Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Use a Diary System

Explain the purpose of using a diary systemThe purpose of using diary system is:†¢to be organized †¢remember about meetings and important task to do †¢keeping within the time frame †¢cooperation with colleague †¢ control deadline and setting newDescribe different types of diary systems (for example paper, electronic etc) My diary system:Electronic – outlook diary system where all meeting, task can be set up, amend and send by mail to everybody, easy to control by set up reminder, showing automatically if people with who we want meet are available in specific time.Sticky notes – quick and easy to record important information for example: task to do for today, kept on the desk visible.Wall board – share for days, notes with information are sticky for adequate day and throw away as soon as been completed. Always available for all relevant people if I’m not in the office.Describe the purpose of obtaining relevant information about requ ested diary entries and changes. The purpose of obtaining relevant information about diary entries and changes is so that all relevant people are aware of what the meeting/appointment is, and where it is. So they are able to ensure that they are available and in the correct place at the correct time. You also have to make sure that any requested changes do not have a knock on effect.Describe the types of information needed for diary entriesThe type of information required would be dates and times for the entry also any information relating to the entry, for example, if it is for a meeting  the place, what it is about and request of confirmation people attending. If it was a deadline for a task it is useful to have notes about what needs to have been done so this can be checked off.Explain how to prioritise requestsIt is best to priorities requests in chronological order so that the most recent are done first and then if there are any immediate changes the relevant people can be no tified in time. Explain the purpose of prioritising requestsExplain the purpose of trying to balance the needs of all those involved The purpose of trying to balance is necessary to complied all task in time frame suitable for all involved.Explain the purpose of communicating changes to those affected It would be a futile waste of others time and resources if they proceeded with a project that was now defunct because you had not advised them this was no longer an operating practice.It is good practice and beneficial to all if you are all singing from the same song sheet and all know the correct procedures and why such procedures are in place.Explain the purpose of keeping a diary system up to date†¢keep me up date and with all important appointment †¢help me control the time frame †¢can be helpful to set up deadline for a task †¢work out which task need to be completed before other can be startedDescribe the different types of problems that may occur when new req uests are made and solutions to these problems. Late delivery of product – the most important things is for who it is?†¢For factory – try to get delivery ASAP and keep an eye of everything what is coming to do not miss delivery what we waiting for. Inform reception about this in case that delivery will come first there then inform everybody what waiting asap to avoid possible delays  in production what also can affect despatch and transport work.†¢For reload – regular or just single transport then we have to find out how big is delay and that transport can wait or other need to be organize.Explain the purpose of following security and confidentiality procedures when using a diary system To avoid provide information to nobody that shouldn’t receive what can have bad effects. To help with it I need:†¢ Not allow computer screens to be seen by unauthorized people†¢ Ensure people can't see confidential documents that aren't meant for them †¢ Log off your computer if it is unattended†¢ Use computer passNow you need to give me some examples of when you have done the following, please try and use print screens of your work to show that you have done these:Show me how you have made diary entries accurately and clearly and explain how you obtained the information to make diary entries (for example was this from a job sheet, or did you receive a phone call advising of the change etc)†¢By entering all received information – phone calls, emails, †¢By receiving appointment alerts †¢printing and sticky to the boardInformation for all:Information just for me:How do you keep the diary up to date and store it securely? (for example if you are using an electronic system this could be by having to use passwords etc for security and data protection reasons) †¢recording all information straight away in calendar instead of recording on paper what is easy to lost †¢ print or write received info rmation†¢removing or delete as soon as been completed

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