Saturday, May 25, 2019

A Woman’s Place Is In The House Essay

A womans place is in the house The place of woman was considered to be in the house al or so since the beginning of time. Back then, women used to be the only ones responsible for the household and for the bringing up of their children. They lacked of sufficient education, as most of them never finished school and only a minority went to the university. And even if they did acquire a higher education, they scarcely had the same opportunities as men because they were considered inferior. Therefore, they were normally forced to bow their heads and accept the situation the expressive style it was because they didnt know how to defend themselves and clarify the truth.All this took place up to 1880,when women started to rebel and to demand the equation of rights between men and women. They began fighting for their right to vote, to have the same educational opportunities as men and to be judged by their knowledge and their education and not by their sex. It took them years to accomplish their goals but they finally made it. The emancipation of woman was and still is a fact.However, in that location still exists a considerable amount of race that believes that a womans place is exclusively in the house. This, assuming that the woman is a mother and therefore responsible before the members of her family. But ar all women going to marry or be relegated to a life of inaction during their youth or while they remain single? Certainly not. Moreover, a schooled and scientific woman can understand her duties a lot better and is capable of completing them. A mother should know science in fix to inspire her children in capital deeds and noble sentiments, making them feel superior to the other objects in the universe, teaching them from the cradle to become familiar with the great scenes of nature.And nothing more ideal and sublime than the scientific mother, who goes to spend an evening at the astronomical observatory with her children by the hand to show them Jupiter, V enus, preparing in that way their tender hearts for the most legitimate aspirations that could occupy mens minds. In addition, a working woman provides financial aid and consequently a larger amount of money can be spent in order to satisfy less essential needs, which will please the members of her family.But there are times when scientific women become indifferent and are not capable of giving tenderness because they are too preoccupied with themselves and become demanding, overbearing and vain and do not know how to make a happy home. For them, there are no responsibilities to carry out, only whims to satisfy.Thus, women should find the golden scratch between the responsibilities before their family and their job in order to be happy and please their family at the same time. Besides, theres enough time and competence for cooking and mending and a great soul such as that of women, equal to their mates, born to embrace all the beauty that exists in creation of betoken origin and end, should not be wasted all on seeing if the plates are clean and the rocking cradle.

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