Saturday, May 11, 2019

Personal development planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Personal culture planning - Essay ExampleIn order to enter the field, they would take away a set of skills and hands-on experience that would enable them perform assigned tasks effectively besides enhancing their chances of advancing their careers (OPITO, 2015, p.1). This paper will desexualise the skills and knowledge needed for a HR manager in the oil splash industry and discusses ways of developing these competences.Students aiming at sticks of humans resource managers in oil and bollix up industries require set of skills and knowledge for managing the human resources in a firm as well as relating with the otherwise executives. In addition, they require skills and knowledge on the operations of a brag and oil firm that would influence the performances of human resources and other dynamics (Oil and Gas Job Search, 2015 p.1). This would be necessary since the work setting in oil and gas industry would differ with work environments in other industries. The HR manager in oi l and gas firm has the responsibility of managing all issues of employees that would require wide experience and skills. These includeStudents undertaking oil and gas management courses would need to develop ways of acquiring the skills and knowledge listed above to promote their employability in the firms upon result of their studies. Some knowledge and skills are not adequately covered in lecture rooms and students would modernise them by engaging in out of class activities. Students in the oil and gas management would work the following plan to acquire above listed skills and knowledgeThey should ensure they are enrolled for degree courses in human being resource management or an equivalent. This would ensure they qualify with degrees that are acceptable in for a position in HR department in oil and gas firms.Ensuring they master the responsibilities of HR in managing human resources including procedure for recruitment, systems used in compensating workers, systems used of ke eping information of persons, and the development of

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