Monday, May 13, 2019

Communication Principles, Techniques and Strategies used in Health and Term Paper

Communication Principles, Techniques and Strategies used in Health and Social Care Settings - bourne Paper ExampleIn the worst guinea pig scenario, miscommunication could result in the death of the patient. In the case of Anne, who suffered from a stroke, delayed communication in the period between the moment when she first felt grotesque symptoms and when she reached the hospital caused her to suffer a stroke. If her husband Paul had been successful in range an ambulance or another(prenominal) medical firm and enabled her to reach the hospital in while, this could have been averted. However, Paul, Annes husband, was unsuccessful in reaching the ambulance. In addition, when she finally reached a hospital, Anne was left unattended for approximately quaternion hours. During this interlude, her face sagged on matchless side and she lost control of her bodily functions. It does seem that the attitude of the medical professionals concerned was shockingly callous. However, it is m ore than probably that they simply were unequipped with the right coping skills for dealing with the extreme tense that is often encountered in the medical field. The medical emergency number dialed by Paul may have been disconnected. However, it is more likely that the line was busy and there were many people trying to use it at the same time. On his arrival at the first hospital, Paul and Anne may have walked in at a time when all medical professionals were busy attending to serious cases thus the lack of attention for the first four hours. In addition, the doctors were probably strained after a hard days work. This is not a suggestion that their attitude was excusable however, it is important to point out that medical practitioners deal with extreme stress on a regular basis.

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