Thursday, August 29, 2019

Phillips Matsuhisha case analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Phillips Matsuhisha case analysis - Essay Example One of the strengths of SWOT lies in the fact that it is easier to use and provides a comprehensive analysis of the key drivers of changes that organizations must take into account to deal with the emerging changes. Further, Porter’s five forces is also one of the most effective management tools to use as it provides a very comprehensive overview of the different factors affecting the firm at the same time. What is also important to understand is the fact that Porter’s five forces provides an opportunity to analyze the factors which are unique to each industry or firm thus each firm can tailor its strategies according to relative influence of each factor its success and failure. 2. The facts provided in the case study indicate that there are various symptoms which are leading towards a common cause of the problem. What is critical to note here is the fact that both the companies made changes into its organizational structure and refocused their strategic direction due to changes taking place externally i.e. most of these changes were reactive rather than proactive therefore strategic management at both the companies was relatively weak and reactive. Thus what were corrected during all this period were the correction of symptoms and not the correction of actual root cause of the problem. 3. Ford is one of the companies which faced extreme volatile market conditions in the wake of current credit crunch and have to face the ultimate reality. Since 2006 it was not only slashing its number of employees but was closing its plants too.1 Similarly, HSBC’s US operations also suffered huge losses due to market conditions and inability of the bank to anticipate the changes taking place in the market. HSBC’s mortgage portfolio in US suffered huge losses due to too much focus on short term gains rather than focusing on delivering long term value.2 Kodak was once a

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