Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Semantic Clues assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Semantic Clues assignment - Essay Example (1) Determine if the word is defined in the sentence; e.g., an oncologist is a doctor that treats cancer. (2) Discover whether the unknown word is placed in contrast or opposition with a known word using signals like but, however, yet or in contrast; e.g., we are either right- or left-handed, but Rita is ambidextrous. (3) Refer to your background knowledge to guess the meaning of a word; e.g., John has been a teetotaler since his drunken driving accident. (4) Put together some of the main points or attributes associated with a word; e.g., her quick, nervous, and angry greeting signaled her petulance. (5) Look for examples, as when the unknown word indicates a general category and the sentence includes words that would fit under that category (usually works with nouns); e.g., Childhood maladies such as mumps, chicken pox, and measles can be treated easily. 4. (a) Why did Andrew suspect his sister (b) Who were the players in the baseball cards that Andrew was missing (c) Why did Andrew's father lack concern for the missing cards (d) How did Andrew show that he was upset 5. Children respond to print through environmental experiences and shared reading of quality texts. By modeling specific phonetic skills, sounding out some words as they are written without explicit teaching of letter-sound relationships, teachers can develop phonemic awareness in children.

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