americans. Their master(prenominal) aim was to conduct business, and similarly do missionary whole works. This diddle between the indwelling Americans and the European explorers had a wide equal on culture, politics, and religion. The two assorts had a number of items that they shared, since each group had its own unique commodities. The European group introduced things like guns and separate items, and in return, Americans provided skins and other(a) commodities. The part of the commodities and services indicated how far the group had developed in footing of technology. The objective of this essay is to compare the quality of works by European explorers, and works by Native Americans.\nBy comparison the behavior of the two groups in wrong of culture, religion and politics, at that place are some mention similarities and deferences. All of these aspects contributed to the kind of works that each group presented. The European explorers were being driven by economic forces, when they landed on the Native Americans land. They were searching for a way in which they would journey to Asia. The Native Americans on the other hand, welcomed the European explorers, since they had some commodities which were of great importance to them (McCarthy, 63). \nThe metallic tools introduced by the European explorers, assisted the Native Americans in fighting their enemies. This shows that the Native Americans had not progressed in terms of technology, since the only products that the Native American gave in return was vegetables and animal(prenominal) products. These products were of great importance, considering that the European explorers inevitable them.\nEurope wanted to turn out its colonies as far as possible, and that was one of the reasons why European explorers had to meet the Native Americans. Their items were to a greater extent improved than those of Native Americans. For this reason, many European settlers chose to settle in the No...

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