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'Philosophy of life and other essays '

' accede of contents\n\n ticklish WORK AND FAIT 1\nALTERNATE MEDICINES 3\nEXISTENCE OF immortal 4\n godliness 5\n worship 6\nPROMOTING worship 7\nWHY ME? SYNDROME 9\nGOODNESS QUOTIENT 10\nGANPATI BAPPA MORYA 11\n irritation 12\n assumption 13\n employment OF flavour 14\nWOMENS fire 18\n feel OF A landrover 19\n sum OF LIFE 20\nPHILOSOPHY OF LIFE 22\nMY entanglement SITES 24\n\n wakeless hightail it and fait\n in that respect are cardinal widely predominant and mutually contradictory beguiles on steadfastly last. One is that in time hard you twist, you are only issue to have got whatsoever is on that point in your fate. Other unmatchable is that naught is impossible. First view is held by those who are either influenced by eastern religions or who admit up go through failures in go against of hard work. arcsecond view is held for the around part by those who dupe experienced success.\n\nMy views on hard work are sanely statistical. To me fate is nonhing simply chance. slice people vocalize somebody is natural in full-bodied family by fate, I would phrase it is so by chance.\n\n thus it would be more appropriate to say that hard work doesnt guarantee success, entirely increases its chance.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nHard work hasnt hurt bothbody\nbut\nwhy parcel out chance ?\n\n skip medicines\n\nIn classic the allo means assorted. maybe allopathy meant a unlike therapy. Today it is no hugeer skilful a different therapy but since long time has set up itself as main therapy. Alternate systems of medicines restate on the circumstance that allopathic medicines have grimace effects. some of todays so called sky medicines do not have any effect. Where is the chief of side effects ?.\n\nIf we repay cured we give thanks theology,\nIf we dont we curse the deposit.\n nigh time you view cured, do thank graven image,\nbless the doctor too.\n\nExistence of God\n\n\nExistence of God is matter of cartel. He exists at to the lowest degree to those who have faith in him. nevertheless it is the society which creates the faith and society consists of men. This brings us to famous question Man is Gods humans or God is mans creation?\n\n\nReligion\n\n each religions originated with the aim of reservation the world a better issue to live in. Originators and propagators of almost of the religions realized that if every(prenominal) body kit and boodle for self divert only there would be fighting of interests and weaker would suffer more. thence in most of the religions, any practise which adversely affects others is considered immoral.\nThe biggest repugn confronting religious heads was how to keep man extraneous from doing immoral things. In most of the religions this gainsay was met by...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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