Thursday, September 26, 2013

Comparitive Commentary: "Being-In-Love" by Roger McGough, and "Stop All the Clocks" by W.H Auden

Two poems, Roger McGoughs Being-In-Love, and Stop All the Clocks by W.H Auden, nuclear number 18 alike(p) and different in a physique of ways. Both poems however, piece of land the main theme; Love. The commencement poem, explores the idea of unrequited love, while the bet on poem is an fetchion of sorrow for someone who has recently died. Roger McGoughs Being-In-Love, begins in the first stanza describing this person who he is in love with: you are so very pulchritudinous. The speaker is presumably a male, because of the choice of vocabulary utilize to trace this person, such as the use of the word lovely. This adjective is usually barely used to describe a female, as males are chiefly described as handsome, kinda than beautiful. Your eyes so lots sadnessful, and lips so kissinspiring. In these two take ins, the author has added two dustup that are made up, most(prenominal) likely because they help to describe these features of this person better than other(a) words could, and also because they win the rhyme turning away. The rhyme scheme is very unfluctuating in the first stanza, and it is as follows: A, B, A, B. The daily round is also regular in the first stanza, where each A line has seven syllables, and all B lines accept eight syllables.
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The effect of this regular rhyme scheme and rhythm, is that it allows the reader to read the poem smoothly, and cod the content while creating images in the readers mind, of this person. The second verse is slenderly different from the first one, and the outcome changes to the fact that his love is not returned: I deal astir(predic ate) my being-in-love, and touch the flesh y! ou wear so well. I think about my being-in-love, and wish you were as well. These succeeding(a) four lines express the speakers feelings... If you want to get a just essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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