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Child Labour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Child Labour - Essay Example the action is beneficial to everyone, the egoism theory states that morally right actions are those whose outcome maximises benefits to the person performing them. And finally the Altruism theory states that an action is considered morally right if the outcome of the action is favourable to every person except the person performing the action.4 According to utilitarian theory child labour is morally wrong in that it does not beneficial to everyone, the children suffer and in some cases they are not paid, further these children should be attending school or performing school related duties other than working, there is a need to educate and train these children in order to prepare them for the job market and employing them before they complete their education will mean that this is violating their rights. An example is the India gap kid clothing company where according to the UK reporters there was beating of children in the industry and further children were not paid for their work, child labour, the employers take advantage that children punishment is allowed in many countries and because children are not aware of their rights they are forced to undertake hard work.5 Employers prefer to employ children because they provide cheap labour and also they are easy to control, children are also seen to be more obedient than adults, they therefore employ the children for the purpose of cutting down costs and also because the children are easy to control than the adults because adults are related with initiatives which include protests and formation of trade union. The employers benefit in this case and this is in line with the Altruism theory states that an action is considered morally right if the outcome of the action is favourable to every person except the person... This paper stresses that employers prefer to employ children because they provide cheap labour and also they are easy to control, children are also seen to be more obedient than adults, they therefore employ the children for the purpose of cutting down costs and also because the children are easy to control than the adults because adults are related with initiatives which include protests and formation of trade union. The employers benefit in this case and this is in line with the Altruism theory states that an action is considered morally right if the outcome of the action is favourable to every person except the person performing the action. This report makes a conclusion that the theories of normative ethics do not support child labour, for this reason therefore there should be an increased effort to ban child labour in the whole world because it is not morally right, in most cases children are not paid for their work and are disciplined for not working hard, the employers know that they can pay less for employing children and also that children are obedient than adults and for this reason they will employ children, the employers therefore avoid trade unions and protests from workers in case they exploit their workers, for this reason therefore no child should be allowed to work and this will stop exploitation of children worldwide. In developing countries where children work to support their families the government should come up with policy measures to improve employment and standards of living, this will result into a reduction of child labour in most countries and a healthy working labour force will be evident in fu ture.

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Elegy Written in a Coutry Churchyard Essay Example for Free

Elegy Written in a Coutry Churchyard Essay Q1. Discuss Gray as a transitional poet with special reference to ‘Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard’. The period 1730-1770 marks the beginning from a movement from one distinct phase of English poetry towards another .The poets were getting gradually exhausted with the neoclassical ethics of clarity, reason, sophistication, and etiquette, its economic wording, ,rationale and wit. In the literary circle can be perceived the advent of The Romanticism which however customarily began with the publication of ‘’Lyrical Ballads ‘’in 1798 which was an aesthetic rebellion against the principle of the fashionable formality of the eighteenth century Neoclassicism. These poets of this juncture- William Blake, Thomas Gray, and Robert Burns are caught in the middle of neoclassic writing and the Romantic Age, are therefore fittingly known as the Transitional poets. Gray belongs to the age (1716-1771) in which he was born as well as heralds the dawn of a new era in poetry.—he bridged the gulf. Though he retained some of the Neo-classical features like conventional poetic diction and forms, he favoured freer forms and bolder language. His poetry preached a return to nature, honest sentiment, though he shared the didacticism of the Neoclassicism. Thus he makes a dignified combination of contradictions . The chief feature of the Classical poetry which Gray inherited was the frequent tendency to be didactic and philosophical. S. A. Brooke aptly points out that Gray’s poetry was too weighted with moral reflections. His sententious moralizing are quite commonplace in ‘’Elegy’’. While glorifying the simple rustic life, Gray warns proud and ambitious people not to laugh at the low obscure social position of the poor. ‘’Let not Ambition mock their useful toil, Their homely joys, and destiny obscure; Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainful smile The short and simple annals of the poor.’’ Although the humble rustics led an obscure life they might have been far happier than the pompous nobles. With a grave tone of moralizing Gray glorifies Death as the ultimate leveler –the pride of the proficient, the magnificence of the mighty ,the blessing of beauty cannot save a man from the fatal doom. Death and oblivion are the ultimate end of puny human life. ‘’The boast of heraldry, the pomp of pow’r, And all that beauty, all that wealth e’er gave, Awaits alike th’ inevitable hour. The paths of glory lead but to the grave’’. The morbid moralizer also upholds the unhonoured and unsung death of the rustics by reiterating that that neither gorgeous monuments nor animated statues connote anything significant as in no way life and vitality can be restored to the corpse. Gray even sermonizes about the dismal and pathetic reaction the mortals display at the time of his departure from this transitory world. Life is to all a contradictory confrontation of contradictions , but nobody likes to quit this world and at the time of death casts a prolonged and regretful l and wistful look behind. Irrespective of his stature everyone is afraid of oblivion of which death is the harbinger. Neoclassical poetry boasts of a conscious use of ornate poetic diction . They were very cautious to differentiate the language of poetry from the naà ¯ve language of prose. Gray also reveals the influence of his age in his apt fondness for rhetorical expression, conventional artificial phraseology and skillful observation of metre. With brilliant use of personification and metaphor Gray at the very outset portrays the nightfall at the village-just as the tolling of the curfew bell announces the death of a person so also the ringing of the evening bell designate the death of a day. ‘’The curfew tolls the knell of parting day’’. What follows is a proverbial use of the figure of speech ‘’Transferred Epithet’’- ‘’The plowman homeward plods his weary way,’’ Rhetorics like personifications and Synecdoche are in brilliant use when Gray employs the abstract to stand for the concrete to emphasize that the persons of ambition and grandeur should not laugh at the simple annals of the poor. ‘’Let not Ambition mock their useful toil, Their homely joys, and destiny obscure; Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainful smile The short and simple annals of the poor.’’ Gray resorts to ‘’ Interrogation’’ to accentuate the fruitlessness of extravagant display of regret after death—‘’Can storied urn or animated bust Back to its mansion call the fleeting breath?’’ Metaphors crowd pell-mell when Gray compares the wasted genius of the hamlet to the brightest gem  confined in the sea-cave or enchanting flower cramped in the desert. Individuals stand for their respective class when Gray surmises that what these rustics could have achieved , if favoured by fortune. ‘’Some mute inglorious Milton here may rest, Some Cromwell guiltless of his country’s blood.’’ Circumlocution (‘inevitable hour’),Onomatopoeia(‘the lowing herd’) and Alliteration (‘brook that babbles by’)are often utilized to create the utmost poignant appeal. Thus the poem bears the unmistakable reflection of the Augustan or pseudo-Classical school of poetry. The dignity of utterance and the decorum of literary borrowings enhance his neo-Classical temperament. But Gray is a precursor of Romanticism and his Elegy displays how he tended to break with the Classical tradition. Now here is exuberance of  emotion, celebration of democratic impulse and a magnificence melancholy which make the Elegy a brilliant â€Å"reconciliation of opposites’’. Pope in his ‘’Essay on Man’’ speaks of confining the arena of literature only to the sophisticated urbanized people where as the Romantics celebrates the democratic impulse. Wordsworth in his ‘Preface to the Lyrical ballads†(1800) states that his principle is ‘’to choose incidents and situation of common life and to relate or describe them throughout †¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢Ã¢â‚¬â„¢. Gray also brings out sympathetically the annals of the villagers who led a simple life far away from the frantic frenzy of the sophisticated urban people and who are not governed by jealousy and ambition. With an iconoclastic confidence he equalizes the glorious and the inglorious. C. J. Weber is right ‘’Gray’s unprecedented and courageous act lay in his addressing his elegy to the memory not of princes but of humble workmen buried in now-neglected graves after living lives of hard-handed toil’’. Like ‘The Seasons’, ‘Elegy’ is set in a humble rustic nature background. It is a dignified call to go back to nature. As Wordsworth preferred ‘the incidents and situation of humble life’, the very first stanza makes a whiff of fresh air to blow through the suffocating atmosphere of contemporary poetry, though the Wordsworthian deification of Nature is altogether missing here. If Romanticism is defined as the ‘Renaissance of wonder, in his ‘Elegy’ ,as in his ‘The Bard’, or ‘The  progress of Poesy’ there are glimpses of sentiment and emotion. The poet becomes sentimental when describing the sleep of the dead which is so eternal that the smell and chattering of morning or fresh lively breeze will not wake them up. Instead of catering to dry reason and logic Gray indulges in fancy and speculates that some of these rustics might have in their humble way,like Hampden resisted the oppression of the tyranny or bore in their heart the poetic frenzy of Milton—but everything is lost. The ‘Elegy’ is coloured by subtle sense of melancholy and gloomy note. A brooding sadness engulfs the poem when Gray writes with bitterness that they are left to rot in obscurity in tiny churchyard while pompous fellows rest under marble monuments. The poet laments the ill -luck and extreme poverty of these rustics which hindered the flourish of their genius. Specially remarkable is the stanza XXII where Gray delineates the eternal human impulse of being remembered after death. Gray adventured forth into â€Å"unfamiliar areas in poetry’’ as he brought back to life the use of the first-person singular, for example â€Å"One morn I missed him on the customed hill†¦.’’ which had been â€Å"considered a barbarism by eighteenth century norm.† Romanticism,it can be mentioned , is ‘egotistical sublime’. Thus ‘’Elegy’’ appeared at a point when the change was in the air, but had not completely arrived. Thus Gray’s poetry is landmark in the literary history of England. It is an epitome of the changes that were coming over the literature towards the close of the 18th century. The ‘Elegy’ perfectly illustrates the conflict between the Classic and the Romantic ideas and the ultimate triumph of Romanticism; after all‘’The old order changes yielding place to new’’.

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Francis Ford Coppola :: essays research papers

Following careful thought on which director to study, I chose Francis Ford Coppola. Although he has directed more films than I have had the opportunity to experience, I have viewed enough to understand his progression and style of his work. Over almost forty years of work, Coppola has directed about twenty-five films, produced near forty-five, composed two, and acted in eight. He is known predominantly for Apocalypse Now (1979) and The Godfather I (1972), II (1974), and III (1990). However, he has worked in other genres, such as Horror/Romance, Musical, and even Comedy.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In the few of his numerous films that I have seen, Coppola appears to use much of the same aesthetic techniques. Most of his works’ mise-en-scene, with some exceptions, seems to be very basic. When he is filming, Francis Ford Coppola does not put too many unnecessary items into the scene. When using a Wide-angle lens, the frames are very open and spacious. This allows the viewer to focus on what is happening, rather than distract their attention. This technique can also prove useful. For example, if he wanted to make a character seem alone, abandoned, and insignificant, this type of shot would work well. Opposite a number of his films, in Apocalypse Now, it was important to some of the frames full. However, they still were not completed with excess objects, instead they were lavishly filled with the natural, lush greens of the Philippines. Francis Ford Coppola also uses dissolves in his works. In The Cotton Club (1984), this technique was used a couple of t imes, when both dancing and singing was being performed. His editing style proved continuous. It was neither choppy, nor disruptive to the viewer, which allowed for a more pleasant experience.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Francis Ford Coppola uses sound in a rather conventional way, but at times adds a touch of his own creative style. The character that the audience is meant to empathize with may have their own particular motif, displayed through music. In The Conversation (1973), whenever Harry Caul, played by Gene Hackman, was intensely thinking about something, the same piano music would play.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  His direction of the actors was executed extremely well. He knew exactly what he wanted from them, and did not give up until it was as he had expected. Some of his setbacks in Apocalypse Now support this opinion. He wanted every part to be performed perfectly.

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Critique of The Darling Essay -- essays research papers

For centuries, women have turned and have entrusted in men for advice to fulfill their lives with romance. Some women, even though they had difficulty establishing a satisfactory bond with their spouse, still had a tendency to have a dependency on the male spouse for identity. For a woman to become a "wife" was a defining role in women's lives back then, especially within the eastern European cultures. Sadly, marriage is not always shown to be flowery and romantic as expected. Although Anton Chekov portrays his protagonist character Olga as kind hearted and attractive and favored, she often longs for â€Å"love† from the male gender, and serves as the embodiment of female disempowerment. From Olga’s perspective as the story is told, â€Å"she cannot exist without being love† (Literature and its Writers, 109) and her life only takes on a meaning through a relationship to the men she attaches herself to. In this story â€Å"The Darling,† Olga explores and molds herself into many personalities and interests of the men in her life. For instance, After her father’s death, Olga is left with only material wealth, and again there is an absence of â€Å"love,† that Olga wants. So, Olga first marries a theater owner-Kukin. When married to him, she thinks and speaks only of the theater and â€Å"repeating Kukin’s words to the actors and theater† (Literature and its Writers, 110) also saying â€Å"theater is the most important thing in life.† Her parroting of her husband’s wo...

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Part Three Chapter IX

IX Kay Bawden never wanted to set foot in Miles and Samantha's house again. She could not forgive them for witnessing Gavin's parade of indifference, nor could she forget Miles' patronizing laughter, his attitude to Bellchapel, or the sneery way that he and Samantha had spoken about Krystal Weedon. In spite of Gavin's apology and his tepid assurances of affection, Kay could not stop picturing him nose to nose with Mary on the sofa; jumping up to help her with the plates; walking her home in the dark. When Gavin told her, a few days later, that he had had dinner at Mary's house, she had to fight down an angry response, because he had never eaten more than toast at her house in Hope Street. She might not be allowed to say anything bad about The Widow, about whom Gavin spoke as though she were the Holy Mother, but the Mollisons were different. ‘I can't say I like Miles very much.' ‘He's not exactly my best mate.' ‘If you ask me, it'll be a catastrophe for the addiction clinic if he gets elected.' ‘I doubt it'll make any difference.' Gavin's apathy, his indifference to other people's pain, always infuriated Kay. ‘Isn't there anyone who'll stick up for Bellchapel?' ‘Colin Wall, I suppose,' said Gavin. So, at eight o'clock on Monday evening, Kay walked up the Walls' drive and rang their doorbell. From the front step, she could make out Samantha Mollison's red Ford Fiesta, parked in the drive three houses along. The sight added a little extra zest to her desire for a fight. The Walls' door was opened by a short plain dumpy woman in a tie-dyed skirt. ‘Hello,' said Kay. ‘My name's Kay Bawden, and I was wondering whether I could speak to Colin Wall?' For a split second, Tessa simply stared at the attractive young woman on the doorstep whom she had never seen before. The strangest idea flashed across her mind: that Colin was having an affair and that his lover had come to tell her so. ‘Oh – yes – come in. I'm Tessa.' Kay wiped her feet conscientiously on the doormat and followed Tessa into a sitting room that was smaller, shabbier but cosier than the Mollisons'. A tall, balding man with a high forehead was sitting in an armchair with a notebook in his lap and a pen in his hand. ‘Colin, this is Kay Bawden,' said Tessa. ‘She'd like to speak to you.' Tessa saw Colin's startled and wary expression, and knew at once that the woman was a stranger to him. Really, she thought, a little ashamed, what were you thinking? ‘I'm sorry to barge in on you like this, unannounced,' said Kay, as Colin stood up to shake her hand. ‘I would have telephoned, but you're – ‘ ‘We're ex-directory, yes,' said Colin. He towered over Kay, his eyes tiny behind the lenses of his glasses. ‘Please, sit down.' ‘Thank you. It's about the election,' said Kay. ‘This Parish Council election. You're standing, aren't you, against Miles Mollison?' ‘That's right,' said Colin nervously. He knew who she must be: the reporter who had wanted to talk to Krystal. They had tracked him down – Tessa ought not to have let her in. ‘I was wondering whether I could help in any way,' said Kay. ‘I'm a social worker, mostly working in the Fields. There are some facts and figures I could give you about the Bellchapel Addiction Clinic, which Mollison seems quite keen on closing. I've been told that you're for the clinic? That you'd like to keep it open?' The onrush of relief and pleasure made him almost giddy. ‘Oh, yes,' said Colin, ‘yes, I would. Yes, that was my predecessor's – that's to say, the previous holder of the seat – Barry Fairbrother – was certainly opposed to closing the clinic. And I am, too.' ‘Well, I've had a conversation with Miles Mollison, and he made it quite clear that he doesn't think the clinic's worth keeping open. Frankly, I think he's rather ignorant and naive about the causes and treatment of addiction, and about the very real difference Bellchapel is making. If the Parish refuses to renew the lease on the building, and the District cuts funding, then there's a danger that some very vulnerable people will be left without support.' ‘Yes, yes, I see,' said Colin. ‘Oh, yes, I agree.' He was astonished and flattered that this attractive young woman would have walked through the evening to find him and offer herself as an ally. ‘Would you like a cup of tea or coffee, Kay?' asked Tessa. ‘Oh, thanks very much,' said Kay. ‘Tea, please, Tessa. No sugar.' Fats was in the kitchen, helping himself from the fridge. He ate copiously and continually, but remained scrawny, never putting on an ounce of weight. In spite of his openly declared disgust for them, he seemed unaffected by Tessa's pack of ready-filled syringes, which sat in a clinical white box next to the cheese. Tessa moved to the kettle, and her thoughts returned to the subject that had consumed her ever since Sukhvinder had suggested it earlier: that Fats and Krystal were ‘seeing each other'. She had not questioned Fats, and she had not told Colin. The more that Tessa thought about it, the more certain she was that it could not be true. She was sure that Fats held himself in such high regard that no girl would be good enough, especially a girl like Krystal. Surely he would not †¦ Demean himself? Is that it? Is that what you think? ‘Who's here?' Fats asked Tessa, through a mouthful of cold chicken, as she put on the kettle. ‘A woman who wants to help Dad get elected to the council,' replied Tessa, foraging in the cupboard for biscuits. ‘Why? Does she fancy him?' ‘Grow up, Stu,' said Tessa crossly. He plucked several slices of thin ham out of an open pack and poked them, bit by bit, into his crammed mouth, like a magician inserting silk handkerchiefs into his fist. Fats sometimes stood for ten minutes at a time at the open fridge, ripping open clingfilm and packets and putting chunks of food directly into his mouth. It was a habit Colin deprecated, along with almost every other aspect of Fats' behaviour. ‘Why's she want to help him, seriously?' he asked, having swallowed his mouthful of meat. ‘She wants the Bellchapel Addiction Clinic to stay open.' ‘What, a junkie, is she?' ‘No, she isn't a junkie,' said Tessa, noting with annoyance that Fats had finished the last three chocolate biscuits and left the empty wrappings on the shelf. ‘She's a social worker, and she thinks the clinic is doing a good job. Dad wants to keep it open, but Miles Mollison doesn't think it's very effective.' ‘It can't be doing that well. The Fields are full of glue-sniffers and smackheads.' Tessa knew that if she had said that Colin wanted to close the clinic, Fats would have instantly produced an argument for its continuation. ‘You ought to be a barrister, Stu,' she said as the kettle lid started to rattle. When Tessa returned to the sitting room with her tray, she found Kay talking Colin through a sheaf of printed material she had brought out of her big tote bag. ‘†¦ two drugs workers part-funded by the council, and partly by Action on Addiction, which is a really good charity. Then there's a social worker attached to the clinic, Nina, she's the one who gave me all this – oh, thanks very much,' said Kay, beaming up at Tessa, who had set down a mug of tea on the table beside her. Kay had taken to the Walls, in just a few minutes, as she had not taken to anybody else in Pagford. There had been no sweeping up-and-down glance from Tessa as she walked in, no gimlet-eyed assessment of her physical imperfections and dress sense. Her husband, though nervous, seemed decent and earnest in his determination to obstruct the abandonment of the Fields. ‘Is that a London accent, Kay?' asked Tessa, dunking a plain biscuit in her tea. Kay nodded. ‘What brings you to Pagford?' ‘A relationship,' said Kay. She took no pleasure saying it, even though she and Gavin were officially reconciled. She turned back to Colin. ‘I don't quite understand the situation with regards to the Parish Council and the clinic.' ‘Oh, it owns the building,' said Colin. ‘It's an old church. The lease is coming up for renewal.' ‘So that would be an easy way to force them out.' ‘Exactly. When did you say you'd spoken to Miles Mollison?' asked Colin, both hoping and dreading to hear that Miles had mentioned him. ‘We had dinner, Friday before last,' Kay explained, ‘Gavin and I – ‘ ‘Oh, you're Gavin's girlfriend!' interjected Tessa. ‘Yes; and, anyway, the subject of the Fields came up – ‘ ‘It would,' said Tessa. ‘ – and Miles mentioned Bellchapel, and I was quite – quite dismayed by the way he talked about the issues involved. I told him I'm dealing with a family at the moment,' Kay remembered her indiscreet mention of the Weedons' names and proceeded carefully, ‘and if the mother is deprived of methadone, she'll almost certainly end up back on the game.' ‘That sounds like the Weedons,' said Tessa, with a lowering sensation. ‘I – yes, I am talking about the Weedons, actually,' said Kay. Tessa reached for another biscuit. ‘I'm Krystal's guidance teacher. This must be the second time her mother's been through Bellchapel, is it?' ‘Third,' said Kay. ‘We've known Krystal since she was five: she was in our son's class at primary school,' Tessa said. ‘She's had an awful life, really.' ‘Absolutely,' said Kay. ‘It's astounding she's as sweet as she is, actually.' ‘Oh, I agree,' said Colin heartily. Remembering Colin's absolute refusal to rescind Krystal's detention after the squawking incident in assembly, Tessa raised her eyebrows. Then she wondered, with a sick lurch in her stomach, what Colin would say if Sukhvinder was not lying or mistaken. But surely Sukhvinder was wrong. She was a shy, naive girl. Probably she had got the wrong end of the stick †¦ misheard something †¦ ‘The point is, about the only thing that motivates Terri is the fear of losing her kids,' said Kay. ‘She's back on track at the moment; her key worker at the clinic told me she senses a bit of a breakthrough in Terri's attitude. If Bellchapel closes, it all goes belly-up again, and God knows what'll happen to the family.' ‘This is all very useful,' said Colin, nodding importantly, and starting to make notes on a clean page in his notebook. ‘Very useful indeed. Did you say you've got statistics on people going clean?' Kay shuffled the printed pages, looking for the information. Tessa had the impression that Colin wanted to reclaim Kay's attention for himself. He had always been susceptible to good looks and a sympathetic manner. Tessa munched another biscuit, still thinking about Krystal. Their recent guidance sessions had not been very satisfactory. Krystal had been standoffish. Today's had been no different. She had extracted a promise from Krystal that she would not pursue or harass Sukhvinder Jawanda again, but Krystal's demeanour suggested that Tessa had let her down, that trust was broken. Possibly Colin's detention was to blame. Tessa had thought that she and Krystal had forged a bond strong enough to withstand that, although it had never been quite like the one Krystal had with Barry. (Tessa had been there, on the spot, the day that Barry had come into school with a rowing machine, looking for recruits to the crew he was trying to start. She had been summoned from the staff room to the gym, because the PE teacher was off sick, and the only supply teacher they could find at such short notice was male. The fourth-year girls, in their shorts and Aertex tops, had been giggly when they had arrived in the gym to find Miss Jarvis absent, replaced by two strange men. Tessa had had to reprimand Krystal, Nikki and Leanne, who had pushed to the front of the class and were making lewd suggestive remarks about the supply teacher; he was a handsome young man with an unfortunate tendency to blush. Barry, short, ginger-haired and bearded, was wearing a tracksuit. He had taken a morning off work to do this. Everybody thought his idea was strange and unrealistic: schools like Winterdown did not have rowing eights. Niamh and Siobhan had seemed half amused, half mortified by their dad's presence. Barry explained what he was trying to do: put together crews. He had secured the use of the old boathouse down on the canal at Yarvil; it was a fabulous sport, and an opportunity to shine, for themselves, for their school. Tessa had positioned herself right next to Krystal and her friends to keep them in check; the worst of their giggling had subsided, but was not entirely quelled. Barry demonstrated the rowing machine and asked for volunteers. Nobody stepped forward. ‘Krystal Weedon,' said Barry, pointing at her. ‘I've seen you dangling off the monkey bars down the park; that's proper upper body strength you've got there. Come here and give it a go.' Krystal was only too happy to step into the spotlight; she swaggered up to the machine and sat down on it. Even with Tessa glowering beside them, Nikki and Leanne had howled with laughter and the rest of the class joined in. Barry showed Krystal what to do. The silent supply teacher had watched in professional alarm as Barry positioned her hands on the wooden handle. She heaved on the handle, making a stupid face at Nikki and Leanne, and everyone laughed again. ‘Look at that,' Barry had said, beaming. ‘She's a natural.' Had Krystal really been a natural? Tessa did not know anything about rowing; she could not tell. ‘Straighten your back,' Barry told Krystal, ‘or you'll injure it. That's it. Pull †¦ pull †¦ look at that technique †¦ have you done this before?' Then Krystal really had straightened her back, and she really had done it properly. She stopped looking at Nikki and Leanne. She hit a rhythm. ‘Excellent,' said Barry. ‘Look at that †¦ excellent. That's how you do it! Atta girl. And again. And again. And – ‘ ‘It ‘urts!' shouted Krystal. ‘I know it does. That's how you end up with arms like Jennifer Aniston, doing that,' said Barry. There had been a little ripple of laughter, but this time they laughed with him. What was it that Barry had had? He was always so present, so natural, so entirely without self-consciousness. Teenagers, Tessa knew, were riven with the fear of ridicule. Those who were without it, and God knew there were few enough of them in the adult world, had natural authority among the young; they ought to be forced to teach. ‘And rest!' Barry said, and Krystal slumped, red in the face and rubbing her arms. ‘You'll have to give up the fags, Krystal,' said Barry, and he got a big laugh this time. ‘OK, who else wants a try?' When Krystal rejoined her watching classmates, she was no longer laughing. She watched each new rower jealously, her eyes darting constantly to Barry's bearded face to see what he thought of them. When Carmen Lewis messed it up completely, Barry said, ‘Show 'em, Krystal,' and her face lit up as she returned to the machine. But at the end of the exhibition, when Barry asked those who were interested in trying out for the team to raise their hands, Krystal kept her arms folded. Tessa watched her shake her head, sneering, as Nikki muttered to her. Barry carefully noted down the names of the interested girls, then looked up. ‘And you, Krystal Weedon,' he said, pointing at her. ‘You're coming too. Don't you shake your head at me. I'll be very annoyed if I don't see you. That's natural talent you've got there. I don't like seeing natural talent wasted. Krys – tal,' he said loudly, inscribing her name, ‘Wee – don.' Had Krystal thought about her natural talent as she showered at the end of the lesson? Had she carried the thought of her new aptitude around with her that day, like an unexpected Valentine? Tessa did not know; but to the amazement of all, except perhaps Barry, Krystal had turned up at try-outs.) Colin was nodding vigorously as Kay took him through relapse rates at Bellchapel. ‘Parminder should see this,' he said. ‘I'll make sure she gets a copy. Yes, yes, very useful indeed.' Feeling slightly sick, Tessa took a fourth biscuit.

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Sacudir Conjugation in Spanish, Translation, and Examples

Sacudir Conjugation in Spanish, Translation, and Examples The Spanish verb sacudir means to shake. It is a regular -ir verb, so it follows the same conjugation pattern of verbs like cumplir, vivir and subir. In the tables below you will find the conjugations of sacudir in the indicative mood (present, past, future, and conditional), the subjunctive mood (present and past), the imperative mood, and other verb forms. Using the Verb Sacudir Sacudir means to shake, and this verb can be used in most situations when you would use to shake in English. For example, you can talk about shaking something to clean it, as in sacudir el polvo de la alfombra (shaking off the dust from the rug). You can also use sacudir to talk about shaking any object, such as sacudir las maracas (shaking the maracas), or it can be used to talk about shaking in the sense of scaring someone. For example, you can say El crimen sacudià ³ a la gente del pueblo (The crime shook the people of the town). Sacudir Present Indicative Yo sacudo I shake Yo sacudo los muebles sucios. Tà º sacudes You shake Tà º sacudes la alfombra de la entrada. Usted/à ©l/ella sacude You/he/she shakes Ella sacude el instrumento para hacer mà ºsica. Nosotros sacudimos We shake Nosotros sacudimos a la clase con las tristes noticias. Vosotros sacudà ­s You shake Vosotros sacudà ­s la cabeza en desacuerdo. Ustedes/ellos/ellas sacuden You/they shake Ellos sacuden la caja para adivinar su contenido. Sacudir Preterite Indicative The preterite is one of two past tenses in Spanish. It is used to talk about completed actions in the past. Yo sacudà ­ I shook Yo sacudà ­ los muebles sucios. Tà º sacudiste You shook Tà º sacudiste la alfombra de la entrada. Usted/à ©l/ella sacudià ³ You/he/she shook Ella sacudià ³ el instrumento para hacer mà ºsica. Nosotros sacudimos We shook Nosotros sacudimos a la clase con las tristes noticias. Vosotros sacudisteis You shook Vosotros sacudisteis la cabeza en desacuerdo. Ustedes/ellos/ellas sacudieron You/they shook Ellos sacudieron la caja para adivinar su contenido. Sacudir Imperfect Indicative The imperfect tense is used to talk about habitual or ongoing actions in the past. It can be translated as was shaking or used to shake. Yo sacudà ­a I used to shake Yo sacudà ­a los muebles sucios. Tà º sacudà ­as You used to shake Tà º sacudà ­as la alfombra de la entrada. Usted/à ©l/ella sacudà ­a You/he/she used to shake Ella sacudà ­a el instrumento para hacer mà ºsica. Nosotros sacudà ­amos We used to shake Nosotros sacudà ­amos a la clase con las tristes noticias. Vosotros sacudà ­ais You used to shake Vosotros sacudà ­ais la cabeza en desacuerdo. Ustedes/ellos/ellas sacudà ­an You/they used to shake Ellos sacudà ­an la caja para adivinar su contenido. Sacudir Future Indicative Yo sacudirà © I will shake Yo sacudirà © los muebles sucios. Tà º sacudirs You will shake Tà º sacudirs la alfombra de la entrada. Usted/à ©l/ella sacudir You/he/she will shake Ella sacudirel instrumento para hacer mà ºsica. Nosotros sacudiremos We will shake Nosotros sacudiremos a la clase con las tristes noticias. Vosotros sacudirà ©is You will shake Vosotros sacudirà ©is la cabeza en desacuerdo. Ustedes/ellos/ellas sacudirn You/they will shake Ellos sacudirnla caja para adivinar su contenido. Sacudir Periphrastic  Future Indicative   The periphrastic future is formed with the present indicative conjugation of the verb ir (to go), the preposition a, and the infinitive sacudir. Yo voy a sacudir I am going to shake Yo voya sacudir los muebles sucios. Tà º vasa sacudir You aregoing to shake Tà º vasa sacudir la alfombra de la entrada. Usted/à ©l/ella vaa sacudir You/he/she isgoing to shake Ella vaa sacudir el instrumento para hacer mà ºsica. Nosotros vamosa sacudir We aregoing to shake Nosotros vamosa sacudir a la clase con las tristes noticias. Vosotros vaisa sacudir You aregoing to shake Vosotros vaisa sacudir la cabeza en desacuerdo. Ustedes/ellos/ellas vana sacudir You/they aregoing to shake Ellos vana sacudir la caja para adivinar su contenido. Sacudir Present Progressive/Gerund Form The gerund or present participle for -ir verbs is formed with the ending -iendo. Present Progressive of Sacudir est sacudiendo Is shaking Ella est sacudiendo el instrumento para hacer mà ºsica. Sacudir Past Participle The past participle can be used as an adjective or to form compound tenses with the verb haber, such as the present perfect. For regular -ir verbs, the past participle is formed with the ending -ido. Present Perfect of Sacudir ha sacudido Has shaken Ella ha sacudido el instrumento para hacer mà ºsica. Sacudir Conditional Indicative To talk about possibilities, you can use the conditional tense, which in English is usually expressed as would verb. Yo sacudirà ­a I would shake Yo sacudirà ­a los muebles sucios si me gustara limpiar. Tà º sacudirà ­as You would shake Tà º sacudirà ­as la alfombra de la entrada si estuviera sucia. Usted/à ©l/ella sacudirà ­a You/he/she would shake Ella sacudirà ­ael instrumento para hacer mà ºsica, pero no le gusta el sonido. Nosotros sacudirà ­amos We would shake Nosotros sacudirà ­amos a la clase con las tristes noticias, pero preferimos no decepcionarlos. Vosotros sacudirà ­ais You would shake Vosotros sacudirà ­ais la cabeza en desacuerdo si no os gustara la idea. Ustedes/ellos/ellas sacudirà ­an You/they would shake Ellos sacudirà ­anla caja para adivinar su contenido si se lo permitieran. Sacudir Present Subjunctive Que yo sacuda That I shake Mam espera que yo sacuda los muebles sucios. Que tà º sacudas That you shake Andrea quiere que tà º sacudas la alfombra de la entrada. Que usted/à ©l/ella sacuda That you/he/she shake El director sugiere que ella sacuda el instrumento para hacer mà ºsica. Que nosotros sacudamos That we shake Los padres de familia esperan que nosotros no sacudamos a la clase con las tristes noticias. Que vosotros sacudis That you shake El jefe sugiere que vosotros sacudisla cabeza en desacuerdo. Que ustedes/ellos/ellas sacudan That you/they shake La nià ±a espera que ellos sacudan la caja para adivinar su contenido. Sacudir Imperfect Subjunctive The imperfect subjunctive has two different conjugation options, shown in the tables below. Option 1 Que yo sacudiera That I shook Mam esperaba que yo sacudiera los muebles sucios. Que tà º sacudieras That you shook Andrea querà ­a que tà º sacudieras la alfombra de la entrada. Que usted/à ©l/ella sacudiera That you/he/she shook El director sugerà ­a que ella sacudiera el instrumento para hacer mà ºsica. Que nosotros sacudià ©ramos That we shook Los padres de familia esperaban que nosotros no sacudià ©ramos a la clase con las tristes noticias. Que vosotros sacudierais That you shook El jefe sugerà ­a que vosotros sacudieraisla cabeza en desacuerdo. Que ustedes/ellos/ellas sacudieran That you/they shook La nià ±a esperaba que ellos sacudieran la caja para adivinar su contenido. Option 2 Que yo sacudiese That I shook Mam esperaba que yo sacudiese los muebles sucios. Que tà º sacudieses That you shook Andrea querà ­a que tà º sacudieses la alfombra de la entrada. Que usted/à ©l/ella sacudiese That you/he/she shook El director sugerà ­a que ella sacudiese el instrumento para hacer mà ºsica. Que nosotros sacudià ©semos That we shook Los padres de familia esperaban que nosotros no sacudià ©semos a la clase con las tristes noticias. Que vosotros sacudieseis That you shook El jefe sugerà ­a que vosotros sacudieseisla cabeza en desacuerdo. Que ustedes/ellos/ellas sacudiesen That you/they shook La nià ±a esperaba que ellos sacudiesen la caja para adivinar su contenido. Sacudir Imperative The purpose of the imperative mood is to give direct orders or commands. There are slightly different conjugations for the positive and the negative commands. Positive Commands Tà º sacude Shake!  ¡Sacude la alfombra de la entrada! Usted sacuda Shake!  ¡Sacuda el instrumento para hacer mà ºsica! Nosotros sacudamos Let's shake!  ¡Sacudamos a la clase con las tristes noticias! Vosotros sacudid Shake!  ¡Sacudid la cabeza en desacuerdo! Ustedes sacudan Shake!  ¡Sacudan la caja para adivinar su contenido! Negative Commands Tà º no sacudas Don't shake!  ¡No sacudas la alfombra de la entrada! Usted no sacuda Don't shake!  ¡No sacuda el instrumento para hacer mà ºsica! Nosotros no sacudamos Let's not shake!  ¡No sacudamos a la clase con las tristes noticias! Vosotros no sacudis Don't shake!  ¡No sacudis la cabeza en desacuerdo! Ustedes no sacudan Don't shake!  ¡No sacudan la caja para adivinar su contenido!

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Free Essays on Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez is a Pueblo Indian part of the San Ildefondo tribe. One of the amazing factors involving Maria Martinez’s work has been the incredible length of time that she has spent in producing her pottery. Her life has been spent learning, perfecting, teaching and expanding her art. Maria was born in the 1880’s and had been an active potter for over 70 years. As a young woman, Maria was known as the most skilled potter of her pueblo tribe. For this reason, an archaeologist asked her to recreate the original shapes of ancient black pots that he had excavated. As with many other art forms, the original format is often considered less effective because it produces fewer actual pieces or the intended art. In reality, the tenacious effort applied in careful traditional processes allows the soul of the artist to infuse the artwork with the true intended meaning. It has been termed, â€Å"Black on Black† work. (Peterson 23) â€Å"Black on Black† sounds as tho ugh it may be an unimaginative concept, however, on the contrary it is truly subtle work, as a matte finish black surface is balanced and blended with a shiner, polychrome black. It is almost as though a soft black is shadowed next to a bright one and the combination of both, create a piece visually greater that is the two finishes were to stand alone on two separate pieces. Therefore, what Maria has created in what at first seems to be a simple piece of ceramics, is actually a representation of her own views on spirituality and beauty (Peterson 37). Maria’s acclaim in the art world brought back a certain pride to the Pueblo people. Alfreda Ward Maloof writes in Recollections From My Time in the Indian Service, of meeting Maria Martinez and of being impressed by her abundant skills and vibrant enthusiasm. She even developed a primer that she planed to use instructing students in reading entitled, â€Å"Maria Martinez Makes Pottery.† It may have been one of the first B ureau of India... Free Essays on Maria Martinez Free Essays on Maria Martinez Maria Martinez is a Pueblo Indian part of the San Ildefondo tribe. One of the amazing factors involving Maria Martinez’s work has been the incredible length of time that she has spent in producing her pottery. Her life has been spent learning, perfecting, teaching and expanding her art. Maria was born in the 1880’s and had been an active potter for over 70 years. As a young woman, Maria was known as the most skilled potter of her pueblo tribe. For this reason, an archaeologist asked her to recreate the original shapes of ancient black pots that he had excavated. As with many other art forms, the original format is often considered less effective because it produces fewer actual pieces or the intended art. In reality, the tenacious effort applied in careful traditional processes allows the soul of the artist to infuse the artwork with the true intended meaning. It has been termed, â€Å"Black on Black† work. (Peterson 23) â€Å"Black on Black† sounds as tho ugh it may be an unimaginative concept, however, on the contrary it is truly subtle work, as a matte finish black surface is balanced and blended with a shiner, polychrome black. It is almost as though a soft black is shadowed next to a bright one and the combination of both, create a piece visually greater that is the two finishes were to stand alone on two separate pieces. Therefore, what Maria has created in what at first seems to be a simple piece of ceramics, is actually a representation of her own views on spirituality and beauty (Peterson 37). Maria’s acclaim in the art world brought back a certain pride to the Pueblo people. Alfreda Ward Maloof writes in Recollections From My Time in the Indian Service, of meeting Maria Martinez and of being impressed by her abundant skills and vibrant enthusiasm. She even developed a primer that she planed to use instructing students in reading entitled, â€Å"Maria Martinez Makes Pottery.† It may have been one of the first B ureau of India...

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Workplace Etiquette 101 Respect the Receptionist

Workplace Etiquette 101 Respect the Receptionist The Pollyannas of the world have no trouble being nice to just about everyone, but sometimes the rest of us have to prioritize the humans we have the capacity to treat with courtesy. Always prioritize being polite to the receptionist. Let me say it again.Always. Prioritize. Being. Polite. To. The. Receptionist.Otherwise you may find yourself frozen out, passed over, or otherwise barred from the gates of wherever you are trying to enter  that had the sense to hire someone to keep out the rabble.Soteris Phoraris over at CareerAddict has some more specific tips to motivate you to remember which side your paperwork is buttered on, to mix a metaphor.They Get it From EveryonePeople who dont know better assume that the person hired to be the first public point of contact is actually low on the totem pole. This means that the receptionist greeting you at the door may have already dealt with a dozen entitled, pushy, condescending clients or customers by the time you show up. If you arent po lite and gracious, they may let loose the backlog of exasperation theyve been storying up all day- and youll have only yourself to blame.They Are Probably Control FreaksThe thing about receptionists is they pretty much know everyone and have an integral role in every office process that exists. I was once temping in a fancy Connecticut town for a few months, and at first I assisted in various departments of the Town Hall- a few weeks of efficient filing and transcribing and they asked me to take over processing applications for and distributing parking permits. I had to learn the current system for processing applications for parking permits from the town receptionist. I thought I was being eager, respectful, and helpful, but she was so mortally offended that a kid was being brought in to assist that she took early retirement and quit, leaving me with approximately 2 hours of training and no experience whatsoever. I had to figure out all the filing systems shed built over the years by trial and error. It was not fun. Let receptionists have their systems, people. Find your place in the system, do not expect the system to adapt to you.They Could Be a Future CEOEven if they dont later decide to rise through the ranks, you never know when someone is working a day job to finance their career as a brilliant playwright or starving virtuoso. The person fielding your calls and passing along your messages today will probably remember you once shes climbed up the ladder- whether she thinks of you fondly or maintains a vengeance vision board in her corner office is really up to you.How You Treat Them Actually Says More About YouEver catch yourself taking out your own angst on a total stranger? Treating others lower in the hierarchy badly shows your own lack of self esteem. Just like waiters, dogs, and kids, how you treat people hired to provide service or creatures incapable of defending themselves is an indicator of your character. There are a few subway commuters I owe apologies to because they happened to be walking slowly or on the left, or stood in front of an empty seat. If Id thought they were possibly receptionists, I would have been more polite.The Receptionists Test: The Difference Between Hiring and Dont call us, well call you.Receptionists tend to have very close working relationships with their immediate supervisors, which could mean anything from middle management to  the CEO. If youre interviewing with a potential new employer and have an opportunity to be professional and friendly with the receptionist, TAKE IT. Odds are the hiring manager you met with is going to ask their assistant what they thought of you. They can say, He seemed really great or they can say, Are they casting an American Psycho reality show? Because that guy was the worst. The power is yours.PerksBest case scenario, your messages get through faster, you spend less time waiting for appointments, or you dont have to photocopy your own documents. Depending on the i ndustry, the office, and your relative position, being on good terms with a receptionist can have serious perks for your worklife. Learn their coffee order, take note of the communal candy, and remember pet/child/spouse names. You know, be a person. And this time maybe therell be something in it for you!Why You Should Be Kind to the ReceptionistRead More at www.careeraddict.com

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Finacal Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Finacal Analysis - Essay Example and the sixth biggest metro area in the Southeastern part of the United States. In addition, when these figures totaled up, the Greater Orlando municipal is the 3rd largest metro expanse in the state of Florida. Orlando is ranked fifth among the population sizes in the state, and it is the state’s largest inland municipal area. The geography or layout of the city is mostly wetlands, comprising of many swamps and lakes such as Lake Apopka (Loschiavo, 2012). The landscape is generally flat and low lying making it fairly wet. The city seats on 101 sq miles (261.6 km?) land terrain. The city has the biggest population of Puerto Ricans within its states, Florida. Orlando houses the fastest growing Puerto Rican community in the United States. From 1980 to 2010, Hispanic populace share rose by nearly 20% from 4.1 to 25.4%. Orlando also has the largest growing Caribbean populace in the U.S. In 2000, the area’s population became more open with 22.0% below the age of 18, 10.7% fr om 18 years to 24 years, and 55.9% from 25 years to 64 years and 11.3% who were 65 years of age and above (U.S. Department of Commerce, 2013). In the past, the unemployment rate in Greater Orlando region was deprived, which resulted in population growth that brought about urban sprawl in the neighboring area and, in together with the U.S. housing bubble, a huge increase in house prices. Orlando's joblessness rate in June 2010 was 11.1%, a 0.3% drop from April the same year. However, the unemployment rate was roughly 10% in the same time of year back in 2009 (Diana, 2012). As of June 2012, Orlando’s jobless rate was 8.6%. Home prices in the Greater Orlando region increased to 40.1% in one fiscal year, from a medium of $182,300 in June 2004 to $249,900 in June 2005, and finally peaked at $264,436 in June 2007. After that, with the financial crisis, prices plunged, with the medium dropping below $200,000 in November 2008, at one time falling at a yearly rate of 42.02%. The mediu m dropped below $100,000, in 2010, but later stabilised to $110,000, in 2011. As of April 2012, the median housing price was $116,000. High or secondary school graduates or higher in the city of Orlando fall at 86.7% People with a Bachelor's degree or higher, on the other hand, in the city of Orlando fall at 31.9%. This numbers act as a proof of how the city highly regards education. As of October 2011, Orlando area had an enrollment of almost 175,000 students in public schools, which made the city the 12th largest with regards to public school enrollment in the United States (Loschiavo, 2012). According to rankings by various studies dealing with criminal activities among major towns, which use the most up-to-date, as well as wholly vetted data with total national coverage that is attainable, Orlando is ranked 67th among the list of top 100 most unsafe municipal centers in the United States. Orlando is identified around the globe for its major entertainment attractions, particularl y Walt Disney World, the film studios and Epcot. Representing a 4.7% growth from the earlier year, almost 45 million conventioneers and tourists visited Orlando in 2010, pumping almost $24.9 billion into the city’s economy. Major employers in the region include the aviation industry, the military service and the public schools. Orlando is governed and administered through the mayor-council system. The mayor is chosen from a citywide vote. The six members of the

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This I Believe essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

This I Believe - Essay Example He should also learn how to respect other people instead of fight them, and to temper his desires and focus on his education instead of having a girlfriend at a young age. I was always the butt of jokes every time my friends would know that I did not have a girlfriend yet or that I have not tried any beer yet. I wonder why they would not mind how many books I have read at this point in my life. I really wonder why they would consider having dated a girl more important than anything else instead. What is also more annoying is that no matter how many times I explained to these people how important studying is more than having a girlfriend or drinking beer, they simply did not agree nor did they listen. What is even worse is that they would sometimes either label me as a nerd or a sissy or gay. I have nothing against nerds, sissies and gays but it is not good to call someone this if it is not true anyway. I believe that older people in the community should also try to help foster the value of good education and should at least help minimize the ridicule that young people like me get from those who constantly criticize every effort of mine to be an excellent student at school. It even seems to me that the society I was in would praise me more and make me more welcome if I were a dropout and if I got myself tattoos of snakes and women all over my arms and the rest of my body. The problem with this society is that the older people tolerate such beliefs because they are the same and they believe in the same thing about being a man. I remember arguing with my father on the subject of having to conform to society, and my father insisted on following what people say in order to avoid being ridiculed. Although I got my father’s point and although I knew that he was just protecting my interests and that he just did not want me to get into trouble, I believe there is always a point at which an individual has to stop conforming to what

Educational Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Educational Philosophy - Essay Example Establishing an optimal learning environment is one of the most important components of my educational philosophy. I can show up with incredible content knowledge and lesson design ability, but it will be for nothing unless students understand two things: that they are safe and accepted in my classroom, and that the work they are doing is meaningful and relevant to their lives and their future (Marzano, et al, 1992). Maintaining a safe classroom means addressing inappropriate behavior, monitoring bullying and threats, investigating parent and student safety concerns, and consistent monitoring of the students. This is essential in elementary schools where parents are leaving their young children in the care of adults who are strangers to them. The burden of care in the elementary school is great because students are less capable of caring for themselves. In middle and high schools, students are bigger and stronger. They sometimes have access to weapons or are more willing to fight. Keeping a safe classroom is essential in the secondary setting. Providing meaningful and relevant work also contributes to a positive learning environment. ... Students who feel burdened by "busy work" know that their teachers have not worked hard to provide worthwhile lessons, and they are much less likely to work hard for or support such a teacher (Marzano, et al.). Our school populations are becoming increasingly diverse. It is also essential to demonstrate one's acceptance of all the students in the classroom, regardless of gender, race, national origin, ability level, or anything else. Teachers who work hard at this are what Wong calls "intentionally inviting" (1991). My educational philosophy also involves using a classical instructional approach. Certainly, teachers need to be flexible and consider different students' unique needs; but most students benefit when the instruction follows a logical progression: activating prior knowledge, providing direct instruction, offering guided practice, then independent practice, followed by assessment. While these steps serve as a strong framework for lessons, maintaining flexibility so that plans can change as they are implemented is crucial (Tanner, 1997). My philosophy calls for a careful balance between best-known educational practices and developing an ability to view each student and lesson on a case-by-case basis, to make necessary adjustments while teaching. Differentiated instruction forms another part of philosophy. It has been shown to help students at all levels achieve more (Benjamin, 2006). It can mean supplying a solid variety of learning activities to all students; it can also apply to grouping students in class according to their skill levels and needs, and modifying instruction for each group. A good teacher can take the same basic lesson, add some elements that make it more

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MGMT438 U4P Training Needs Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MGMT438 U4P Training Needs - Research Paper Example The training facilitators will use lecture method and videos during training sessions. The lecture method will involve presenting the theoretical concepts of salesmanship to the new salespeople. The content here will include introduction to sales, theories of sales, strategies for approaching customers, and ways of explaining product features to customers. The videos will play real scenarios as they happen in real sales contexts. The training will also use discussion method; these will enable participants to share ideas and facilitate exchange of knowledge and experiences. There will be a final hands-on exam for evaluating the salespeople. The entire training will last for eight days. There will be six facilitators, both from the company and experts from consultant companies. The trainees will be required to sign in their names as they enter the training room. Interested participants will receive emails invitation at least ten days prior to commencement of the training. The participants will be required to confirm their availability by replying to the

Customer relations Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Customer relations - Coursework Example Currently, evaluating HSBC operations in not only at its country of origin but also globally at this bank has established approximately 7,000 centers in 81 states, which is a tremendous transformation (Bentahar, 2013). However, HSBC despite reputed with the use of intricate and up to date technological knowhow, it ought to devise effective strategies towards maintaining high aggressive edge in the market. 1. CRM Platform at HSBC based on the Actors-Strategy and Tools HSBC’s platform comprises of segmentation approach evident from varied categories of clientele. These embrace both local and global customers whereby each category has varying distinct subcategories based on their respective needs like Premier group, which the bank has ensured a specialized team with an executive to cater for their varied financial needs. Mainly, this mode of segmentation is to ensure the bank avails effective and appropriate services to clients based on their needs. Hence, get feedback and act on it promptly, which is an essential strategy in every global firm aspiring to thrive in a competitive market. Mainly, diverse segmentations usually grant the bank an elevated platform whereby it is capable of knowing exactly clientele needs, hence use current technological knowhow as a tool in acting promptly. ... 2. Service/Sale Profile that fits with HSBC Where, ERP - Enterprise resource planning ODS – Operational Data Store CIF – Cost Insurance and Fleight 3. Recommendations meant to enhance CRM quality at HSBC HSBC in its quest to maintain high aggressive edge in the market, it ought to embrace fully current technology in all its aspects. These encompass initiating instant communication, which will enable clients irrespective of their locations globally interact with departments or bank’s sections of their interests. This is especially to make consultations and inquiries concerning varied issues pertaining to services offered by HSBC (Bentahar, 2013). Hence, act as a one-stop-shop whereby customers are capable of managing their finances as well as other services like insurances wherever they are instead of allocating time meant for physically visiting varied branches globally. I would also suggest the Bank to increase numerous and varied options for its clients. This i s because people have varied and numerous preferences when it comes to banking or managing their respective wealth. Because this will make HSBC be in a better position to beat all other players in the market by offering their respective clients more flexibility than other banks. Some options that may be appropriate to clients in availing adequate flexibility embrace, payment methods, delivery of parcels, online money transfers at considerable costs, and receiving of financial statements at predetermined intervals suggested by clients. Hence, prompt HSBC focus its attention in fulfilling clientele’s interests, which not only contribute to high customers’ retention rate but also attract others who may be seeking similar services. In addition, HSBC after implementing CRM

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MGMT438 U4P Training Needs Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MGMT438 U4P Training Needs - Research Paper Example The training facilitators will use lecture method and videos during training sessions. The lecture method will involve presenting the theoretical concepts of salesmanship to the new salespeople. The content here will include introduction to sales, theories of sales, strategies for approaching customers, and ways of explaining product features to customers. The videos will play real scenarios as they happen in real sales contexts. The training will also use discussion method; these will enable participants to share ideas and facilitate exchange of knowledge and experiences. There will be a final hands-on exam for evaluating the salespeople. The entire training will last for eight days. There will be six facilitators, both from the company and experts from consultant companies. The trainees will be required to sign in their names as they enter the training room. Interested participants will receive emails invitation at least ten days prior to commencement of the training. The participants will be required to confirm their availability by replying to the

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I) Outline the sources of the English Law in the order of their Essay

I) Outline the sources of the English Law in the order of their importance. (400 words) ii) How important is Equity in this respect (400 words) - Essay Example For instance the development of non-monetary amends like injunctions and decrees of specific performance was brought in by Equity. Legislation is the commonest source of new laws or of law reform after the Seventeenth century. The most vital legislation is Acts of Parliament which is known as primary legislation. This becomes binding only after approval in the House of Commons and the House of Lords; after which it gets the Royal Assent from the Queen. The doctrine of precedent is defined as ‘The common law principle which binds a judge or a magistrate to follow previous similar decision of higher courts in the same hierarchy; also known as stare decisis† (Vickery & Pendleton 2006). The doctrine of precedent derives from common law and law of equity, which is ‘English-made’ laws that aims to be fair and treat all equally, so that the decisions by the courts are predictable and consistent in resolving disputes. There are binding and persuasive precedents, which binding precedents are known as ‘ratio decidendi’ when the final order or ‘res judicata’ by the court is made to the immediate parties, and it has a legal effect based on the key reasons for the decision. This includes passed decisions by the higher courts in the same hierarchy in similar cases, will be used for future similar cases so there are consistent remedies or sanctions under common law. An example of a precedent bei ng used was in the final decision of The House of Lords case in 1932, for the ‘Donoghue V Stevenson case.1 The House of Lords case was similar as manufacturers have the duty of care when selling their products, and ensure they are safe to consume. Therefore this precedent was legally binding and enforced by common law for a similar outcome. English law prior to the intro of the rule of equity was chiefly ruled by Common Law. Blackstone (2001) specified Common Law as â€Å"the

Sample Marketing Plan Essay Example for Free

Sample Marketing Plan Essay The following pages contain an annotated sample marketing plan for Blue Sky Clothing. At some point in your career, you will likely be involved in writing—or at least contributing to –a marketing plan. And you’ll certainly read many marketing plans throughout your business career. Keep in mind that the plan for Blue Sky is a single example; no one format is used by all companies. Also, the Blue Sky plan has been somewhat condensed to make it easier to annotate and illustrate the most vital features. The important point to remember is that the marketing plan is a document designed to present concise, cohesive information about a company’s marketing objectives to managers, lending institutions, and others who are involved in creating and carrying out the firm’s overall business strategy. Five-Year Marketing Plan Blue Sky Clothing, Inc. TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This five-year marketing plan for Blue Sky Clothing has been created by its two founders to secure additional funding for growth and to inform employees of the company’s current status and direction. Although Blue Sky was launched only three years ago, the firm has experienced greater-than-anticipated demand for its products, and research as shown that the target market of sport-minded consumers and sports retailers would like to buy more casual clothing than Blue Sky currently offers. They are also interested in extending their product line as well as adding new product lines. In addition, Blue Sky plans to explore opportunities for online sales. The marketing environment has been very receptive to the firm’s high-quality goods—casual clothing in trendy colors with logos and slogans that reflect the interests of outdoor enthusiasts around the country. Over the next five year, Blue Sky can increase its distribution, offer new products, and win new customers. COMP ANY DESCRIPTION Blue Sky Clothing was founded three years ago by entrepreneurs Lucy Neuman and Nick Russell, Neuman has an undergraduate degree in marketing and worked for several years in the retail clothing industry. Russell operated an adventure business called Go West!, which arranges group trips to locations in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, before selling the enterprise to a partner. Neuman and Russell, who have been friends since college, decided to develop and market a line of clothing with a unique—yet universal—appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. Blue Sky Clothing reflects Neuman’s and Russell’s passion for the outdoors. The company’s original cotton T-shirts, baseball caps, and fleece jackets and vests bear logos of different sports—such as kayaking, mountain climbing, bicycling, skating, surfing, and horseback riding. But every item shows off the company’s slogan: â€Å"Go Play Outside.† Blue Sky sells clothing for both men and women, in the hottest colors with the coolest names—such as sunrise pink, sunset red, twilight purple, desert rose, cactus green, ocean blue, mountaintop white, and river rock gray. Blue Sky attire is currently carried by small retail stores that specialize in outdoor clothing and gear. Most of these stores are concentrated in northern New England, California, the Northwest, and a few states in the South. The high quality, trendy colors, and unique message of the clothing have gained Blue Sky a following among consumers between the ages of 25 and 45. Sales have tripled in the last year alone, and Blue Sky is currently working to expand its manufacturing capabilities. Blue Sky is also committed to giving back to the community by contributing to local conservation programs. Ultimately, the company would like to develop and fund its own environmental programs. This plan will outline how Blue Sky intends to introduce new products, expand its distribution, enter new markets, and give back to the community. BLUE SKY’S MISSION AND GOALS Blue Sky’s mission is to be the leading producer and marketer of personalized, casual clothing for consumers who love the outdoors. Blue Sky wants to inspire people to get outdoors more often and enjoy family and friends while doing so. In addition, Blue Sky strives to design programs for preserving the natural environment. During the next five years, Blue Sky seeks to achieve the following financial and nonfinancial goals: Financial Goals 1. Obtain financing to expand manufacturing capabilities, increase distribution, and introduce two new product lines. 2. Increase revenues by at least 50 percent each year. 3. Donate at least $25,000 a year to conservation organizations. Nonfinancial goals 4. Introduce two new product lines—customized logo clothing and lightweight luggage. 5. Enter new geographic markets, including southwestern and Mid-Atlantic States. 6. Develop a successful Internet site, while maintaining strong relationships with retailers. 7. Develop its own conservation program aimed at helping communities raise money to purchase open space. CORE COMPETENCIES Blue Sky seeks to use its core competencies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, in which competitors cannot provide the same value to consumers that Blue Sky does. Already, Blue Sky has developed core competencies in (1) offering a high-quality, branded product whose image is recognizable among consumers; (2) creating a sense of community among consumers who purchase the products; and (3) developing a reputation among retailers as a reliable manufacturer, delivering the requested number of products on schedule. The firm intends to build on these competencies through marketing efforts that increase the number of products offered as well as distribution outlets. By forming strong relationships with consumers, retailers, and suppliers of fabric and other goods and services, Blue Sky believes it can create a sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals. No other clothing company can say to its customers with as much conviction â€Å"Go Play Outside†! SITUATION ANALYSIS The marketing environment for Blue Sky represents overwhelming opportunities. It also contains some challenges that the firm believes it can meet successfully. Table A illustrates a SWOT analysis of the company conducted by marketers to highlight Blue Sky’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT analysis presents a thumbnail sketch of the company’s position in the marketplace. In just three years, Blue Sky has built some impressive strengths while looking forward to new opportunities. Its dedicated founders, the growing number of brand-loyal customers, and sound financial management place the company in a good position to grow. However, as Blue Sky considers expansion of its product line and entrance into new markets, the firm will have to guard against marketing myopia (the failure to recognize the scope of its business) and quality slippages. As the company finalizes plans for new products and expanded Internet sales, its management will also have to guard against competitors who attempt to duplicate to products. However, building strong relationships with consumers, retailers, and suppliers should help thwart competitors. COMPETITORS IN THE OUTDOOR CLOTHING MARKET The outdoor retail sales industry sells about $5 billion worth of goods annually, ranging from clothing to equipment. The outdoor apparel market has many entries. L.L. Bean, REI, Timberland, Bass Pro Shops, Cabello’s, and Patagonia are among the most recognizable companies that offer these products. Smaller competitors such as Title IX, which offers athletic clothing for women, and Ragged Mountain, which sells fleece clothing for skiers and hikers, also grab some of the market. The outlook for the industry in general—and Blue Sky in particular—is positive for several reasons. First, consumers are participating in and i8nvesting in recreational activities that are near their homes. Second, consumers are looking for ways to enjoy their leisure time with friends and family without overspending. Third, consumers are gaining more confidence in the economy and are willing and able to spend more. While all of the companies listed earlier can be considered competitors, none offers the kind of trendy, yet practical products provided by Blue Sky—and none carries the customized logos and slogans that Blue Sky pans to offer in the near future. In addition, most of these competitors sell performance apparel in high-tech manufactured fabrics. With the exception of the fleece vests and jackets, Blue Sky’s clothing is made of strictly the highest quality cotton, so it may be worn both on the hiking trail and around town. Finally, Blue Sky products are offered at moderate prices, making them affordable in multiple quantities. For instance, a Blue Sky T-shirt sells for $15.99, compared with a competing high-performance T-shirt that sells for $29.99. Consumers can easily replace a set of shirts from one season to the next, picking up the newest colors, without having to think about the purchase. A survey conducted by Blue Sky revealed that 67 percent of responding consumers prefer to replace their casual and active war more often that other clothing, so they are attracted by the moderate pricing of Blue Sky products. In addition, as the trend toward health-conscious activities and concerns about the natural environment continue, consumers increasingly relate to the Blue Sky philosophy as well as the firm’s contributions to socially responsible programs. THE TARGET MARKET The target market for Blue Sky products is active consumers between the ages of 25 and 45—people who like to hike, rock climb, bicycle, surf, figure skate, in-line skate, ride horses, snowboard or ski, kayak, and other such activities. In short, they like to â€Å"Go Play Outside.† They might not be experts at the sports they engage in, but they enjoy themselves outdoors. These active consumers represent a demographic group of well-educated and successful individuals; they are single or married and raising families. Household incomes generally range between $60.000 and $120,000 annually. Despite their comfortable incomes, these consumers are price conscious and consistently seek value in their purchases. Regardless of their age (whether they fall at the upper or lower end of the target range), they lead active lifestyles. They are somewhat status oriented but not overly so. They like to be associated with high-quality products but are not willing to pay a premium price for a certain brand. Current Blue Sky customers tend to live in northern New England, the South, California, and the Northwest. However, one future goal is to target consumers in the Mid-Atlantic states and Southwest as well. THE MARKETING MIX The following discussion outlines some of the details of the proposed marketing mix for Blue Sky products. PRODUCT STRATEGY. Blue Sky currently offers a line of high-quality outdoor apparel items including cotton T-shirts, baseball caps, and fleece vests and jackets. All bear the company log and slogan, â€Å"Go Play Outside.† The firm has researched the most popular colors for its items and given them names that consumers enjoy—sunset red, sunrise pink, cactus green, desert rise, and river rock gray, among others. Over the next five years, Blue Sky plans to expand the product line to include customized clothing items. Customers may select a logo that represents their sport—say rock climbing. Then they can add a slogan to match the logo, such as â€Å"Get over It.† A baseball cap with a bicyclist might bear the slogan, â€Å"Take a Spin.† At the beginning, there would be ten new logos and five new slogans; more would be added later. Eventually, some slogans and logos would be retired, and new ones introduced. This strategy will keep the concept fresh and prevent it from becoming diluted with too many variations. The second way in which Blue Sky plans to expand its product line is to offer items of lightweight luggage—two sizes of duffel bags, two sizes of tote bags, and a daypack. These items would also come in trendy an basic colors, with a choice of logos and slogans. In addition, every product would bear the Blue Sky logo. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY. Currently, Blue Sky is marketed through regional and local specialty shops scattered along the California coast, into the Northwest, across the South, and in northern New England. So far, Blue Sky has not been distributed through national sporting goods and apparel chains. Climate and season tend to dictate the sales at specialty shops, which sell more T-shirts and baseball caps during warm weather and more fleece vests and jackets during colder months. Blue Sky obtains much of its information about overall industry trends in different geographic areas and at different types of retail outlets from its trade organization, Outdoor Industry Association. Over the next three years, Blue Sky seeks to expand distribution to retail specialty shops throughout the nation, focusing next on the Southwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. The firm has not yet determined whether it would be beneficial to sell through a major national chain such as REI or Bass Pro Shops, as these outlets could be considered competitors. In addition, Blue Sky plans to expand online sales by offering the customized product line via Internet only, thus distinguishing between Internet offerings and specialty ship offerings. Eventually we may be able to place internet kiosks at some of the more profitable store outlets so consumers could order customized products form the stores. Regardless of its expansion plans, Blue Sky fully intends to monitor and maintain strong relationships with distribution channel members. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY. Blue Sky communicates with consumers and retailers about its products in a variety of ways. Information about Blue Sky—the company as well as its products—is available via the Internet, direct mailings, and in person. The firms’ promotional efforts also seek to differentiate its products from those of its competitors. The company relies on personal contact with retailers to establish the products in their stores. This contact, whether in-person or by phone, helps convey the Blue Sky message, demonstrate the products’ unique qualities, and build relationships. Blue Sky sales representatives visit each store two or three times a year and offer in-store training on the features of the products for new retailers or for those who want a refresher. As distribution expands, Blue Sky will adjust o meet greater demand by increasing sales staff to make sure it stores are visited more frequently. Sales promotions and public relations currently make up the bulk of Blue Sky’s promotional strategy. Blue Sky staff works with retailers to offer short-term sales promotions tied to event and contests. In addition, Nick Russell is currently working with several trip outfitters to offer Blue Sky items on a promotional basis. Because Blue Sky also engages in cause marketing through its contribution to environmental programs, good public relations have followed. Nontraditional marketing methods that require little cash and a lot of creativity also lend themselves perfectly to Blue Sky. Because Blue Sky is a small, flexible organization, the firm can easily implement ideas such as distributing free water, skiers, and discount coupons at outdoor sporting events. During the next year, the company plans to engage in the following marketing efforts: Create a Blue Sky Tour, in which several employees take turns driving around the country to campgrounds to distribute promotional items such as Blue Sky stickers and discount coupons Attend canoe and kayak races, bicycling events, and rock climbing competitions with our Blue Sky truck to distribute free water, stickers, and discount coupons for Blue Sky shirts or hats. Organize Blue Sky hikes departing from participating retailers. Hold a Blue Sky design contest, selecting a winning slogan and logo to be added to the customized line. PRICING STRATEGY. As discussed earlier in this plan, Blue Sky products are priced with the competition in mind. The firm is not concerned with setting high prices to signal luxury or prestige, nor is ti attempting to achieve the goals of offsetting low prices by selling high quantities of products. Instead value pricing is practiced so that customers feel comfortable purchasing new clothing to replace the old, even if it is just because they like the new colors. The pricing strategy also makes Blue Sky products good gifts—for birthdays, graduations, or â€Å"just because.† The customized clothing will sell for $2 to $4 more than the regular Blue Sky logo clothing. The luggage ill be priced competitively, offering a good value against it competition. BUDGET, SCHEDULE, AND MONITORING Though its history is short, Blue Sky has enjoyed a steady increase in sales since its introduction three years ago. Figure A shows these three years, plus projected sales for the nest three years, including the introduction of the two new product lines. Additional financial data are included in the overall business plan for the company. The timeline for expansion of outlets and introduction of the two new product lines is shown in Figure B. The implementation of each of these tasks will be monitored closely and evaluated for its performance. Blue Sky anticipates continuing operations into the foreseeable future, with no plans to exit this market. Instead, as discussed throughout this plan, the firm plans to increase its presence in the market. At present, there are no plans to merge with another company or to make a public stock offering.

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The Garden Depot Recruitment Issues

The Garden Depot Recruitment Issues The Garden Depot originated from a family owned floral company in Barrie, Ontario expanded to a larger variety floral, gardening and lawn care products. Eventually, it ventured into landscaping business too. The current practice of the organization has made the business deteriorate. Experienced and reliable workforces were not attained in the organization as result of fluctuations in seasonal demands. The organization also faced in synchronization among departments. Family member employment in the organization also gives difficulty between employees to handle any matters with that individual. Finally is the inappropriate positioning of employee in the management position. As a recommendation, the best option to be implemented is by focusing on execution of specific departments such as management, marketing, customer service and inventory control. Individual departments will concentrate on their part of duties to develop the company. This development is attached with the employment of experienced and reliable workforce people rather than part time employees. This would create a stable business as there would not be any fluctuation in the work force. With the clear description of divisions and stable work force, Garden Depot is expected to progress in their business ventures. 2. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The Garden Depots improper implementation of standardized staffing criterion has caused the main reason for its unsuccessfulness. The organization did not have permanent skillful employees but only seasonal ones. Another cause of this problem is pursuing an employee to perform multi- tasking without prior knowledge in the designated areas. The departments in the depot also do not have synchronization between them. Decision made in one department never known to the other departments. Another criterion is family member employment in the organization itself which causes complexity in handling matter with this individual. The organization is also facing inappropriate positioning of employee in the management position i.e. leadership problem. 3. ANALYSIS OF THE CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM The cause of the problem is the improper recruitment that was conducted in the organization. This was the primary cause of the organization mishap causing the organization to have a fluctuation in the employee of the Garden Depot. Recruitment of seasonal student employees for these tasks has caused inconsistency in the work progress. Since these inexperience employees only join for a very short period, they do not really perform in their duties as a permanent employee. Besides that, these young needs someone superior to them guide them all the time which actually causes waste of valuable time compared to an experienced employee where can perform his or her tasks without any supervision. The second problem faced by the organization is the fact that most of the employees in organization were not recruited and the existing employees were taken off during off peak season this was the problem that has cause the inconsistency of the employees. As the business is mainly based in the summer season the off peak season are a mishap for the organization where most of the employees are discarded to cut cost and replaced with students and part-time workers, this causes lack of proficiency, making the organization quality and delivery inconsistent. With part time inexperience working handing during off and mid seasons making the routing employment cycle unstructured. With statistics, indicating 80% of the employees during the offseason are student who leave at the end of the summer to return to the school. Only the remaining 20% are the full time employees of the company which this cycle changing vice versa during peak season the quality and work process is certainly a question m ark in terms of the garden depot. As stated in the case there are not defined job responsibility for the staff its sort of like a open office process where the work is assigned as it comes to the organization and upon the employee availability. The third problem analysis was the recruitment of the family member which proved to be totally unhelpful for the business development as there was no proper qualification or business handling capabilities for the family member making the existing business more complex to handle and the fact the students were used in the real-time operation was proved to be a mishap in the organization. i.e. (Sinclair recruitment). Derek Sinclair, son-in-law of the owner, was appointed although he was not qualified for that particular position. His job scope was to organize and deploy landscapers to job sites, dealing with customers and responding to customer concern, invoicing completed landscaping and travelling to clients homes to quote jobs. This entire job was never his specialty or expertise as he was from a customers orientated background. Low knowledge on this tasks caused Sinclair facing difficulty to communicate with customers when they called, which led him to avoid answering calls. Besides that, Sinclair also faced problem quoting for a job as he was uncertain with the materials to be used. He was also not billing the finished landscaping jobs. The fourth factor is that there is no job description and a requirement criterion that was taken before the employees was recruited. Job responsibilities are not being defined at all in this organization. This causes the employees to be confused as to who is to do what and when to execute this task. Overall this confusion in the daily operation will lead to the downfall of the organizations performance. The main objective of a job description is to have a clear outline of duties and responsibilities to make the screening process as direct and focused as possible, which was certainly a lagging factor as there were no proper fixed employees to assign the job. student being the most control during the off season it certainly possess a great challenge in terms of curtaining a job description and specification that can match the organization all the year around. With job description being assigned the following could be achieved by garden depots, which are the factors it is missing curren tly. There is no cooperation of students and employees in the organization insight in existing responsibilities/roles. There is no enabling career moves within the organization, and the most critical is that there is no determination of amount of pay per function. The combination of all these creates a proper job description that is lagging in the organization currently. All these factor of the unstructured organization caused the fact that there was lack of customer satisfaction in the product base and the service provided to the consumers regarding the focus. 4. DECISION CRITERIA AND ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS The first solution would be to reevaluate all the staff and create a proper job description for the organization. Job description is to have a clear outline of duties and responsibilities to make the screening process direct and focused as possible. This will provide room for improvement in the cooperation vise by giving all members of the organization responsibilities which could increase of results by specification of responsibilities as each employee in the organizations has their own task to perform and justify. Secondly, creating departments to handle each and every division and recruit personals to partment. Each departments deployed will have their own responsibilities such as marketing department where they are to market out their services to the public. Human resource department would have the task of managing the organization where they will be involved in the employee payroll system, employee recruitment, providing trainings for employees in the organization and etc. By developing departments, job tasks can be divided evenly rather than only one departments slogging. Each department would have their superior and employees to manage themselves. Thirdly, using of experience and new staffs together to create a strong team in handling a task. In this way, they would exchange their views among each other which project a positive outcome. Older employees would exchange their views based on years of experience they have gone through. As for the new comers, they would be more advanced in the latest technologies designated fields. With the combination of experience and knowledge, the organization will tend to approach a positive progress. Since Garden depot is a service based organization, the management should deploy a customer service department. With this customer service department, they are able to analyze the customers need and requirement. Through client feedback and interaction, you can learn about what clients liked about the services provided and which areas you may need improvement in. Using customer service as a tool for continuous improvement often leads to customer satisfaction. It is the key performance indicator when measuring their success. Lastly, Garden Depot can also begin conducting formal appraisal system to monitor the employees job performance. Workplace appraisals actively involve employees understanding what is expected of them. By setting agreed objectives with your employer or line manager and then reviewing the results some weeks or months later, each employee is made responsible for their own performance. They are an opportunity to review strengths and weaknesses, to take an overall assessment of work content, loads and volume and to look back on what has been achieved already and to set goals and objectives for the following period. The element of an appraisal being used to ensure that the worker continues to do the job properly, there are many benefits to workplace appraisals as they are often the means by which employers review potential, and identify training and career planning to forward the career progression of the worker. Furthermore, they can also help employers to determine financial reward incen tives for a workers performance. Benefit from this appraisal is that some employees talk about work with their managers and these employers often and may not see the need for a formal appraisal system. Although regular dialogue between managers and workers should be encouraged, much will depend on the attitudes of individual managers and, if there is no formal appraisal system in place, some may neglect to keep on top of how their workers are doing. An appraisal system, therefore, can bring benefits in that it can develop a greater degree of consistency by ensuring that employers and employees meet regularly to discuss performance and potential. Experience has shown that this can encourage better performance from employees. 5. RECOMMENDED SOLUTION, IMPLEMENTATION AND JUSTIFICATION The whole organization lacks infrastructure and the complete revamp of the organization must be carried out in perspective of the employees to create the Garden Depot. The first step is creating specific departments for specific job only. This can be divided into management department, marketing department, customer service and inventory control department. The main role of the management will both address and handle the multifaceted needs of its employees through the provision of the other services, both in literal and social terms. In other words, it is responsible to ensure employees are provided for in terms of finances, health care and other related issues. Another key role of management is to listen to the concerns of employees. All issues dealt with by management at the organizational level have an effect on employees and thus must be made with their best interest in mind. It is important to let employees know via regular meetings that their needs and opinions are valued. Employees should feel as though they have the ability and right to approach management with any of the issues listed above and these statements should always be taken into account when management makes further decisions. In sun, management is the backbone of the organization as well as its eyes and ears and employees must have this stable presence to address in case of problems. As for marketing department, their main task is focusing on customers. Here they develop ways how to attract customers towards the organization. This can be done by putting up advertisements through Medias such as the internet, television and news paper about the services they are offering. They are also to find reasonable priced suppliers and vendors to reduce the expenditure faced by buying from one particular vendor. Another main role is to come out of new ideas on the landscaping concept. This innovative concept will be the key role of attracting customers to towards the organization. Customer service department is responsible to consult with customers about their service needs or their wants. They also analyze what the customer says they want and need and the last part of their task is troubleshooting services to best fit their needs and expectations. Without this department, it is complicated for the organization to know the customers need. Since this department is more focused in customer caring matter, this will help the depot to solve the Sinclairs problem where he does not answer customer calls. The third department is inventory control department. Here the inventory control employee is responsible for maintaining acceptable and accurate inventory levels. They must report shortages, overages and all inventory levels monthly for replenishment. This process ensures continued operations and avoids product or inventory shortages. The inventory control employee is responsible for classifying, labeling and warehousing all inventories for future use. They must keep accurate records of inventory levels and location for easy retrieval. This is critical in keeping the department organized and efficient. The inventory control person is responsible for communicating with all department managers and purchasing on inventory levels and locations. They must maintain a record of all transfers and disposal. The inventory section must implement and follow a control system to reduce damage, breakage and inventory obsolescence. This helps the Garden Depot issues on the stock missing prevented. Having all this departments in the organization is a must to help the business flow smoothly. In order for this departments to function, adequate amount of work force are needed which includes experienced and reliable people in the organization. No more seasonal work force should be employed which creates fluctuation in the business. With this strategic planning of deploying individual departments comprising of experienced and reliable forces, the Garden Depot should be heading towards a new business era with a strong strategies, vision and mission. This will help the organization including the bottom line have a clear mind on what they are wanting to achieve but this time with a clear pathway. 6. REFERENCES eHow (2010), Inventory Control, Job Description and Duties, online, URL: (http://www.ehow.com/about_5494754_inventory-control-job-description-duties.html) Brandxpress (2007), 9 Responsibilities of a Marketing Department, online, URL: (http://www.brandxpress.net/2007/03/9-responsibilities-of-a-marketing-department/#more-286) Article Myriad (2010), The Responsibilities and Role of Management in an Organization, online, URL: (http://www.articlemyriad.com/157.htm) Burke, W. Warner, and Bill Trahant,Traveling Through Transitions, Training Development, 1996, 50, 37 41.