Sunday, May 5, 2019

Factors That Have Shaped Bahamian Culture Essay

Factors That Have molded Bahamian Culture - Essay ExampleThe essay Factors That Have Shaped Bahamian Culture discusses a number of factors that have make the Bahamian culture and identity since a large number of Haitian migration to the Bahamas at the end of the 18th century have been subservient in constant tension between the Bahamians and Haitians. However, the Haitian retention of African based beliefs and customs, its music, folklore, and gambling habits, has had some frame on the Bahamas. Since 1967, there have been developments in music, dance, festivals, literature, painting crafts, and architectural preservation, which have helped define a Bahamian identity. The Department of Archives plays a dominant role in preserving the rich island architectural heritage and takes assistance of the antiquities, monuments, and museums. However, the lack of recognition by other Caribbean countries has been a great stumbling block for the nation to establish its declare identity and man y outsiders viewed the Bahamas as an offshoot of the United States and a tourist Mecca with sun, sand, sea, and sex, and a society spare of serious writers. Analysing the Bahamian culture one can understand that it is the Bahamian African culture that has shaped the Bahamian identity and that factors such as the tourism industry, the changed political scenario, and the oral tradition and newspapers have been instrumental in developing the Bahamian culture and identity. Yinna points out three elements that contributed to the formation of a collective self-image among the Bahamians later on 1973.

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