Thursday, September 26, 2019

Modren and tradition family Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Modren and tradition family - Research Paper Example Since I had a question in mind I was somehow sunken in thought was not very keen to notice the old man approach me. He greeted me casually. Without hesitating, he went ahead to answer my question even before I presented it to him, he seemed to have read my mind. He said, â€Å"I missed something when I was a child. I missed the childhood games. My son, during our times we played with small glass bells in the street, hiding, and swimming in the pool†, He paused, I wanted to intervene but he proceeded, â€Å"Our grandfathers dug wells by their bare hands using crude tools, and it was pure water and stemmed from under the ground. We were excited when we played in front of our mothers. Our mothers cleaned our clothes and utensils using it. We also played with neighbors’ children after we had finished studying holy Quran. There were no schools in those days. The days were awesome, those days are gone my son†. When he had finished his speech, he took a deep breath. Act ually, I liked his speech, and I admired the days. The conversation looked more like an imagination despite being the naked truth. When I reported home that night, I talked with my mother about the old man that I had met in the beach. She told me, â€Å"listen my daughter, everyone lives in their generation. If you went back to those old days, you would loathe them and admire to come back to your days, the old were characterized by difficulties that could only be handled by them that lived at that time†. She went on to mention that there was no electricity, cars, planes, and electronic machines among other things. Just like the old man, she reiterated that formal education was nonexistent. I agreed with her that if it were not for education today life would be very boring. The industries were undeveloped and the jobs done were manual in most occasions, they revolved around farming, fishing, hunting and gathering, grazing cattle, and delivering water to houses. She noted sever al benefits that emanated from the traditional way of life. People used to live in communities, the concept of capitalism was nonexistent, and the families had no privacy. The responsibilities were clearly defined; the women cooked food, took care of the children, brought water from the spring, cleaned stuff, and served their husband’s family without any objection. The community defined individual rights, most women and men had no rights in those days because the man’s father was the ultimate decision maker even if the man got married. The old man and my mother had similar points of view as well as differences; I realized that they had different opinions between traditional and modern family setups. This arouses a desire in me to focus about traditional and modern family systems in my country. Although some people believe that the traditional family is the best than modern family structure, both traditional and modern family has positive and negative implications in te rms of their lifestyle, education and the rules governing them. The traditional and modern family setups are different in the way individuals used to reside and the way it is done today. Traditionally an extended family lived in one big house. It consisted of the grandfather, parents, uncles, aunts, and their children. Both the male and female children occupied the same bedroom, likewise the parents would share bedrooms and

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