Sunday, March 24, 2019

Graduation Speech: God Has a Plan for You -- Graduation Speech, Commen

In Surprised By Joy, C.S. Lewis tells of a mistake that he had discovered regarding joy or what he calls thrills. Lewis realized that what he had first theme to be joy, was actually not joy at all because it began to draw away. He had assumed that he was seeking after the thrill itself. He says, And there lies the deadly error. Only when your whole watchfulness and desire ar fixed on something else ... does the thrill arise. It is a by-product. Its very existence presupposes that you desire not it but something other and outer. He realized that when he focused his attention on obtaining the thrill of joy, that he was actually focused on himself. true up joy is not experienced when genius desires joy itself, but when one has his eyes on something else. As believers, the other and outer that we have the chance to look to is God God draws us to Himself, our soul responds to Him and in return, He fills our soul with joy. That is portrayed in the words of the Psalmist who says in Psalm 433-4, O send our Your light and Your truth, Let them lead me Let them add up me t...

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