Sunday, February 9, 2020

Style over Substance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Style over Substance - Essay Example However, for this to work effectively without swaying the viewing, specific regulations and understandings need to be considered. The effectiveness of televising the Presidential Debates is based on the capacity of giving viewers information about the persona, characteristics and ideologies of a given candidate. From a recent study, (Drew, 32), it was found that the Presidential Debates and the televised effects is what determined how citizens would vote. This pattern is one which was noted over a series of years, beginning in 1998. Each year, the vote became predictable by the debates and the responses which individuals had to these from the TV (Drew, 32). When looking at this information, it can be seen that voters rely on the information which they see on television based on the presidents, all which changes their outlook and decisions, specifically because of the knowledge received from the TV. The ability to receive knowledge about issues from the Presidential Debates is one whi ch should be considered not only with basic information, but also with the framework which is used. If citizens had the capacity of recognizing the models which were used with the debates, it would eliminate some of the abilities to change the mind of citizens in society.

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