Monday, April 29, 2019

I, Too Poem Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

I, Too metrical composition Analysis - Essay ExampleWhat the cause stave the black man listened because that is what the black man was outlet through at that sentence. The poem is also written in the present tense. The form of the poem is that of a free verse. It is written in five stanzas. The sentences are short only if that should not fool you. They incur are very strong message. There is a very strong conversational fluidity in the sentences. The shortness of the stanzas and the sentences shows brevity of the poem and how the author was hitting the nail right on the head. He spoke plainly but portrayed the frustration of the black man in a short, precise but to the point manner. This shows the seriousness of the matter at that time that did not require to be written in long sentences to be put across. The short sentences allows the author to use very optimistic terminology not show despair at his current state but show optimism for a better earlyThe author uses the metap hor the darker brother. This is used to refer to the black Americans at the time of slavery. They were not considered equals with the fresh and they would be treated inhumanely just because of the color of their skin. The author further goes ahead and says he allow grow beautiful. This does not mean beautiful in appearance. He meant that he would be intelligent, creative and omniscient with a better personality just like the white man if granted the same opportunity.The author says The black man goes on, laughs, eats his dinner and grows strong. This means that as much as they were loaded they still hoped that they would be better and much stronger in the future. The black man was bidding on time as one of his saviors because it is only with time that he will achieve the equality he longed for. They were hold their lives and growing tough to prepare them for the black uprising that will come. The author goes ahead and uses an assertive language at the time when they were not ev en allowed to speak. He say they will

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