Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Describing and explaining the picture attached Essay

Describing and explaining the picture attached - Essay Example There are rough expressions of colors, and a feeling comes that one of the colors has been ripped off at many a places, giving the feel of an old, worn-out painting. The overall look of the painting appears to be flat because the artist has not used vivid colors to distinguish one object from another. The proportion of the size of all objects is regular. Although there is not a clear message in the painting, yet I feel that there is a very deep note, keeping in view the murkiness of the white and black color that rules the painting. There is a sense of gloominess; and, the mother seems sad, but the presence of her baby is a spark of life. The painter has tried to reinforce the truth of life, which is a combination of sadness and happiness, or of dark and light shadows in life. Sadness rules in the painting, as the mother is not able to cope with the stressful moments of her life; while, joy is also there in the form of a

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