Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Employee referral campaigns Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Employee referral campaigns - Essay ExampleAnother advantage of employee referral campaigns is that they help promote the brand value of a company through word-of-mouth publicity. In order for an existing employee to bring his contacts into the company, he/she must first have a positive perception virtually the status and worthiness of the company. On the flip side, a poor response to an employee referral campaign can usually indicate an unmotivated workforce perceiving no incentive either for themselves or for their contacts in availing blood line opportunities with the company. One other obvious advantage of an ERC is that it cuts down recruitment related expenditure by eliminating the need for advertising, job fairs, hiring agencies, etc. In certain domains, highly specialized positions are best filled through personal channels and not through traditional recuitment processes, devising a case for ERCs. On the negative side, employee referral campaigns can also create conflict- of-interest scenarios for the management, when they make an assessment that is inconsistent with that of the referring employees. For example, a candidate being recommended by an employee could be estimated to be either unsuitable or unqualified for the vacant position. In such a case, the management usually ends up causing disappointment for some(prenominal) parties by declining to hire.

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