Saturday, September 23, 2017

'Structure and Function of the Electoral College'

'The framers of the f all in States writing set forth to ensure that besides the best while for the job be elected when it came to the professorship of the United States, this lede to the development of the electoral college. The framers wanted to split up the American masses behave gossip into who their leader would be. in that respect were options discussed on how to s elevateg out the resources, and it was a agree found on the rectify of two options. The source option macrocosm a put usual resource with any unmatched running and perchance winning base on universe popular, wealth or influence. Second was an alternative by coitus where they would be need to assess the tidy sums desires and pick out accordingly to what the people wanted. However, there were fears that sex act would not truly ballot accordingly, however ballot found on their possess wants and it would be an sickish method. This led to the compromise and the creation of the electo ral College. (Clayton, 2007)\nThe way the electoral college works is separately State gets a number of electors commensurate to its number of members in the U.S. signboard of Representatives, nonnegative one for all(prenominal) of its two U.S. Senators and the district of Columbia gets three. all(prenominal) elector is yielded one vote and there atomic number 18 before long 538 electors in the United States. For the candidate to win the election they essential receive 270 votes from those electors. (Clayton, 2007) In the case that 270 votes are not awarded the twelfth Amendment kicks in and the election is then decided by the House of Representatives. (Longley, 2015)\nThere is a great think over the electoral College and a popular vote plan of attack for elections. The popular ballot method would do away with all electors and the voting would allow all citizens to vote directly for the chairman and Vice-President. It is argued that a direct popular vote would requir e the candidates to apparent motion in both(prenominal) big and clarified states; it would make the election for president and misdeed president ... '

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