Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Impacts of Computer Technology on Law Enforcement :: Cause Effect Computers Essays

Impacts of computing machine Technology on Law Enforcement Computers cod had large impacts, in some(prenominal) negative and positive ways, on law enforcement related professions.With the introduction of the laptop, numerous fomites were equipped to carry them in the dash.With these in place, ships officers offer run kisser checks or find other necessary information about you and the vehicle when they pull you over and perform a search.But those same laptops, not the ones routine in the cars, and other PCs have also led to a bleak form of disgust that has been rather difficult for police agencies to investigatecyber crime. So as in umteen areas, the calculating machine has been a great piece of work tool, but at the same time hinders some of the activities of the police. The use of computers in law enforcement has, in many cases, been a great idea.Officers can use the computer to store information, analyze particular objects found at crime scenes, and help in collecting i nformation about criminals as fountainhead as victims.Some departments have begun to invest in automated fingerprint appointment systems and a national program of mug shots for wanted fugitives.A department can also use computer related engine room to set up surveillance of telephones, cars, street intersections, and other areas of interest around their jurisdiction (Osterburg and ward 611-620). Investigators can also use the computer to their advantage.There are programs out straight that helps sketch artists make composites of a criminals face.Some of these programs contain many thousands of different styles of noses, foreheads, eyes, lips, and other various facial features (Osterburg and Ward 199-201). The future of computer and its related technology is going to be playing a considerable role in future areas of law enforcement.Some forms of virtue reality and simulators have and are being developed to help in training officers for certain(a) incidents.These simulated exp eriences will be employ to help rookie officer notice and feel the situation around them when they come upon a scene.It will make they use their knowledge along with the officers around them to determine the outflank course of action, instead of relying on the technology of the computer/machine wish some kinds of simulators do (Forsythe 1-4). Some of the areas of law enforcement that people dont really think about a computer being used are in the squad cars, manufacturing of ammo and weapons, and even computer technology to develop such things as stun guns (these things are sweet50,000 volts of ass-kicking power).

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