Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Difference between active and passive forms Essay Example for Free

Difference between diligent and hands-off forms raiseDifference between active and passive formsIntroductionActive forms Inactive forms of the sentence, the mover or the social function that is doing the action is the subject of the sentence while the one that is receiving the action is the subject of the sentence. nigh of the sentences in the real world are in the active forms.It is forever and a day in the form(Action promoter or the subject)+(Verb)+( The action receiver or the object)ExampleJohn wrote the showHereJohn is the subject, wrote is the verb and essay is the object. Passive Form In the passive form, the things that are doing the action are the subject of the sentences while the thing that is doing the action is the object and it is placed at the end of the sentence after the word by. The passive form is always used when one thinks that the object or the receiver of the action is to be emphasise or is deemed to be more important. This form is also used t o exercise courtesy where one doesnt want to mention the actions doer or the doer of the action is not known.It is always in the form(Action receiver)+(past participle of the verb in question)+(by)+(action doer)ExampleThe essay was written by johnEssay is the action receiver, written is the past participle of wrote, by precedes the doer, JohnReferencesCourtland L. Bovee John V. Thill, July 21, 2013. Business Communication forthwith (12th Edition.Source document

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