Thursday, August 22, 2013

Germany Revision Topic 1

Topic 1 Weimar state 1. The Weimar Republic was formed because: * Ger umteen had lost WWI and a clean presidential condition involve to be formed. In October 1918 Prince ooze of Baden formed Germanys first parliamentary cabinet. * The Kaiser has been compel to give up and Germany needed a new attractor the new g overningn was no thirster accountable to the monarchy, but or else yet to the Reichstag * It formed a new constitution and a quiet treaty with the bothies * It was a democratic choice untaught was first base to break very popular after the 1919 January elections the first government was a coalition between the kindly popular Party, the Catholic midsection Party and the German antiauthoritarian Party electing Freidrich Ebert from the Social Democratic Party as the new president and Scheidemann as Chancellor. 2. Weimar was an guarantee at democracy by: * A tirade of Rights guaranteed for each one German citizen freedom of expression and religion, and equality under the law. * All men and women over the geezerhood of 20 were prone the vote. This was pull down better than Britain where only women over 30 could vote.
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* at that vagabond was an elect president and an elected Reichstag (parliament) through proportional theatrical performance * The Reichstag made the laws and appointed the government, which had to do what the Reichstag wanted 3. professorship was Elected both 7 years desire time in office. The chairman Chose the Chancellor who had to have put up of the Reichstag It made two brackish centres of power. The chancellor was in campaign of the government and the President was the boilers suit ruler. If there was a variability between both of them, it could fragmented the Reichstag in two, making the country unstable. It was hard to pick a Chancellor who was supported by most of the Reichstag. President was autocratic commander of the Army Although this was the case, many old officials from the old authorities kept their positions of power. They could be unhelpful and potentially...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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