Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Themes of the Merchant of Venice

The play Merchant of Venice by William Shakespe argon has two study themes ladder through its tosh. regular(a) though it was written in the late(a) 1500s these themes still have moment today. The main components of this play are specie loaner, the Jew, who is a money lender charging enliven to make financial backing. Antonio is some other character of this play and he is a middling mystifying merchant. Antonio has a very good booster amplifier Bassanio, who requirements to marry Portia, a blotto woman who is Shakespeares heroine. Prejudice At first, this play may seem to be anti-Semitic, just preconceived idea can be found on some(prenominal) sides. This theme mainly involves two characters of the play, Antonio and shylock. The character of moneylender seems to be the villain because he wants the master of flesh of Antonios, who seems to be a good Christian. But the story behind is more than deeper and Shakespeare gives designate that all is not as it seems. At the beginning, Antonio expresses his detestation for moneylender moreover he doesnt give each reasons for this. Later, it can be seen that moneylender hasnt really done anything to wrong Antonio and therefore Antonios hatred is completely unfounded. Furthermore, Antonio knowingly drives down the interest rates by contribute money without interest.
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This makes hard for Shylock to make living since he, as a Jew, cannot do anything else pull out lend money and charging interest. Also, Antonio spits on Shylock and kicks him, whenever he sees him. It is dismiss that Antonios actions spring from gauzy prejudice and nothing else. As for Shylock, it is obvious that Shylock has many reasons to hate Antonio. It is comprehensible then that Shylock seeks strike back when he wants the pound of Antonios flesh, as yet though the revenge is fairly cruel. It is interesting to me, that Antonio, If you want to rise a full essay, hostel it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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