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Fascist Government Essay

fascist government is better compared to a fabianism government in that it seeks the veracity of the society on strength and weaknesses of nations. Historically, fascist governments opposed the class conflicts and emphasize that they would forever exist.though fascists have been used pejoratively in the nonplus setting, it is clear that communism was worse in history as it advocated for egalitarian and roofless society that declared allegiance to the Marxism-Leninism a apprehension that was unimaginable to apply. It is no doubt that communism orientation of social organization where totalitarians predominate and above all, the self perpetuating political party system was the major causal agency for excessive anarchy like that experienced under the soviet rule.OverviewThis wallpaper explores fascist government as the better option to communism with great focus on the historical events. Through use of questions and answers, the paper explores the linguistic rules and suppo sititious considerations of the two systems of government. It compares the major occurrences under the two systems of the government to support the dissertation statements. With reference to the period of application, the paper gives a clear analysis of the logistics slow the fascists governments as opposed to the communist administration.Questions and answersWhat are the principles of communism and how effectively did communism governments apply them?Communism government is guided by the main principle of a society that is egalitarian and classless mainly based on common possession and control of the production means. The principles call for a stateless society with a form of government that declares allegiance to Marxism-Leninism. Application of communism has and is always controversial in that the well outlined principles form a reciprocating platform for abuse by the same governments.Remarkably, it is communism that has made USSR to be remembered for its ruthlessness when deal ing with the community. In 1928, Joseph Stalin application of communism which he claimed to be directly under his predecessor Lenin innovation, were borne of mayhem and anarchy. It was marred with extra legal killings, spying and elimination of the political opponents (Lauren, 173-177).As indicated by fascism, it was important to recognise the need for the classes in the society as they were the ones that tire them. Fascist governments because applied the correct principles of the time that were bound on the desire to fetch and expand beyond their boundaries. Though application of the survival for the fittest in the human being realms was a major shenanigan, fascism has been credited for creating nationalism and enhancing identity. Sir Osward Mosley, the leader of British confederacy of Fascists emphasized that communism was a major cause of suppression for nation it claimed to advocate (Daniels, 38-45).What were the consequences of communism and abolishing private property takeership to ensure equivalence?Communism was mainly directed at seeking communal ownership of the production systems in the society. Under this system however, the government was given a better operating platform to practice massive corruption to the people. Though the concept was initially well thought of, its application mostly presented the correlative a notion that made the whole system to become a failure. The death of Karl Marx at end of the 19th century has been cited to be the contingent end of real communism.Historians indicate that fascist governments rose as a response to the events of World War I, a notion that cited the possible fallouts in democracy and liberalism for their favor of individualism or internationalism. Historically, this concept was faulty and motto the establishments of the fascist governments like in Italy (Furet and Furet, 178-188).How effective was the system and what were the repercussions?Application of communism was a bloody notion that had far much reaching entailment even to the current society. During the World War II, the communists consolidated power finished massive blood shed in most of the Eastern Europe. In Russia, the struggle by many countries to get independence never bore fruits until the international community intervened later in the 20th century. Though communist governments claimed to be borne by the people themselves, it is however ironical that most of the trey world colonies that adopted the communist ideals like Cambodia, Lao, and Angola are still among the poorest in the world.Though fascist government promoted the growth of their empire beyond their own territories, they supported the nationalism and were mainly driven by charismatic leaders. This gave the notion of the great capacity of the fascism governments to rationally reason out their application policies. Nakano Seigo of japan noted that fascist governments had the capacity to practice democracy than did communist governments (Furet & Furet Deborah, 186-190).

A Supposedly Fun Thing ill Never Do Again

A Supposedly Fun Thing ill neer Do Again 39 NarIna-Karapetyan For around good deal even the vagary Of being able to slow and finally go on a vacation is exciting but for David Wallace being pampered seems unpleasant and he notions disquieting get too comfortable. He receives Stress from pampering and a eldritch miscellany Of pampering-paranoia. Throughout the Whole evidence Wallace iS in truth critical and faultfinding(prenominal) not neertheless Of the sheet, but Of its staff, and passengers as well. TO express himself in his writing, he uses a plenty Of repetition and metaphors to get his point across to the readers. ile this descriptive essay is humorous and an easygoing read due to the lecture, it is also very detailed and a forgetful too verbose for my liking. on nonp areil side this creates Imagery and postulates the readers feel like they are on the cruise with David, but its this same occasion Tat also makes It exhausting to read. in that location is a l ot going and just about of the time the extensive exposit of little things like the deck chairs or the Inside of his bathroom are trivial to his overall experience. What seems like his pointless rambling, makes the reader doze bump off and become disinterested. And just in case we didnt know nough already.Wallace includes lengthy footnotes that voluptuary even further. Wallace never actually states that he isnt enjoying the cruise. but through his language we can make this implication. call for seen a lot of really tolerant exsanguinous s heps.. l have seen camcorders that practically required a wench l have seen a toupee on a thirteen year old boy. (257). He goes on like this for almost a whole page, describing what would seem like interest experiences but by reflection Is this enough? he shows us that he is annoyed with everything he has encountered,He compares the hip to many a(prenominal) things. ut one that found to be most ball over is his comparison to the holoca ust, its unwitting echo of the Auschwitz-embarkation scene in Schindlers In foulness of all this, he is still able to see the raw(a) smash of his surroundings compared to the artificial beauty of the cruise broadcast. One Of the themes in this essay iS being an Outsider, in many David Wallace doesnt belong on this cruise ship and iS on the out of doors looking in. He iS one Of two people Who iS alone on the ship, the only one Without a camera, and unlike most eople relaxing isnt the purpose Of his trip.He describes himself as an agoraphobe and spends most of the time in his cabin. conceive Wallaces fear is keeping him from truly letting go and enjoying himself and that is the main former to why his opinion of his experience can sound contradicting at times. By Narina-Karapetyan For most people even the idea of being able to relax and finally go on a vacation is uncomfortable getting too comfortable. He receives stress from pampering and a weird kind of pampering-paranoia. T hroughout the whole essay Wallace is very ritical and Judgmental not only of the cruise, but of its staff, and passengers as well.To express himself in his writing, he uses a lot of repetition and metaphors to get his While this descriptive essay is humorous and an easy read due to the language, it is also very detailed and a little too verbose for my liking. On one side this creates imagery and makes the readers feel like they are on the cruise with David, but its this same thing that also makes it exhausting to read. There is a lot going and most of the time the extensive details of little things like the deck chairs or the inside of his akes the reader doze off and become disinterested.And Just in case we didnt know enough already, Wallace includes lengthy footnotes that elaborate even further. Wallace never actually states that he isnt enjoying the cruise, but through his language we can make this implication. l have seen a lot of really big white ships.. I have seen camcorders that practically required a dolly have seen a toupee on a what would seem like interesting experiences but by saying Is this enough? he shows us that he is annoyed with everything he has encountered.He compares the hip to many things, but one that I found to be most shocking is his comparison to Schindlers List(270). In spite of all this, he is still able to see the natural beauty of his One of the themes in this essay is being an outsider, in many ways David Wallace doesnt belong on this cruise ship and is on the outside looking in. He is one of two people who is alone on the ship, the only one without a camera, and unlike most people relaxing isnt the purpose of his trip. He describes himself as an agoraphobe and spends most of the time in his cabin. I believe Wallaces fear is keeping him from

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Analysis of General Environment Essay

HSBC avow (mainland China) is one of the first strange coin banks to incorporate locally in mainland. As a foreign-owned bank, HSBC has the largest services communicate among foreign banks, targeting the middle-class individuals and commercial enterprise-oriented individuals in China. With the ball-shapedization, China is seen as the biggest commercialize in the world. The general environs will bring great effect to the incoming development of the HSBC (China). The specific analysis is as follow.1. Demographic EnvironmentChina has the largest population in the globe that the number has already reached 1.4 billion. Most of the passel ar living in the east and middle subject fields. In opposite words, the middle and above-middle-class sight assemble in these two areas with the demand of bank service. (National Bureau of Statistic of China, 2011) As the societal pressure growing heavier, less community are willing to give birth to baby so that the riddle of population agi ng arises. According to the reform and opening policies, the east and southeasterly areas are better developed than the central and the west. slew in the coastal region adopt higher average income than others. As a result, HSBC (China) broadly speaking build its banking network in the east and south areas, which are so called first-tier cities. Meanwhile, it has also expanded branches in some second-tier cities in the central area of China.2. Economic EnvironmentAs an emerging market, China is developing at a very fast speed with continually growing everlasting(a) Domestic Product as well as high exportation surplus. However, in terms of global environment, the world still not recovers from the frugal recession. The financial market in mainland has been impacted that the exchange rate of RMB has asleep(p) higher and higher, which has been result in the inflation. To better control the financial market, the raise rate has been increased to limit the cash flow in the market an d personal saving rate goes up that people are further to save money in banks rather than investing. Another economic mover putting effect on HBCS in China is the unemployment rate. China government devotes into keeping the unemployment rate low and stable, because once the rate rises sharply, this will unload the harmony of the society. Consequently, HSBC (China) should take this factor into account to obtain trust and back from the local government.3. Political EnvironmentIn China, banks are supervised by the China Banking Regulatory Commission. There are many barriers setting in front of those foreign banks in China, such as foreign banks are not permitted to establish a business of any scale in the mainland, since the Chinese legislations limit on how many local banking operations undersurface lean on foreign banks. On the other hand, the new parties have held the power, which means new policies and new reform may come into being. different policies and reform will signif i bungholetly contact the existence of HSBC in China.With the betterment of the capital market, the financial environment will be deregulated and gain a more loosening environment. Moreover, foreign banks in China have to be charged tax, which will increase the cost and lower the profits of HSBC in mainland. As the compulsory education popularizing, more and more people hypothesize highly of the banking service. They become to have good knowledge to the banking items and are even closely to those services.4. Socio-cultural EnvironmentBanks serve for peoples demand and need. peoples attitude towards banks is influenced by the social-cultural environment. In China, customers are more worldly-minded that they prefer saving money. Therefore, more emphasis should be put on the retail banking services in mainland. Recent years, with the impact of financial crisis, people are less trusting banks. Banks are seen as greedy organizations by the public, which was result from arbitrary b anking charges.5. Technological EnvironmentTechnological change can bring new style of business to organizations. It can change some(prenominal) the product and business way. Since the constant improvement of the Internet, HSBC has launched its online banking services in China. concourse can have an electronic account to check users balances and transactions, make transfer as well as pay bills. Simultaneously, doing business through the Internet not only save the time for customers, notwithstanding also simplify the business process for HSBC so that they can truncated large amount of cost.Furthermore, the development of the mobile phone also benefits the banking services. People can easily access to their account through the mobile Internet. Secondly, finical applications have been invented for mobile users to manipulate their banking service. For example, HSBC has its own applications which can be employ for IOS (iphone) and Android operating systems. These applications are c onvenient to use and also answer HSBC to saving labor as well as time cost.6. orbiculate EnvironmentThe global environment is somewhat cannot be controlled by the organizations itself. The global economy stays in a recession for a current of time and seems to be difficult to recover from it. The subsequent influences of the financial crisis affect the economy in China. HSBC (China) has earned less profit these years. Although the macro environment is not so optimistic, China is still the hugest potential market about the world. Besides China, there are still many emerging countries bulge in the world, like India. In the future, HSBC (China) should pay attention to create more advantage competitiveness than those HSBC banks in other international regions.Reference timelessness in an hour. (2009). Environmental Analysis-HSBC(A Marketing Perspective). lendable from http//cloudchronicler.net/2009/10/14/environmental-analysis-hsbc-draft-copy/ HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited Fact Sheet. (2013). acquirable from http//www.hsbc.com.cn/1/PA_1_083Q9FFKG80E20RA9Q00000000/content/ china/about/docs/factsheeten.pdf HSBC Bank (China). (2013).About HSBC (China). Available from http//www.hsbc.com.cn/1/2/hsbc-china-cnSina News. (2012). The warfare of the Interest Rate. Available from http//news.dichan.sina.com.cn/2012/08/02/539030.html Studymode. (2012). A PEST Analysis Report of HSBC. Available from http//www.studymode.com/essays/Pest-Analysis-Hsbc-Holding-Plc-1206636.html The Wall Street Journal. (2011). In China, Foreign Banks Still Lag Behind. Available fromhttp//online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111904491704576574281790473152.html

Freedmen’s Bureau Act of 1865 Essay

The Freedmens Bureau was a government agency enacted March 3, 1865. The purpose of this plaque was to aid and nurture the newly uninvolvedd slaves in the south after the Civil fight. This was a re solelyy influential agency and some bulk would find it to be a major influence in the life of newly freed slaves. In this stem I testament explain to you the purpose, the events that led up to the Freedmens Bureau, and the people that influenced the Freedmens Bureau.The purpose of the bureau was to provide food and medical wangle to the freedmen of the south. This bureau was only supposed to be in effect for one(a) year however, congress extended it contrary to the veto Andrew Johnson. In profit to providing food and medical care to the freedmen of the south the bureau also helped to control abandon straightlacedty, make believe schools, and regulate labor. The bureau was successful in educating the freedmen, merely was real unsuccessful in establishing gain. It was very ha rd for the newly freed slaves to proclaim land or anything for that manner and it took a very long meter to establish anything major for them.Later on after the act was constituted the freedmen were granted 85,000 acres of land but hot seat Andrew Johnson revoked the land and gave it to the abetter _or_ abettor landowners. After the land was revoked the bureau focused on employment for the freedmen. They were capable to acquire employment calculateing on plantations however, this became a problem when they became sharecroppers and live farmers. The bureau had many problems but all in all they did work hard to help the newly freed slaves establish the rights that they werent able to obtain.The freedmens bureau was established on the sympathy of a Civil War hero. He felt sorry for the blacks that had to transition from captivity to freedom so suddenly. After President Johnson unconstitutionally vetoed the bill, congress passed the bill over his veto. Whites in the south were op posed to African Americans having rights, and the bureau didnt have the proper military force in place to establish any authority. in the end the military had the move to the western frontier. The bureaus work stemmed the establishment of the government involving themselves with social welfare and labor relations.I will now explain the people that played a significant grapheme in influencing and implementing the freedmens bureau. The freedmens bureau was initiated by former President Abraham Lincoln. It was also headed by Union Army General Oliver O. Howard. George Ruby was an African American teacher and administrator that was the bureaus inspector. He helped to establish school for African Americans and he also inspected the field officers that worked within the bureau. Unfortunately under the leadership of President Ulysses S. Grant, the bureau was disbanded. concord to history the freedmens bureau was not very successful. Out of all of the promises that were made to the newly freed African Americans, very few were kept. Essentially they were go forth to fend for themselves. Promises such as employment and some education were kept. The promises for land and racial equality were not kept and this enraged the supporters of the bureau and the African Americans themselves. If the bureau would have had the proper financial backing and the proper look of staff it probably would have been very successful. Being that the bureau allow the freedmen down by not providing the necessary funds, land, and education they lost confidence in the United States government. The bureau has been labeled a failure by historians.In essence the Freedmens Bureau was a relief organization set in place to help freedmen transition from slavery to the free world. Many promises such as land, employment, racial equality, and education were promised but very few promises were kept. The bureau was underfunded and undermanned and the necessary resources hadnt been set in place for it t o thrive like it was supposed to.

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Intro of duality in dr

The speed class and the bosom classes were very concerned nearly morality, money and appearance, since they wanted to keep a high respect among their friends, and declassify themselves from the lower level of society. This meant that every respectable individual belonging to these social classes had to conform to social standards and to the ideas of virtues, ethics, charity and respectability. So they built another personality, behind which they hld their true characters, keeping their instincts and real preferences secret.Women were considered innocent and elegant creatures that had to spend their lives at home and depended on the men M members of the upper classes used to hide the fact that they indulged in forbidden activities and desires, such as prostitution, opium, drink and gambling, but at the same time they supported this moralizing purport this brought to an atmosphere of hypocrisy which is quite difficult to support out the boundary between the true and falsity, real intentions and hidden opinions.The author of The Strange effort Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Is Robert Louis Stevenson. He was extremely Interested in the authorship of duality. Stevenson was a stinting novelist, poet, essayist and travel writer. He was born on November 13th 1850 and died on December 3rd 1894. To understand fully where Stevenson was brought up, its necessary to understand that on that point are two parts of Edinburgh, on one side there is New Town, which is posh, respectable, religious and polite.On the other side of Edinburgh, Its more to the dark and lald- ack elbow room and the society is classed very low. These two aspects contrast each other and make a deep impression of his fascination of duality in the benignant nature. Stevenson suffered from nightmares and had numerous health problems. One of his childhood nightmares Inspired him to write about Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this Is because he believes that there Is good and evil In every character. The th eme of duality runs throughout the whole book and is revealed in several aspects.

Judicial Activism and Empowerment of Indian Women Essay

Wo manpowers empowerment is a noned concept in accessible channel, which is much discussed, often elusive and sometimes abuse. Yet in the context of development, womens leadership and yearsncy in social change hurt been l evers for womens empowerment within communities. Women piddle sought to labour entrenched interests for comm angiotensin converting enzyme benefits, and view garnered through their collective strength, a untried identity. Womens rights around the world ar an grave indicator to s fag global rise-being.Creating the environment which imparts stir run to women in family, clubhouse and realm is the sole motive behind various facets of programmes being run for women empowerment. Pratiba Patel, electric chair of India (Express newspaper apr.14, 2011)Though Women have a unique position in every society whether developed, developing or underdeveloped, she still belongs to a sept or group of society which is in disadvantaged position on account of several social barriers and impediments. This is accompanimently due to the various roles they m experienced during various stages of their conduct, as a daughter, sister, wife, and m early(a) etc. However, she tries too impenetrable to stand fitting to that of the men. The historical phase of development of women very well portrays the empowerment of women, in different plosives.Vedic break through growDuring the Vedic flowing women enjoyed a fair amount of indecorousness and extend toity. The Vedic period can be termed as feminine glory. Women participated in in all spheres like men. They canvas in Gurukulas and enjoyed equation in learning Vedas. In Aitereya Upanishad, the wife was called as companion of husband. In the Rig-Veda, the wife was blessed to live as a queen in the house of her husband. The word Thampati, so often used in the Veda, characterizes both wife and husband.According to MacDonnell and Keith, this word signifies the high position of women in ancient In dia. Men and Women together performed religious duties and carried out other function. In the Mahabharata the wife was called the root of Dharma, prosperity and enjoyment. No man was allowed to perform religious duties without his wife. Thus, like the placement of women in the contemporaneous western world, the status of women in India was based on liberty, par and co-operation.1Post Vedic periodIn post Vedic period the status of women suffered a blow when various restrictions were put on womens rights and privileges by Manu. This decline dates tail end to the period of the Manusmriti and the increasing authority of man. The birth of a daughter which was non a source of anxiety during the Vedic period became the source of chance for the father. Education, which had been an accepted norm for women, was neglected and later on girls were totally denied doorway to education. Despite the overall social and pagan subordination of women, it is surprising to identify that law g ivers recognized the right to proper(ip)ty, particularly that which was known as streedhana, womens property.2 Medieval PeriodWith invasion of India by Alexander and the Huns, the position of women was save degraded. Their education and training came to a sudden halt. For reasons of security, movement outside was curb which in turn denied opportunities in community affairs. Un educate and devoid of whatever status, they came to be treated as chattels. complaisant evils like sati, chela nuptials, and pistillate infanticide arose. Women suffered great disabilities. The evil of dowry had become deeprooted and the arranging of Devadasi has already spread. The medieval period saw women living oppressed in the feudal social wander and patriarchal families.3British periodThe attitude, deportment and living pattern of Hindu society changed drastically during the British government activity due to education and western impact on the socio-cultural behavior of India. During the pe riod there were two major movements which affected the position of women. in that respect were the Social Reform Movement of the ordinal century and the Nationalist Movement of the ordinal century. Both these movements raised the question of equal status of women. The issues which attracted the attention of the nineteenth century social reformers were sati, ill-treatment of leave behinds, the ban on widow remarriage, polygamy, child marriage, denial of property rights and education to women. The Reformers thought that by giving women portal to education and by enacting progressive legislation social change could be initiated.Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, M.G. Ranade, Mahatma Phule, Lokhitwadi, Aurobindo and others from all parts of the province raised their vocalization a overhearst the un conscionable pract deoxyephedrines while revivalists like Dayamanda saraswati, swami Vivekananda and Annie Besant Believed in receiving the old Vedic society presumed to be ideal for women.4 Mahatma Gandhiji too, vehemently criticized the custom of child marriage, rampart of widow remarriage, temple prostitution and the custom of purdah.The fieldist movements not merely engrammatical sexual practice a large number of women to semipolitical activity nevertheless in like manner generated strength and confidence among women which helped them to organize and fight for their cause. The formation of the solely India Womens Conference in 1927 was a crucial event in womens march towards equality. Many laws were enacted which tried to eradicate certain social evils. These include an Act lawfulizing remarriage of widows, child marriage Restraint Act 1978, an Act recognizing Hindu womens right to property, etc. Besides the social legislation, there were other laws affecting womens lock status, such as limiting hours of work in organized industries, prohibiting night work, restricting work in mines, governance of crches for the children of the women workers etc.Thus in short, during the British rule, awargonness was created for the remotion of social malaises, while education and organizing political participation increased womens mobility.PRESENT STATUS OF WOMEN IN INDIAThe most important event aft(prenominal) independence has been the drafting of the character of this country enshrining the principles of equality, liberty and social justice. The framers of the Constitution were aw atomic number 18 of the line of work of emancipation of the fe anthropoid sex. They realized that equality was important for the development of the nation. It was evident that in order to eliminate discrimination and to domiciliate opportunities for the exercise of human right it was necessary to promote education and sparingal interests of women. It became the objective of the state to protect women from exploitation and provide social justice.5 All these ideals were enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution.The Preamble to the Constitut ion of India resolved to secure to all its citizens justicesocial, economic and political liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship, equality of status and luck and to promote among them fraternity assuring the dignity of an individual and the unity of the Nation. To attain these objectives, the Constitution guarantees certain fundamental rights and freedom, such as freedom of speech and expression, certificate of life and psycheal liberty. The principles of gender equality and protection of womens right have been the prime concerns right from the days of Independence. Accordingly, the countrys concern in safeguarding the rights and privileges of women found its best expression in the Constitution of India. oblige 14, confers the equality before the law or the equal protection of the law to every person. It not only prohibits discrimination merely in addition disembowels various provisions for the protection of women. And there is a prohibition of any discrimina tion on cause of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth, however, Art. 15(3) empower the state to make any special provision for women and children.6 And similarly equality of opportunity is guaranteed for all the citizens in matters relating to occupation or opportunity to any office under the state, forbidding discrimination on the grounds only of inter alia sex.7Article 19(1) (a) deals with the Freedom of speech and expression and Article 19(1) (g) provides for the Freedom to practice any profession or to carry out any occupation, trade or business. Article 21 ensures that No person shall be deprived of his life or personal a liberty except according to the procedure established by law. Women have a right to lead a dignified, honourable and peaceful life with liberty.DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICYArticle 39 mentions that the state shall ship its policy towards providing to men and women equally the right to means of livelihood and equal pay for equal work. The sta te is directed to make provisions for ensuring just and humane conditions of work and maternity relief.8And there is a fundamental obligation imposed on every citizen to renounce the practices derogatory to the dignity of women.9In short, profound Rights and directional Principles provide the framework to achieve the ideals of the Preamble of the Constitution. Fundamental Duties too, recognize upholding the dignity of women as one of the duties. The perceptions on Fundamental Rights and the guidelines of Directive Principles of State Policy, is well reflected in various progressive labour legislations such as Industrial Dispute Act, 1947 Minimum Wages Act, 1948 Factories Act, 1948 Maternity derive Act, 1961LEGISLATIVE MEASURESInspired by the constitutional safeguards, the State has enacted various legislative measures to provide protection to women against social discrimination, violence and atrocities and to prevent child marriages, dowry, ravish and practice of sati, etc., th e Equal remuneration Act of 1976 provides for equal pay to men and women for equal work. The Hindu coupling Laws Amendment Act 1955 has been amended by the Marriage Laws Amendment Act of 1976 to provide for the right of a girl to repudiate a child marriage before attaining maturity whether the marriage has been consummated or not.The Act 1956 for Suppression of Immoral job against Women and girls was amended in 1986 to make the sexual exploitation of female, a cognizable offence. It was renamed as The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act of 1986. An amendment brought in 1984 to the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 made womens conquest of cruelty a cognizable offence.A second amendment to the Act in 1986 makes the husband or in-laws punishable, if a woman commits suicide within 7years of her marriage and it has been proved that she has been subject to cruelty. The Child Marriage restraint Act of 1929 raises the age for marriage of a girl to 18 years from 15years and that of a boy to 21yea rs. The Factories Act of 1948 provides for system of crche where 30 women are employed. The Medical determination of Pregnancy Act of 1971 legalized abortion by qualified professional on humanitarian or medical grounds. The enactment Indecent representation of women (prohibition) Act, 1987 has also been passed to protect the dignity of women and prevent violence against them as well as their exploitation.Some of the other measures which were taken for the progress of women were that in pursuant to a request by the United Nations General Assembly to prepare a report on the status of women in India (CSWI) was constituted in 1971. The basis of reference of the committee was to examine the Constitutional, legal and administrative provisions that have a bearing on the social status of women, their education and employment and to asses the impact of these provisions during the last two decades on the status of women in the country, particularly in the rural sector and to intimate mo re than strong measures It was also to consider the development of education among women and determine the factors responsible for the easily progress in some areas and suggest remedial measures and to survey the problem of working women, including discrimination in employment and remuneration.TOWARDS EQUALITYIn order to examine the status of women, as house wives and mothers in the changing social pattern and their problems in the sphere of farther education and employment, the committee was to essay survey or case studies on the implication of the population policies and family think programmers on the status of women in addition to the above mentioned aspect. It was empowered to suggest any other measure which would enable women to play their full and proper role in building up the nation.The committee submitted its report entitle Towards equating in December 1974. The report was a landmark in the social history of India heralding a conscious change in attitudes, behaviour, law, establishment of special institutions and creating both infrastructure and environment for equality for women. The National committal for Women was set up as a statutory body on 31st January 1992 under the National Commission for Women Act, (1990) to review constitutional and legal safeguards for women and recommend amendments to meet lacunae, inadequacies in such laws, participate in economic development of women and evaluate the progress made. However, there are many areas of inequality where working women still strive to overcome like More women are in lower skilled part time work Women are promoted less and earn less Women are not equally be in Government as Men Women undertake significantly more of household work and childrearing than men and are often depicted as weaker sexes and are sexualized.JUDICIAL RESPONSEOver the years, the general public has come to repose absolute faith in the Judiciary. The Supreme solicit of India has responded to issues of gender justice in a positive manner. Some of the decisions given by the apex court in the recent past has significantly advanced the cause and dignity of women. In Nigammar vs. Chikkaiah Case (2000)10 compulsory blood essay to determine paternity was held to be violative of fundamental right of life or liberty. In Chandrimadas Case (2000)11, the Supreme Court has held that where a national Bangladeshi woman was gang raped, compensation can be allow under public law (Constitution) for violation of Fundamantal rights on the ground of house servant Jurisprudence based on Constitutional provisions and Human Rights jurisprudence. In John Vallamatton V. Union of India (2003)12, the Supreme Court struck pop component part 118 of Indian Succession Act, 1925 restricting bequeathing of property for religious or benignant use except in the manner provided therein.It was that the right to equality of women vis--vis their male counterparts is accepted worldwide and it will be immoral and illegal to elimin ate women on the ground of sex. In CEHAT V. Union of India (2001)13, the Supreme Court referred to the repercussions of unrestrained female infanticide effecting overall sex ratio in various States. The Court issued directions to Central government, State government, Union Territories, and appropriate authorities for the implementation of the enacted Act, further in CEHAT & Others. Petitioners V. Union of India & Others Respondents (2002)14, the apex court made the registration of the clinics with echography machines mandatory and directed the State governments to take suitable action for creating sensation in public. In this way, judiciary has acknowledged the concept of sex activity Equality.The formal equality given by the Constitution and the Law is however, not equivalent of substantive equality which enables enjoyment of all rights on an equal basis. While formal equality has afforded women access to areas of Education, empowerment and even political participation, on terms that are often equal to those by men, it is in the so-called private sphere, in areas such as marriage and the family that women refer to be denied equal rights. In the present situation, women are better educated and have entered all possible fields proving their might. They hold more jobs worldwide, however most women continue to suffer from occupational segregation in workplace. There are artificial barriers, created by attitudinal and organizational prejudices, barring women from top administrator jobs. Women, though more educated are not more equal. sexuality equality is a multifaceted concept which implies equality of opportunity in economic as well as socio-political and legal aspects. sexual urge equality is not just morally right, it is pivotal to human progress and sustainable development. Economic opportunity does not mean their mere presence but includes the quality of womens economic involvement. In developed countries, women may gain employment with relative ease, but their employments are usually transitory and are paid less than men. Herald Sun, an Australian newspaper has also tardily raised issues relating to this. The question of gender equality is a very old and burning problem.Twenty years ago in Mexico the First realness Conference on Women inspired a movement that has helped, to reduce gender inequality worldwide. Illiteracy among women is declining, maternal mortality rates are root system to fall, and more women are participating in labour force than ever before. Now a days, women has broken their ill-social shackles and are ready to face the contemporary challenges without any help and hesitation and consequently, March 8, is formally observed and famed in several countries, including India as a mark of integrated achievements towards the equality of rights, status and dignity of women and their equal participation in economic, social and cultural development in contemporary world scenario.CONCLUSIONTo curb down the menace of existing gender inequality many go have been taken at the national as well as the internationalistic levels, but still a lot needs to be through with(p) to stamp out the growing violation of womens dignity. Is there Gender Equality in Reality? I would say in the Gender Equation, women are evidently the victims. At this juncture, society needs to see women as dynamic promoters of social transformation, and have a powerful influence on their ability to control their environment and contribute to economic development. There should be a kind of positive respect for women. Only then, her rights can be well protected and nurtured.Physical violence is only the tip of the ice berg, what we dont see below the surface is the lack of respect. formerly we ensure that society in general and men in particular show a positive kind of respect to women, to their wives, the other rights are bound to follow in normal course. Though umpteen steps are taken in this direction like discouraging discr imination, lengthy legislations invoking equality but the picture is still disheartening and remains only in the talks. And the war on inequality, discrimination, violence and unempowerment is still continuing, making the passage to success a not-reachable one.

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Health Promotion: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Levels

health promotion is composed of deuce-ace trains. Primary is the initial level of wellness promotion and prevention of diseases. The bordering level is secondary which involves early detection of a disease and spry intervention to prevent the progression of the disease. Tertiary, the final level, is when a disease is invariable and the goal is to return the case-by-case to the best possible level of public presentation (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). According to Ameri tin can Diabetes Association website, the 2011 diabetes statistics in America is 25. 8 meg of the population has diabetes.This paper focuses on the health promotion in primary, secondary, and third levels of endurings diagnosed with diabetes. Health promotion can affect many factors of a patients life from progression of a disease to loss of develop or work days therefore loss of education and income to outgrowth in healthcare. ODonnell (2009) defines health promotion as the art and perception of helping bulk d iscover the synergies between their core passions and optimal health, enhancing their pauperization to strive for optimal health, and supporting them in changing their lifestyle to cue toward a state of optimal health.Optimal health is a propulsive balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health. Lifestyle change can be facilitated through a combination of learning experiences that enhance cognizance, increase motivation, and build skills and, nigh important, through the creation of opportunities that open access to environments that make positive health practices the easiest choice. Patients active severaliseicipation is a main part of health promotion. Patients deplete to take an active role because education provided to patients is to give them to make better decisions in their healthcare.Primary interventions accommodate making changes to the individuals fasts, activity levels, motivation, and knowledge. These interventions were utilized in a mull over to slump the development of diabetes. The participants were selected by having diabetic pretend factors including hypertension, obesity, increased blood gelt, hypercholesterolemia, or family history of diabetes (Penfold, 2013). Diet and nutrition advice was given to individuals. They were educated and demonstration provided on how to make firm changes in their meals that was within a limited budget. employment sessions were also used as a preventative measure in which the individuals were encouraged to participate in cardio activities. The program encouraged the individuals to continue with the physical exercise by offering free classes. The participants of the study had a positive prospect as they progressed with the new healthy changes. Follow up will be a main factor in this fairly new study to determine if primary intervention was successful. Once an individual is diagnosed with an illness, intervening without unbelief is the key to the secondary level of he alth promotion. The cause of gestational diabetes is not completely known.Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy in women who did not previously have diabetes, but certain risk factors such(prenominal) as obesity can increase a womens chance of developing it (Webb, 2013). Secondary preventions include prevention of further complication and treatment of a disease to simplification complications (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). The women should be educated on how to take blood glucose, targeted blood sugar levels and to contact providers with abnormal readings. Treatment of the gestational diabetes is also aimed at patients modifying their lifestyles with diet and exercise.If blood sugars remain uncontrolled Webb reports according to National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (2008) recommends metformin for treatment of gestational diabetes in suffer of successful evidence. Patients that are not compliant are at risk of progression of diabetes. Primary and secondary preven tion continue into tertiary level of health promotion. Tertiary prevention focuses on rehabilitation to help people attain and retain optimal level of functioning regardless of their disabling condition (Edelman & Mandle, 2010).A patient can suffer from many complications of diabetes such as eye complications, foot complications, hypertension, kidney disease, neuropathy and depression. Patients are encouraged to have a satisfying lifestyles and function with their diseases. In an article about health and lifestyles of diabetic adolescents Diabetic adolescents had healthier eating habits and more positive attitude towards their rapture with life, but their health perception is less positive than that of other adolescents (Serrabulho, Matos & Raposo, 2012).In the study diabetic adolescents had similarities of inactive activities and social support to adolescents without diabetes. The care of diabetic patient from a health promotion point view involves diet, exercise, medication, and knowledge. function of experts in the fields and communities can assist the patient in awareness of diseases. When nurses and patients are educated on primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention care, they develop a mutual respect and responsibility in assisting patients to have successful healthy lifestyles.

Pestle, Porter and SWOT analysis of Lukoil Essay

LUKOIL, a vertically integ pastured embrocate society, and machineries extinct exploration, acquisition, integration and subsequent efficient break inment of crude colour and gas palm outside the Russian Federation to facilitate the transformation of LUKOIL into a multinational energy corporation. LUKOIL ope steps in 25 countries (the most major of them atomic number 18 Russia, Azerbaijan, USA, Georgia, washout and Czech Republic). Net income in 2013 is $3.105 trillion. Basic earnings per sh atomic number 18 $4.11. The political partys 2012 net income rose by 6.2% and tingeed record $11,004 billion. EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax incomeation, wear and tear and amortization) rose by 1.7% and reached $18,915 billion. gross revenue revenues were $139,171 billion (+4.1% y-o-y). In 2013 Forbes estimated LUKOIL as 43 in Sales, 34 in Profit, 254 in Assets, 139 in Market cling to. harmonize to these data we lav assume, that LUKOIL is successful Russian bon ton with a serve of strengths, c be good prospects regarding financial exponents. And fortunately, it doesnt need any financing. Usually, the participation invests in different realises regarding environmental protection andemployees support.2. Mission and kenMissionThe Companys mission consists in increasing shargonholder value finished the exploration and mathematical product of hydrocarbons outside Russia. My vision of the function is that company wants to be a reliable supplier of hydrocarbons on the transnational market. Moreover, Luk anoint has a purpose to support economic growth and social stableness in long- marches prospects. Thus, it has some briny aims such as to grasp reputation of a reliable and dependable hydrocarbon supplier in the institution to deliver high-pitched-quality petroleum products to end-users to ensure long-term sustainable growth to reach leading position on the marketMy formulation of the missionLukoil as a company in the oil and gas indus stress victimisation natural energy recourses is trying to be a draw in the international market by reducing costs, increasing operations and shelter social aspects. VisionThe company wants to be worlds leader in oil and gas empyrean by first-class service to our clients, effective HR policy, reliable and positive image of the company, effective environmental policy, optimization of the operational efficiency, decrease of the operational costs, sustain high-profit level. In conclusion, companys mission determines a purpose within the organization provides standards for allocating organisational resources establishes a general organizational climate shows purpose and direction. Consequently, mission and vision be clear and give a parcel of advantage.3. Macro-environment (PESTLE)At the graduation of this part, it is necessary to mention some relevant factsPopulation in Russia 139mln playing area 17mln sq. kmTime zones GMT +2 to +119th largest sparing in the world in terms of gross domestic product, reaching USD 2014,8 bn 2013 Exports and Imports exceed 50% GDP lavishlyest GDP per capita among BRICS countriesWinter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi 2012 and FIFA World Cup 2018 are coming 1. GDP cipher 2.1 Real GDPAs we crapper return hold on the Figure 2.1 Real GDP has a purpose to grow up. Moreover, the present value of Real GDP is about 2014.8 USD billion which is the highest point during the history. Real GDP had been ontogenyd up to more than 6% in comparison with the previous period Contemporary situation in economy, especially in Real GDP, shows the fortune for a company to increase production, because high GDP inwardness higher consumer expendings in turn, it is an alleviating competitory pinch within diligence, then its the potential for expansion. As we can see GDP is constantly growing that means an opportunity to have higher revenues for LUKOIL Company because people have a higher profits and sepa pointly higher consumer expenditures.2. Int erest rateThe interest rate in Russia was closing curtain recorded at 5.50 portion. Interest Rate in Russia is reported by the exchange Bank of Russia. It is quite high interest rate in comparison with for face European countries. The average interest rate in Europe is 0.25%. For LUKOIL it is a threat of decreasing the companys sales, because during high interest rate potential consumers tend to spend less (borrowings live on more expensive). at that tail endfore the consumer purchasing ply is quite unhopeful and companys sales will be decreased.Figure 2.2 Russia interest rate3. Inflation rateFigure 2.4 Russia inflation rateFigure 2.5 petroleum price RUB per literAs we can see Figure 2.4 and Figure 2.5, the oil price and rate of inflationare connected directly when oil price goes up, the inflation follows in the same direction. We can explain it by that the oil is the major input in economy (oil is used for manufacturing and transportation). The inflation rate in Russia w as recorded at 6.30 percent in October of 2013. It has a positive impact on Oil and ordnance intentness. LUKOIL can estimate future profit more accurate and deflect several risks which effected by the oil price and inflation rate. 4. Unemployment rateFigure 2.5 Russia unemployment rateAt the moment the rate is 5,5%. And the tendency has a declining character. Thus it could be opportunity to find high-qualified employees. There is a contestation on a labor market.5. Reservoirs of oilRussia is the first country in the world in crude oil production. Its share is 12%. This indicator makes the country gainive for the investors. Consequently, LUKOIL could use positive investment climate of Russia as the companys benefit.6. TaxesNowadays there are three main taxes which have influence on economic in Russia a) Corporate tax rate 20%b) Personal income tax rate 13%c) Sales tax rate 18%Accordingly to these indicators the corporate tax rate is quite low in comparison with Japan 38,01%, United Arab Emirates 55%, US 35%. then, it is opportunity to increase a profit (low taxes increase net profit). We are analyzing oil and gas industry in Russia. luckily most of deposits are situated in cold geographical areas want Tyumen Region, called Extreme North or Far North. Government gives a lot of benefits want people who work there are used to encounter an extra grade of throwment, referred to as the Northern Bonus, as rise as other benefits, including extra vacation, extra disability benefits, extra retreat benefits, and housing benefits. LUKOIL wont increase outflow of money into bonus fundsetc.4. Technological factors (PESTLE)New technologies are an important competitive advantage of LUKOIL Group. Key technological aspects1. The company conducts R&D to develop late technologies and upgrade the existing ones. 2. Cooperation with national projects is actively developing, including the Skolkovo innovation project and the RUSNANO Corporation. 3. Great attention is paid to developing information technologies and improving work processes. 4. The total financing of scientific and technical works in 2012 amounted to US$ 150 million. It is opportunity to use own technology and ability to block costs for using technologies from elsewhere.5. Environmental factors (PESTLE)Waste disposalRussia drowns in 60 million tons of garbage a year. It is serious problem in waste disposal issue. Today, only 11% of the whole volume is recycled. Unfortunately, it is straight evidence of contemporary problem and the threat for environment. LUKOIL uses chemicals for production, which could be statutory restrictions by the government for environmental protection. It is the threat for company of activities restriction.PollutionOil and muck up industry damages nature by pollution. Many risks occur like spilling of oil into the sea or into the ocean. In this case LUKOIL will pay damage to nature and spoil its reputation. Consequently, LUKOIL should keep back into a ccount all risks and try to avoid them.ClimateThere is the dominance of the continental climate on the territory of the country. Russia faced to one serious problem during springs. It is flood. For oil industry it could be a relevant threat because it directly depends on transportation, for instance if roads are damaged it is becoming complicated to transport oil to different regions.6. Political factors (PESTLE)Strictly speaking, two of the most dangerous threats are the high level of corruption and terrorism.High level of corruptionRussia is stratified 127th out of 175 countries in Transparency Internationals putrescence Perceptions Index in 2013. This score indicates the perceived level of public sector corruption in a country or territory. TerrorismThere is a terrorist war aimed at destabilizing Russia politically and economically. Few weeks ago there was the 3rd terrorist attack in Volgograd during last 2 months.Membership in World Trade OrganizationIn August 2012, Russia off icially became a World Trade Organization member. Moreover, European Union contributes half of Russia great deal flows. It is opportunity of simplified international market access with the purpose of trading and it is opportunity of hiring professional and administrative staff on fixed term contracts.Index of Economic FreedomIndex of Economic Freedom in Russia is 51.3 out of 100 and it ranked as mostly unfree. These ranking means that the country is not attractive to do business and indicates a low possibility of obtaining investment. Thus, it is a threat for LUKOIL, it will be difficult to attract foreign investors.Protection of property rightsIt is an opportunity to protect LUKOILs innovations and to get patent.7. Legal factors (PESTLE)The following laws of the Russian Federation form the main healthy framework of the oil and gas industryConstitution of the Russian Federation. federal jurisprudence On undersoil (Subsoil righteousness).Federal Law On blow out Supply in the R ussian Federation (Gas Supply Law). Federal Law On Natural Monopolies.Federal Law On the Continental shelf of the Russian Federation. Federal Law On brawniness Saving and Energy Efficiency.Federal Law On Production Sharing Agreements.The following federal laws are also relevant to the legal framework of the natural resources industry of the Russian Federation The Codes of the Russian Federation, including the Civil Code, Land Code, Water Code, wood Code, Tax Code, Code on Administrative Violations and Criminal Code. Federal Law on Environmental Protection.Federal Law on Ecological Expertise. autocratic Council Regulations on the Procedure of Enactment of the Provisions on the Procedure of Licensing of the Subsoil Use of 1992 (Subsoil Use Licensing Regulations). The fundamental rights that are guaranteed to each Russian citizen are All people shall be equal before the law and court.The stir shall guarantee the equality of rights and freedoms of man and citizen, regardless of sex, race, nationality, language, origin, property and official status, place of residence, religion, convictions, membership of public associations, and also of other circumstances. All forms of limitations of human rights on social, racial, national, linguistic or religious grounds shall be banned. Man and adult female shall enjoy equal rights and freedoms and have equal possibilities to exercise them. That means that Lukoil should take into account all this rights and keep it in mind when hiring the employees.8. Socio-cultural factors (PESTLE)Age social structure0-14 historic period 15.7% (male 11,498,268/female 10,890,853)15-24 years 12.4% (male 9,031,057/female 8,662,557)25-54 years 45.8% (male 31,894,116/female 33,432,996)55-64 years 13.1% (male 7,926,184/female 10,711,347)65 years and over 13% (male 5,622,464/female 12,847,828) intimately of population is in capable of working age. There is a competitor on labor market. It is an opportunity to find employees corresponded to t hestandards of the company.Main religion ChristianityNo take inment in the organization of labor. Thus, it is opportunity for LUKOIL to organize manufacture easily. High level of educationOpportunity to attract well-qualified personnel.9. Porters 5 Forces1. Threat of New Entrants (Low)The LUKOIL is protected by high barriers to entering. Therefore the threat of new entrants is very low Huge amounts of capital expenditure are needed to perform the activities, for example the cost of refinery is almost $7 billion, the price of petrol station is $600 000. Large amounts of fixed are require for the development of oil fields and the installation of production facilities Costs for get in the industry drilling costs, oilfield services, skilled labor, scientific research, materials and energy tho companies that exit economies of scale can survive, for example LUKOIL has been searching for oil since 1991. They invest a huge amount in up-to-date technologies making it difficult for new e ntrants to compete. Russia allows only national companies (or foreign companies in partnership with the national company) to work oil reservoirs, because it is owned by the state. It is barrier to entry.2. Power of Suppliers (High)There are more then 100 suppliers in Russia OAO Gaztrubinvest, TOO KST Steel, OAO Severstal are some of them. But their products are unique tubular products, electric outward-developing pumps, oil cable, spurt steel framework. What gives them high bargaining power to grade conditions. Moreover there are no substitutes, because the equipment needed for oil industry is special and impossible to replace.3. Power of Buyers (Low)The main buyers are government and car owners. Product differentiation is low and customers dont have opportunity to choose, only to buy. The market share of LUKOIL is almost 17% and it has contracts with government, becausethey have a big chain of petrol stations. Consumers willingness to pay is the only power buyers have. Only very large buyers of oil such as big countries like US may influence oil price. Overall the buyer power is low4. Threat of Substitutes (Low)At the moment customers can not surpass from using oil and gas for other sources of energy. Only some European countries introduced renewable sources of energy instead of gas and oil. But there are many alternatives of energy coal, solar, and wind power. Instead of this fact, we notice the demand for oil increases every year and there is no chance of decreasing in consumption.5. Industry Rivalry (High)LUKOIL has 4 serious competitors Rosneft (22% share of market), TNK-BP (14%), Surgutneftegaz (12%), Gazprom neft (6%). Even though there is a very strong rate of growth in oil and gas sector the rivalry remain small overdue to large switching costs, required investments for a new entrance, size of competitors, and political barriers. There is no place for small companies because of few market leaders. besides there is no possibility that competitors will offer a debase price. LUKOIL is second company that operates in Russia. The leader is Rosneft and its main competitor. LUKOIL has 17% share of Russian market, Rosneft 22% respectively.10. SWOT analysisStrengthsWeaknesses 1st among the largest privy oil and gas companies in the world. 1.3% oil reserves of total reserves of oil worldwide and second in terms of volume prove hydrocarbons reserves about 2% of total global reserves maturation in oil index price in the world. High entry barriers in the market, which eliminates small competitors. Very sufficient technology of research and exploration. geographical business diversification (30 countries). Large amount of oil reserves(17%) Superior oil related technology. Fully vertical and horizontal integrated. Well supported by Russian government. Constant increase in demand for gas and oil in Russia. Constant research and innovation. Production costs are relatively high compared with levels achieved by its main competitors . The companys communication some(prenominal)(prenominal) inside and outside is slow and bureaucratic. Cost of environmental hazards.OpportunitiesThreats Increase in oil and gas demand in Russia. New exploration projects. investiture into new businesses. Iraq oil project. Corruption. Terrorism. Floods. Decrease sales (high interest rate). Competition on the marketInternal analysisRevenue $139.2 billionEmployees 150.000RecommendationsDespite having a relatively good position in the regional market of Central and Eastern Europe, LUKOIL faces strong competition. In this context, LUKOIL should increase its market share through an offensive strategy of territorial expansion and to attract new customer segments. In addition, LUKOIL should ensure implementation of new technologies for modern and efficient production in terms of cost and continues its efforts to improve product quality and competitiveness, in order to meet international standards, including API and ACEA. Another import ant trend is the operation of marketing strategies on the downstream, taking into accountthe factors influencing consumer choice of stations location, value for money, image, service, the existence of ancillary services. These strategies are reflected in the mix of marketing, in which both product and promotion play a central role.

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Disintegration of the Nuclear Family Essay

Social scientists welcome noticed that the concept of the family has changed in the past 40 years, and this has led much or less to remark on the rot of the thermo thermonuclear family. Do you agree with the claim that the nuclear family unit is prison-breaking down?The conventional nuclear family model, Murdock first spoke of, which entails the father as the employed bread winner and the wife as the stay at home housewife and mother sounding after their children. This early wonderful model of the stable family life has changed and evolved. Some of these contributing factors that may shed changed the family dynamics argon, comparability between men and women, the loss of religious trance over the traditional coupling, the accepted lifestyle of same hinge oned families, the increase number of restore parents as well as blended families rich person diversely changed the way society sees the evolving complexities of the family unit. This essay aims to show that the tradi tional nuclear family unit has not disintegrated, but has evolved.The phrase the nuclear family was first use by Murdock in 1949 , in that time, most family units resembled what he referred as both(prenominal) sexed adults in a socially approved sexual cohabiting labor union with children that were biological or adopted (Murdock, 1949, p 1). Within the boundaries of the nuclear family, any(prenominal) parents found it a boastn, where defined rules and standards were adhered to. Children thrived on the security and constant upkeep of the availability of their mother to drive them to soccer or ballet practise. Fathers had a defined role as the breadwinner, the head of the household. However to some, they found the nuclear family structure to be bounding, confining and demeaning. Mothers were discouraged from working, fathers were overburdened with the demands of being the sole breadwinner, parents who were unhappily married were compelled to stayed together, for the sake of the c hildren and to avoid the stigma of divorce (Elkind, 1994, p.8). Since equality for women in teaching and in the work force, women are staying in manpower longer and combining career with motherhood.Compared to xl years ago, where women were seen in sexuality specific jobs, including teachers, nurses, hairdressers, receptionists and retail sales. Today women now occupying over a deuce-ace of all manager positions, and growth areas in occupations requiring high skills and advanced education (Jericho G, 2012). accord to Edger, maternity leave, child care and return to paid custody are readily available to like a shots mothers (Edger, 2005, p 36). The sway moderne family have what Elkind observes that couples marry later, and have fewer children. Although economically it is in effect(p) if both parents are working. (Edger, 2005, p10). In the post modern family, the gender roles have changed. (Holmes, Hughes, Julian, 2003, p.284). Most modern women in Western cultures are now looking for relationships where they are in a partnership with household chores and child ski tow being shared.Has religion lost its influence over the traditional marriage? harmonize a Sydney Herald article, the divorce rate is four speed of light percent greater then forty years ago, that more vernal couples are rejecting marriage preferring a de facto relationship. (Maley, 2003, p.13). The Catholic Church has likewise seen some decline in marriages. In Pope Francis recent speech, The family is important, and it is necessary for the excerption of humanity. With break through the family, the cultural survival of the human race would be at risk. The family, whether we like it or not, is the foundationToday, on that point are those who say that marriage is out of fashion. Is it out of fashion? many preach the importance of enjoying the moment. They say that it is not worth making a life-long commitment, making a definitive determination because we do not know what tomorrow will bring. I acquire you, instead, to be revolutionaries,I am asking you to rebel against this culture that sees everything as temporary and that ultimately believes you are incapable of responsibility, that believes you are incapable of certain love (Pope Francis, 2013)Along with religious factors, same- sexed families have diversely changed. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics it revealed that 33,700 Australian couples are living together in a same-sex relationship, with 17,600 male couples and 16,100 female couples. There are almost twice as many children living in same-sex couple families as there were in 2001, with most of these children living in female same-sex couple families. Figures showed 6300 children are living in same-sex couple families from 2011, upfrom 3400 in 2001. With the availability of modern science, sperm donors, in vitro fertilisation, surrogacy and the availability to adopt or foster a child gives the same-sex family opportunity to increase the ir family of two, to three or more. The report also unveiled a trend against traditional housework gender roles, with cooking, killing and laundry responsibilities more evenly shared in same-sex couples, unlike opposite-sex couples where women tilt to do more than men (Wright J. 2013).Sole parenting along with same sex families has become a common evolvement. Either by choice, necessity, death of better half or divorce are now an accepted commonality compared to forty years ago. Although Sole parents have to battle with the emotional and physical sift of juggling family responsibilities and work, the dependency of local community support systems cooccur with the ability to work is dependant on access to non-parental child care, outside care, (and) a job in the local neighbourhood (Edger, 2005, p.11) for a flexible, family sociable workplace.A blended family is the new formation of a previous disintegrated family unit. According to Holmes, Hughes and Julian, a couple starts a s a family that grows to include children, who then have their own offspring. If you include a divorce in this picture, new partners, step-parents, step-siblings and half-brothers and -sisters, you peck see the boundaries of the family becoming more bland. (Holmes. D/ Hughes. K / Julian. R, 2003, p. 282). Many of todays families are made up of these blended families, step and half family members, foster, adopted and extended multi-generation non blood related family members. As a import the family unit is still alive and thriving, however it has grown and become more diverse in its members.In conclusion, it is clear that the nuclear family unit has not disintegrated, but has changed and evolved with the times and improved womens rights. In particular to family diversity, reflecting in the growing freedom and acceptability of different lifestyles. Those relationships could have a fluid tenure, where individuals may form a family for a time, then go on to form new family ties and c onnections blending in numerous connections that may mystify up a modern family.ReferencesChadwick V, 2013, Tick for same-sex marriages ,The Age, Victoria Australia, viewed on 14 August 2013. Elkind D, Kappan P. D, 1995, School and family in the post-modern world, p. 8-14. Elkind D, 1994, Ties that stress The new family imbalance, Harvard College, United states of America, Pg. 1-4. Edger D, 2005, The war over work the future of work and family, Melbourne University Press, Australia. Jericho G, 2012, Changing role of women in the workplace, The Drum tv, viewed on 14 August 2013, www.abc.net.au. Maley B, 2003, The Sydney Morning Herald comment section, Sydney. Murdock G.P, 1949, Social Structure, The Macmillan Company, New York. Pope Francis, 2013, Marriage and family from the world youth day speech, viewed 8 August 13 www.marriageuniqueforareason.org/-about-marriage-and-the-family-from-world-youth-day, Rio de Janeiro, South America. Wright J, 2013, Number of children with same-sex parents soars, The Age, Victoria, viewed on 14 August 2013, www.theage.com.au.

Rothschilds Fiddle

Jackson Weeks Harold position 101 1-31-13 Chekhovs Use of Futliarnost to Develop Yakov and the Importance of Morals in Rothschilds bring Futliarnost, a Russian literature theme which is ofttimes present in Anton Chekhovs short stories, is when a character is encase in a situation and can not escape. In Rothschilds Fiddle, Yakov is entrapped in an almost trance like state, that is brought round by breathing out and remorse in his smell. Is Yakov eer released from this state, through Marfas death, or any former(a) instance and does Chekhov intend for the referee to sympathize iodine single honorable in this recital? Chekhov uses irony and equivocalness to stand up Yakov Rothschilds Fiddle into a deeper character as well. Chekhov uses unitary situation irony which is central to this short story. Yakov is evidently down(p) for much if not all of his tone, as he is always worrying astir(predicate) his income and his redundant opportunities in sprightliness. moreover ir onically he is arguably more depressed and lamentable after he realizes how meaningless his hearty animation has been. It is at this point when he is preva autisticy more a awake(p) than he has ever been, moreover because he is looking back on his demeanor he wants to die more than ever.Yakov reflected that death would be no social function but a benefit he would not deem to eat or drink, or pay taxes or offend people, and, as a man lies in his grave not for one year but for hundreds and thousands, if one reckoned it up the gain would be enormous. A mans life meant loss death meant gain. With this acknowledgement it can be said that Yakov however becomes more depressed. This is sad to go out because as a reader we finally cod someone that finally has much about life figured out, but it is in his last moments, and he is more miserable than ever.Chekhov Weeks 2 uses this enactment to help smash the sense of futliarnost even more than it already is. Yakov was already trap ped in a state of depression, knowingly or not, and when he finally realizes this at the end of his life he only becomes more depressed. The change that comes about because of this further misery is negative, as Yakov finally realizes many, if not all, of his faults in life yet he is at a point in his life where he can no longer change his ways equal to make up for all of his past mistakes.This is the point in which a honorable can be deduced. Perhaps a moral of live life so that you receive no regrets would be appropriate. besides we must ask ourselves if Chekhov meant for a moral to be brought away from Rothschilds Fiddle. ground on the writing style it is safe to borrow that a moral is applicable. Chekhov gives Rothschilds Fiddle folk like qualities which suggest there is a moral. Although this moral is very cliched, it certainly applies to Yakov. It is not aspect live life with no regrets, rather live life so that you will hold up no regrets.If Yakov had treated Marfa be tter and not yelled at her and not ca utilize her pain he in all probability would not have been as miserable in the end as he was. But it is in like manner worth noting that some of the most beautiful music came about because of one mans suffering, and made many other lives better. Chekhov is intentionally ambiguous here, as he likely does not mean to only teach one lesson through this story. There are many lessons that can be taken away, and this is one of the beautiful things about Chekhovs writings, especially Rothschilds Fiddle.Etymologically, the word ambiguity means being able to push something from both(prenominal) ends ambo-ago and also, figuratively, to think about something in two different and even unsuitable ways (Pazzagli 1505). Chekhov has many ambiguities in his writings in order to apply much interpretation up to the reader. The reader must decide whether to feign both meanings of a statement or choose between the two. Based on which approach a reader uses, t he Weeks 3 same passage can have completely different meanings. One example of this ambiguity comes when Marfa dies.Chekhov writes that her face turned rosy with fever, unusually bright and joyful-looking In this elicit Chekhov states that Marfa is sick, and also that she was joyful. Perhaps she was just rosy from the fever, or more likely just relieved that she was finally going to be released from her dreary life of being frightened by Yakov, mistreated, and not appreciated. even up though Marfa only has a small presence in the text, she is a great pecker for Chekhov. She is used to bring up Yakovs past. Marfa says Do you bring forward litre years ago God gave us a little tyke with flaxen hair?We used always to be sitting by the river thusly, singing songs . . . under the willows, and laughing bitterly, she added The baby girl died. Yakov did not remember his baby from years ago. Yakov had shut out most of his past, and only eyeshot of profit and losses. However when Yakov later goes and sits beneath the tree and finally remembers their child, the reader is not ever sure as to whether he actually remembers the child, or if it is just a figment of his imagination. Another ambiguity is when Yakov leaves the cemetary after Marfas burial it is said that he didnt feel well.However it is never tenuous if he is physically ill, or emotionally ill. If Yakov is only emotionally ill and ends up dying from this it would indicate that Yakov is much more deeply committed to Marfa than has previously been shown. This would perpetuate the theme of loss, because if he was extremely close to his wife, then her loss is only that much more painful to him. Loss is sure the main recurring theme passim Rothschilds Fiddle. Yakov in the beginning is complaining about lost profits, and lost work time, which in hindsight seem petty, compared to the loss of his wife, and the loss of the memory of his child.After Yakovs epiphany it is apparent that he has felt remorse over th e loss of the wrong things. If he had not been so interested in money he might have spent more time with his wife, and treated better, and he would Weeks 4 have perhaps had a better relationship with her. Chekhov is said to be the draw of the stream of conscious writing style, which follows a characters thoughts. With Yakov this becomes oddly interesting after the death of Marfa because we see just how miserable his life becomes.We see Yakov sitting on the riverbank, beneath the tree just thought process back on his missed opportunities and his lost and forgotten child. Later we see just how sorrowful Yakov has become, when he is just sitting in his brink playing his fiddle, producing mournful tunes. The stream of consciousness writing style also puts emphasis on the change that takes place in Yakov. The reader sees how Yakov transforms from miserable because of his own losses, to miserable because of the loss of others. Yakov follows the pattern that many of Chekhovs characters denounce onward him, by bringing attention to Russias changing landscape.One thing that Chekhov shows subtly in most of his works was his appreciation of Russias instinctive environment (Quinault 33). Chekhov voiced his sadness at the destruction of ancient hardwood forests in his short story, Rothschilds Fiddle (1894) and, more prominently, in his major plays. (Quinalt 33). In Rothschilds Fiddle Chekhov writes On the other bank, where now there was the water meadow, in those days there stood a big birchwood, and yonder on the unmistakable hillside that could be seen on the horizon an old, old pine forest used to be a bluish patch in the distance.Big boats used to cross on the river. But now it was all smooth and unruffled, and on the other bank there stood now only one birch-tree, youthful and slender like a young lady. Even though this is only a small part of Rothschilds Fiddle it shows some of Chekhovs interests away(p) of literature. Perhaps Yakov realizes the loss of t his forest and this is just one more loss to go along with all of the other losses that have happened throughout the story. Yakov is in a depressed state throughout the story, both before Marfas death and after. Weeks 5Even though her death was the big event of the story and what made Yakov realize how miserable his life had been, it still was not becoming to release him from the feeling of misery he was trapped in. It was just becoming for him to realize how miserable his life had been before and send him deeper into depression because he realized he had lost Marfa, who was the one thing in his life he truly should have cared about. The significance of drawing this conclusion is that we see Chekhov following his usual pattern of a character being entrapped for the full-page story, and still not escaping.One ambiguity that the reader is left with is that of whether a moral can should be deduced. Since Yakov produced some of the most beautiful and sad music. Even though Yakov was in such a miserable state his whole life, his music was beautiful and brightened other lives, It can be argued that no moral was meant to be drawn from Rothschilds Fiddle. Perhaps one could go on to research Chekhov as a writer and see if he typically consciously included some style of moral in his stories. Weeks 6 Works Cited Pazzagali, Adolfo. Ambiguity. International Journal of Psychoanalysis . 3. 6 (2012) 1505-1508. Web. 31 Jan. 2013. Quinalt, Roland. Chekhov and Conservation. History Today. 60. 2 (2010) 32-34. Web. Chekhov, Anton. The Literature Network. Rothschilds Fiddle. N. p. , 10 Mar 2005. Web. 4 Feb 2013. tune I still do not have Microsoft Word and I attempted to indent my long quotes 10 spaces on GoogleDocs but I was not able to without indenting the whole paragraph that the quote was contained in. This is why I left quotations around my quotes.. If you must take off for this I understand, but if you could be a little lenient that would be great

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Parents Support Group Agenda

MINUTES OF PSG MEETING 27TH SEPTEMBER At A. P. I. S. KINDERGARTEN AGENDA Welcome grill International Day Spare nurture uniform clothes Road safety for baby birdren at Kindergarten Forming of a fit PSG committee Quarterly social event for parents Christmas tree lights- Main Campus The skirmish began at 230pm. The main item was the planned Welcome Barbeque for every unmatchable new to the A. P. I. S. family. The Barbeque is set for the 14th October, just prior to the revoke of the prime(prenominal) semester. Tim Brackley explained that this was the only available date and apologised for the ill-considered lead in time left to parents.However, we leave alone receive a lot of alimentation and assistance from the school and Khun Bua, as this is our first spacious event. A leap time of 30pm was agreed with an approximate finish to the day of 630pm. The venue will be the main school campus around the pocket billiards area and people should bring their swimsuits if they would li ke to use the schools swimming pool. It was discussed and agreed, that the food should be available between 4-5 pm. The menu is Kebabs, BBQ Chicken, salad, Som Tum, inapt rice, fruit and complimentary water.The cost of this was explained as 150bht per adult and 90bht per child little than 12 years of age. No alcohol is permitted on the school campus and because it was felt that, everyone should bring their own soft drinks for the day. (I. e. Coke, Fanta, Sprite etc) It was suggested that teachers living on campus and student boarders could enjoy the BBQ as their evening meal and that cost could be met by the school. To find divulge the numbers attending, it was decided to send out an invitation from the Parent Support Group to all parents (and guests? haveing for a retort by the 10th October. Further information and price would be include in the invitation and parent volunteers for the childrens grades will collect the money. Volunteers to act as sucker Representatives were a sked for and a list compiled. Those parents who volunteered to be grade representatives are listed on a separate page for your future reference. To assist these Parent Grade Representatives (PGRs), it was proposed that, we all wear name badges at the BBQ, to benefactor us compress to know each other more easily.This was agreed and each badge would withal show the grade of each parents child /children. It was agreed this, would servicing the Grade Representatives, in introducing new parents and students to those of us already part of the APIS family. The Parent Grade Representatives will be the first link of a support system for new parents. This was felt by everyone to be an excellent suggestion. The school has stretch outed to set up equipment for children to play with and on that point was an offer of live music for the afternoons entertainment, which was readily accepted.A design that all letters to parents from the PSG should be translated into different languages was dis cussed at some length. Although, this would be very difficult to do, given the number of different nationalities now stand for at the schools two campuses. Two parents volunteered to arrange translations for their language groups. Thai and Korean and our thanks were expressed for their help and support. Mr. Hakjune Kim will arrange translations for our Korean families and Khun Took will do the same for our Thai families.It was pointed out that some parents may be unable to arrange transport up to the main campus for the BBQ and it was suggested we ask for parents to offer any spare seats in their cars for the day. A possible collapse up place would be the Kindergarten. This will be mentioned in the newsletter. It was also asked for, that future Newsletters from the PSG include committee members and contact details. This point raised the nous for the PSG to formally elect a committee and this matter will be raised at a later meeting.International day Ms. Holly Gardner came from t he main campus to ask parents to begin thinking about the next International Day, which will be in January. School Uniform Ms. Holly offered the idea of a scheme for passport on items of school uniform, that were in good condition, but which children had outgrown. Parents were asked to consider the ways in which such a scheme could be implemented. This would surely help those parents who operate an eco-friendly recycling program at home to go one step further.Finally and out of position in these minutes, with no apology as this is a very important matter. Road safety at the Kindergarten. Adjan Ladda has address this problem in part by arranging for a law officer to monitor and control vehicles stopping and obstructing the road. Everyone present was extremely delighted that, Adjan Ladda done this and gave her full support for her action and a very big thank you from all parents. It was agreed, that all parents can assist with this matter by obeying the police officers instructio ns regarding parking outside the Kindergarten.A short walk from a sensibly parked car was thought by all at the meeting, to be a better way for parents to cause or collect their children rather than a child being hie to hospital seriously injured following an accident involving a perilously parked car. There being no further matters for discussion at this time the meeting came to a close and everyone was thanked for attending and asked to come to a meeting next Wednesday 3rd October at the Kindergarten at 230pm to help finalize arrangements for the BBQ. Tim Brackley

Globalization & Culture

This report presents the findings from deuce questions conducted on two subjects namely Kyu Yong (Eric) Kim and anformer(a) oneness known as Brian (Choi). The call into question used semi-structured method to interview the two subjects. The aim of the interview was to investigate the outcomes globalisation has had on them. This was done with an aim of find out how ethnic orientations be shaped or determined by globalisation. alike the interview aimed at analyzing as soundly as presenting views on the topics from lit review available.The reason for settling on the two as desirable backdidates for the occupation under investigation was due(p) to two reasons First of altogether, the position t put on both subjects have interacted with mass from two or to a greater extent tillages polar from theirs. Secondly, both subjects have been subjected to different civilisations in the premier(prenominal) place for reasons related to globalisation in one way or the opposite. eventually, the interviewees were selected because of their accessibility to the interviewer as well as their willingness to participate in the interview.The findings of the interview be discussed below and effort is coiffure in request to generalize the findings to the bigger population. Definations. Globalisation is the process of meliorate interactions of pile from cultural countries, economic as well as societal orientations afforded by the rapid growth of ICT transportation and advancement in engineering such(prenominal) as ECD, net profit, mobile phones and satellite communication. Culture pot be defined as the way of life of a masses mainly on how people relate and interact with the environment, their beliefs, their nutrition, their trust, their traditions as well as their aspirations.Culture is affected and shaped by many another(prenominal) pointors scarce of all of them, it is globalisation that has had the greatest impact on kitchen-gardening. Results/fin dings for Brian Choi Brian represents two closes, American finale and Korean culture. He is a represents blended culture. From the interview, when asked about what culture was and represented, his reaction was, I believe culture is what shapes you and influences the way you act and think.Culture concord to me represents beliefs which atomic number 18 so lots intertwined in a person that it becomes truly hard to change cultures or to forfeit ones culture. From the to a prouder place verbatim, Brian raises a critical point that culture is embedded in ones belief. harmonise to(Robertson, 1992)belief plays an strategic role in shaping culture in that cultural practices such as songs, dances, worship, marriage as well as political systems argon all unique to different cultures.As distant as songs are concerned, songs from a particular group or community may take a hop the beliefs of the particular community or group. This occurrenceor is necessary in mark to understand why people believe in what they believe in. In the traditional Korean set up, songs were used in ceremonies as land label for special(prenominal) events. Up to date, there has been little influence on the Korean practice of medicine/songs from other cultures such as western culture. This can be prove by the following comments made by Brain in the interview process.Asked about the role of songs in the Korean culture Brian replied that in Korea songs are sacred, when a group of people and possibly any gathering is commenced with a song. In terms of cultural beliefs, is useful as a peter of communication and wherefore handling down the treasured values of the Koreans. The fact that culture is fast being eroded by modernization and globalization was of central importance to the interview. According to Brian, globalization has affected the Korean culture in a number of ways including ) Globalisation has led to cleverness of foreign cultural practices in Korea. Specifically globalizatio n through heighten communication through mobile as well as internet has contrisolelyed to communication with various people in different parts of the world. This has in flex led to the contamination of the Korean culture in that more people than ever before are as a coach render for of modern technology of communication, getting married to people external their own cultures. This has had impact on the Korean culture in that, whenever marriages foreign cultural boundaries occur.The culture is assimilated fully in close to cases while in others it is changed due to the integration. In cases where the two cultures may be incompatible kernel abandonment results and therefore one is forced to adopt a young culture. According to Brian, the leading cause on cultural deviation is marriage, in that more than ever before, more people are getting to interact and intermingle with different cultures and therefore be overture more open to change. This is mainstay up by (Robertson, 1 992) who notes that marriage is a powerful similarlyl of taking people out of their ethnical tribal racial or religions cocoons.The claim is nurture supported by who notes that apart from the effect marriage has on culture, it too does affect peoples view and perception, of others and these is one of the self means of easing tensions amid diverse groups communities or races historically penetration of discrimination or sequestration of various forms of way perfected by proponents of such, discouraging and in any(prenominal) cases criminalizing, inter-tribal, or interracial marriages. A good case is in the apartheid Era, southwestward Africa where Boers were not permitted to marry Africans and a move in contradiction to the higher up was punishable.This served best interests of apartheid supporters. in that respectfore globalization in the sense that it leads to more advances of cultural marriages has contributed to easing tensions in many groups or societies. Culture any da te According to (Thomas, & Wilkin, 1997) culture difference, which in turn depends on myths, religion or history of a people is often a cause of await-to-face conflict, spectral conflict as well as political on that this culture has become a major force in many conflicts taking place in the modern times.Brian in this case is not affected by political conflict, but by a more subtle form of conflict, personal conflict which in turn translates into identity element crisis. Identity crisis in relation to culture refers to a situation whereby an soulfulness as a result of belonging to different cultures either course or by environmental related factors gets into a situation whereby he or she is face with unique challenges of which they must negotiate in order to progress peacefully in their cultures. In the case of Brian, his primary culture is Korea while his secondary culture is America.The fact that he likes identifying himself as American points to the fact that he is happy to b elong to America. However, he likes travelling back to Korea for visits once or twice ein truth fortnight. This connotes another attraction to Korea. genuinely he is connected to the people of Korea and the visits cannot be dismissed as holidays but have a cultural bearing. On the other hand, the fact hat Brian does not deny belonging to any of the cultures points to the fact that he could good pass for a person exhibiting and practising two cultures.Although Brian was silent on how sacred practices in the two cultures, Korean and American have affected him, religion is known to play a crucial role in culture. There is evidence that most of the conflicts happening in the 21st century are directly caused by cultural differences rooted in mutation of religious beliefs (Teeple, 1995). For instance in Ireland, Catholics and Protestants have been known to regularly clash oer cultural differences. Elsewhere, Muslims and Christians have on legion(predicate) occasions been involved in armed and prolonged conflicts all resulting to cultural differences.While as globalization is supposed to bring a solution to this dilemma, that has not been the case and globalization has to be utilized positively if much of the cultural tensions being experienced today are to be diluted. However, Brian owns up to being a dupe of ideologized cultural conflict. To him, this has been manifested in the way he has to adapt to capitalistic tendencies commonly upheld by majority of the American while at the same reserving the more socialistic values learnt in Korean, and which is so much embedded in peoples e reallyday life activities.The other culture shock which Brian admits to having come face to face with is, the value attached to work in America is high compared to Korea, as far as work morality is concerned, Brian equates the just American worker as very hard working and dedicated compared to an average worker, in Korea. According to him globalization has had an impact on work e thics in Korea in that, many American multinationals are opening up plants in Korea, employing local for semi skilled and unskilled labor. This in turn is inculcating American culture into the locals something which is shaping Koreans and in a way ever-changing the status-quo.From his individual standpoint, Brian alluded to the fact in US, he is faced with many challenges particularly when it comes to adjusting to organizational culture. The wide cultural differences are hard to adjust to and tally him, many are the days that he experiences face-to face confrontations with his supervisor due to what he termed as irreconcilable cultural differences. Asked on his final joint on globalization and culture he noted that, that people should dole out information, share resources, exchange goods and services in what is referred to as trade.All this can be achieved only through dissecting cultures and taking out the impediments to prosperity but retaining all the positives that enhance e very human beings wakeless rights and freedom. Eric Kyu Yong Eric though not as enthusiastic about the issue as Brian, yielded into very insightful information which clearly points to the roles importance, advantages, disadvantages as well as the shortcomings of globalization and the way it has been conceptualised in relation to cultural orientations. Eric points the fact that he has experienced directly both worlds that is, Korea and America.He confided this as something that has shaped his understating of the problem of globalization and culture. Having spent his childhood and part of his early teenage long time in Korea and then proceeded to live in America. The fact that Eric was of age by the time he left Korea for the US made him a desirable subject for the interview in that he could yield to great insights on the problem. Asked about the merits and demerits of globalization on culture. Eric pointed to the following as the merits of globalization on culture.First of all, glo balization has created an opening to cultural exposure. This has been occasioned by the booming touristry business which almost ever so undertakes to promote indigenous cultures, in places where it lasts. According to Eric, when tourists from various parts of the world undertake foreign trips to different destinations, a cultural interaction results and two or multiple cultures almost always yield into great cultural impacts. This is made possible by globalization through efficient and reliable transport system.Although Eric was quick to point to the fact that his cultural experiences are not tourism related, he observed that what first hit his mind on arrival to America was his belief that people are culturally the same and the way they do things is the same no matter the origin. To his shock, Eric soon learnt that cultural orientation were very significant ratifier to the way of life of a people. While in Korea people precious foods cooked traditionally and served in traditiona l cook-ware, in the US the society is very busy compared to Korea. People tended to work for long hours and lacked time for social life.Erics first time experience led him to believe for a very long time that his society back in Korea was simply no match for his new society. This was to change soon as he positive keen interest into understanding modern factors which influenced culture. According to him, over the past(a) decade, he has observed so many similarities in the two cultures that he has begun to actually doubt whether any significant differences actually occur between the two cultures. This he attributes to globalization which he refers to have enabled instant communication, and so sharing and exchange of information.With the advent of telecommunication, people are able to pass away via satellite, consult over important international matters, as well as agitate for common stance on key issues. As far as culture is concerned, people have as a result of globalization been able to inter-marry and therefore aid minimizing the cultural gap that exist between different cultures. Eric confidently asserted that he had as a foregone conclusion decided to marry an American. This he said was aimed to allow him to further understand better the American culture, for which as he admitted, marks the epitome of cultural variations, co-existence and collaboration.According to him, these developments were unheard of in the 60s but have been occasioned by the relatively rapid speed with which globalization has contributed to cultural changes. Eric noted that the greatest culture shock he experienced was as a result of noticing how the value attached to marriages so much differed in the two countries, that is Korea and America. According to him, the high divorce rates in America, and the de-emphasis on extended family was so much in contravention to the culture in Korea whereby the value-system is embedded in the extended families.According to him, this is prove by the way generations after generations share same names in what is believed as to be respect to the dead. This, Eric noted, has of late changed and more nuclear families are sprouting up. Eric added that this can be attributed to globalisation as this practice is passing attributable to the influence foreign cultures and especially western culture has had on the contemporary Korea society- specifically ICT and internet, were identified to have contributed to this development in that, these enables people to interact online through emails, on-line chatting, online friendships and in some cases, marriage.All the above have changed people and made them open up to change including accept and borrowing some aspects of foreign cultures as on example, Eric pointed to the fact that, in Korea it was traditionally a taboo to divorce unless for some specific and well known reasons. Even under the above mentioned conditions, the situation involved a long and rigorous process which had to be san ctioned by some designated members of the society such as traditional elders. The other key part of globalization to culture according to Eric was dress. In Korea, Eric noted that traditionally clothing is regulated.For women, the conditions and requirements are stringent and are supposed to be adhered to strictly unless one is ready to be termed as an outcast. Earning the term has its own veto set up in that one is virtually locked out into the benefits enjoyed by other members such as getting a bride or bridegroom, inheriting as well as education. However Eric pointed out that, globalization has significantly changed these perceptions. He noted that when his siblings including the sisters visit America, they enthusiastically shop and dress American and it is no longer a big issue.This he attributes also to globalization, according to him, upon coming to America he considered some dressing codes as totally unacceptable. His take of cultural tolerance was totally amiss in his o wn words. However, he later learnt to accept and live with it especially on campus as members of the university were youngsters who were vanquish and hardly conservative. His experiences at the university contributed positively to his changed perceptions on cultures and he got to appreciate diversity and dynamism that so strongly shape culture.According to Eric though, no culture is superior to another but some culture so strongly influence others to the point of absorbing them completely. Although he down played the effect globalization has had on him particularly, he specifically mentioned that, his interaction with the America culture, by and large occasioned by globalization has changed his life. Conclusion Globalisation has had major influence on culture, and it is not surprising that the cultures in two different countries that is America and Korea, as evidenced in the interview represent globalization influence on culture.From the evidence gathered from the interview with B rian and Eric, culture and globalization are intertwined and therefore influence each other. From the two interviewees, it was possible to deduce the factors which shape cultures. From the report, it can be recommended that, more research need to be carried out in order to determine how globalization can be shaped to vacate taking away from the achievements so far realized in desegregation different cultures.On the same note, there is a need for efforts from governments and other key stakeholders to come up with policies which protect indigenous cultures from negative effects of globalization. This should be done with an aim of preventing erosion of positive aspects of cultures however small. Finally globalization should be encouraged in as far as it promotes development of cultural issues such as integrating of cultures which helps solve numerous challenges such as racial, tribal or ethnic tensions.