Sunday, September 24, 2017

'The Price of Greatness is Responsibility'

'We function to debate that public figures ar plenty who stomach a queen-size office for our life, which in my judgement is non a misconception. They do commence a big tariff and that is the price of their position. only when by expecting from them a litter of things we ofttimes forget that they argon practiced pitying existences and just comparable any mortal they make mis shoot fors too. When Turkmenistan was being led by its offset chair soul Niyazov, Turkmen heap apply to kick approximately him on the safe and sound the time in time though they werent able to take any actions. During my whole minorhood, I had to recall that our president is actually evil person who does non have any responsibility for the country. I used to think that he is not level concerned about the difficulties that we had and any problems that we tackled with. unless those thoughts werent in reality mine; they were thoughts of more opposite people who surrounded me. And as a child I was tend to believe in what others say or show. So my opinion about our first president did not change until his death, afterwards which we had to select some other go byer for our country. The red-hot president started his actions just like he promised; he increase the school eld from 9 to 10, he provided telephone lines in all over the country curiously concerning rural areas, he allowed schoolchilds to get raising in ensnare and opened the shipway to other countries by making the play of emigration easier, support many swash activities providing adept equipments and construct huge caper centers and did a lot of thing during a short time, just still, people complained. They were discontent about until now insignificant things. They unploughed believing in that he is not a good president to lead our country and they kept expecting form him marvellous things like he is a magician.\nWhen I came to Bulgaria to study, I was kindle in other students w ho are from unalike countries, and so out-of-the-way(prenominal) I oasist bring any student who said our president is good. That was the rea... '

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