Sunday, May 26, 2019

Partial Interview with Biff Loman Essay

InterviewerWere you surprised to hear round your fathers suicide attempts? thrustingYes, of course I had no mind. But I presuppose its care what Mom had said I never asked close to him, I didnt write that often. But I really had no pinch that he was that bad-off.InterviewerWhat did you mean when you were telling Happy that you never felt like you were getting anywhere with your life when you were working on a farm?BiffMy fathers standardised made me like I was wasting my life. I was only making 28 dollars an hour, thatd be nothing to him. He had always wanted me to be in business like him, so I felt like I was failing him. Plus, he had always looked tidy sum at manual laborers.InterviewerWhat did you conceive of your father after you discovered he was having an affair?BiffI thought he was a huge fake. At first I couldnt believe it. I had always looked up to him, like any son to his father, but finding that out made me get he was a fake.InterviewerYou had specifically mentio ned how Willy had given the women in Boston your mothers stockings, what was that about?BiffIt made me think of his as a phoney and a liar. He was saying how that woman didnt really mean anything to him, but that made me think otherwise.InterviewerYou were very worked up over accidentally victorious Bill Olivers pen. What was that about?BiffIt made me realize that I wouldnt be able to do what I was trying to do. There was no way this was going to work out. And once again, I wouldnt live up to Pops dream of me.InterviewerDid you really think that Bill Oliver would guess you and give you the money that you needed?BiffYes, but only because of my dads influencing. He really made me think that I was into business like he was.InterviewerDo you blame your father for your shortcomings the jobs you held?BiffWell, it wasnt him who stole me out of every job I had since high school, it was me. But it was him who blew me so wide of the mark of hot air I couldnt stand taking orders from anybo dy for very long.InterviewerHow did you finally convince your father that you were never going to live up to the standard he had for you?BiffI finally stood up to him and told him that I wasnt going to be bringing any prizes home, so he should stop postponement for me to bring them.InterviewerWhat did you mean by I know who I am when you were talked to Happy after your fathers funeral?BiffI meant what I said. I was done chasing Dads dream and even though I was still un true what I was going to do with the rest of my life, I knew for sure Id be doing something that I would want to do.InterviewerYour body language suggested you didnt agree with what Happy was saying after your fathers funeral. What was that about?Biff Oh yeah he was saying that the only dream you can have is to come out as the number-one man. Its like hes stuck now trying to be what I couldnt be. And thats a successful in business, be what Dad wanted me to be. It reminded me of Happy talking about his life the first night we were back in our room at our parents house. He said he had it all but he was still lonely. It reminded me that Dad had also said he was lonely after I discovered his affair.InterviewerWhat did you mean by, theres more of him in that forepart stoop than in all the sales he ever made?BiffHe had always really liked working with his hands. I think he only thought that being a salesman was what he was meant to do. He always put so much pride into his handiwork. He loved the idea of having a garden

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