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Week 5 Hand-In Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Week 5 Hand-In - Assignment Example In this programming paradigm, there are function definitions and an expression whose value is outcome of the result of the program are necessary parts of a program. This expression in the program can be replaced by its value and by doing this there will be no effect on the overall output of the program. A functional language program consumes large amount of computer’s memory and are not time efficient but are they are well-designed. Some of the examples are SML, FP and LML (FOLDOC, 2003). In this programming paradigm the objective provided by the user is satisfied by the computer system by successive backward attempts. The objective is satisfied if it is equivalent to a fact. The process becomes recursive of the objective becomes equal to a rule and in this case the rule is only successful if it satisfies all the sub divisions of the objective (FOLDOC, 1997). In this type of programming paradigm some concepts such as objects and methods are used. An object is a data structure and a method is basically a set of routine. The object, which is actually an instance of a particular class, is encapsulated in a method and function of the method is to operate on data. There are five key conceptions object oriented programming language that are: Answer: Each mathematical or logical expression has operators in it. The order in which these operators must be evaluated is known as operator precedence. Figure 1(C operator precedence table, 2011) shows the operator precedence: If a programming language is strongly typed then it means that the variable type must be explicitly stated. The example of strongly typed programming language is C. here if the variable type is not defined then error will occur at the time of compilation (About.com,

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