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HOW DOES IT WORK AND UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES?There be umpteen different methods of aquaculture depending on the species, but, the main process behind aquaculture begins by choosing the organism for cultivating (Weise, 2008). Successful aquaculture takes into consideration the biology of the aquatic species alike dieting and pee flow, engineering design like wet quality and aeration and the issues relating to any business (Weise, 2008). The species must meet a certain criteria to be cultured, including the fact that the organism must behave hardy eggs and larvae must be sustainable, they must fodder on cheap and easily available food, and they must rebel rapidly for aquaculture to be productive (Tesar, 2008). Technological advances have allay some of these rules much(prenominal) as biotechnology where scientists have added genes for malady rampart and faster reproduction with bigger results by adding evolution internal secretion genes into fish eggs (Encyclopedia Ameri kittya, 2008). summons to convention 2: course occurring (left) and growth hormone genetically engineered (right) Coho chromatic at 1 year of age at aquaculture farm. Then, depending on the selected species, they can be raised in artificial or born(p) bodies of water (Weise, 2008). Artificial systems include raceways, tanks, pools, and cages made of non-toxic materials. (Tesar, 2008). Refer to Figure 3.
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After, the species are placed in their selected environment; the organisms are farmed or constructd (Encyclopedia Americana, 2008). Farmers have to decide on the method of cultivating the organism, such as breeding in which it is difficult to copy the enviro! nmental factors that spark sexual maturity in aquatic animals to produce spawning (Grolier mul snipdia Encyclopedia, 2008). Due to this, aquaculture farmers inject pituitary body hormones or engraft pituitary material from other animals of the same or tie in species into the aquatic animals to bring about spawning at the desired time (Weise, 2008).Most farmers will... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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