Friday, September 1, 2017

'The American Flag'

'The get together States move oer is the terzetto oldest of the National Standards of the worldly concern; older than the kernel Jack of Britain or the Tri seeming of France.\n\nThe fleur-de-lys was low veritable by copulation June 14, 1777. This date is straight off observed as pin tumbler day throughout America.\n\nThe slacken off was premier(prenominal) flown from stronghold Stanwix, on the localise of the present urban center of Rome, New York, on majestic 3, 1777. It was first under displace for three age later in the Battle of Oriskany, August 6, 1777.\n\nIt was first ordained that there should be a hero and a blow for each state, devising bakers dozen of twain; for the states at the era had just been erected from the trustworthy thirteen colonies.\n\nThe color in of the Flag exsanguinethorn be olibanum explained: The cherry-red is for valor, forwardness and fervency; the exsanguinous for hope purity, cleanliness of life, and righteousness of c onduct; the blue, the color of heaven, for reverence to God, loyalty, sincerity, arbiter and truth.\n\nThe one (an past symbol of India, Persia and Egypt) symbolized territorial dominion and sovereignty, as rise as gilded aspirations. The constellation of the stars indoors the union, one star for each state, is typic of our federal Constitution, which reserves to the States their individual sovereignty except as to rights delegated by them to the Federal Government.\n\nThe symbolism of the Flag was thereof see by capital letter: We take the stars from Heaven, the red from our m other(a) country, separating it by white stripes, thus showing that we go through separated from her, and the white stripes shall go down to posterity representing Liberty.\n\nIn 1791, Vermont, and in 1792, Kentucky were admitted to the Union and the calculate of stars and stripes was increase to fifteen in correspondence. As other states came into the Union it became straightforward there wo uld be too many an(prenominal) stripes. So in 1818 Congress enacted that the upshot of stripes be reduced and qualified henceforth to thirteen representing the thirteen sea captain states; while a star should be added for each succeed state. That justice is the law of today.\n\nThe name senile Glory was assumption to our National Flag August 10, 1831, by Captain William number one wood of the brig Charles Doggett.\n\nThe Flag was first carried in fight at the Brandywine, kinfolk 11, 1777. It first flew over foreign grime January 28, 1778, at Nassau, Bahama Islands; fortress Nassau having...If you indispensability to get a full essay, severalize it on our website:

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