Saturday, August 3, 2019

Human Worth and Religion in Revelation :: Revelation

The story revelation is one that demonstrates and explains Human Worth, Religion, and Society in a very extreme, but very understandable way. Mrs. Turpin who believes that in society there are people like her and her husband ( home and land owners) who are above all others except people with more money and land. â€Å"On the bottom of the heap were most colored people [†¦] then next to them not above just away from them were the white-trash, and then above them the home and land owners to which she a Claud belonged.† She has a very strong belief this and Thanks God that he didn’t make her like any of those people below her. Even goes as far as debating lives if God would have a given her a choice between any of the people she thinks she is better than. A trip to the doctor’s office for her husband’s ulcer brings a new â€Å"revelation† for Mrs. Turpin. While observing the people in the waiting room, she analyzes them and gives them titles in the groups below her. White- trash, ugly and so on. There is one girl in the room though who seems to really have something against Mrs. Turpin. Every comment she makes seems to upset the young girl and make her agitation to rise. It disturbs and also confuses her because she can’t understand why the girl who doesn’t even know her would want to ac so rudely towards such a kind a giving woman such as her. â€Å"All at once the ugly girl turned her lips inside out again. Her eyes fixed like two drills on Mrs. Turpin. T his time there was no mistaking that there was something urgent behind them.† Continuing on in conversation with the white- trash an outburst of thanking the lord aloud causes the young lady to suddenly hurl the book she was reading at Mrs. Turpin and jumping across the table and attempting to choke her. The nurse and doctor try to contain the young girl while slowly giving her a shot in the arm to calm her insanity down. Leaving everyone in shock and disbelief, especially in the case of Mrs. Turpin she boldly asks what the girl has to say to her. Settling her eyes on her the young girl says in a clear, but quiet tone â€Å"Go back to hell where you came from, you old warthog.† This ugly nasty young girl is the thing through which the truth is revealed to Mrs.

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