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england agricultre

Although there be numerous a nonher(prenominal) aspects of England that caused it to flourish agriculturally, technologically, and industrially, there atomic number 18 three that especially contributed. An abundance of natural resources, a large supply of workers, and a stable government especially caused the industrial variation to begin in England. The Industrial whirling was an pass of invigorated inventions and concepts that revolutionized the way industry would er. The Industrial vicissitude began in the mid 1700s, and has continued through the present day. The Industrial novelty has not stopped, but it slowed down around 1900. The Industrial Revolution brought many new ideas, inventions, and concepts to the world, andngland was the key factor that made it possible. to a fault being one of the most populated areas in atomic number 63 at the time, England had an abundance of natural resoThe festering population of England demanded much food to keep the populati on fed. verdant advancements led to a surplus of food and demand for much(prenominal) resources to shape up new machines. Well, England had just that. England had a lot of mined resources in the 1700s; much(prenominal) as coal, iron, and tin.
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It also had live resources such as sheep for wool, and not to mention, That her harbors are plentiful, that she is not ill-off for rivers, and that no part of the country is barely than seventy miles from the sea. These resources could fulfill the plations growing demands for plentiful resources for constructing new machines, preparation food for the people, and cloth for textile f actories. As a payoff of the agricultura! l advancements, there was a growing demand for more jobs. Because of the agricultural development, there were plenty of farm workers who had no jobs, and were in desperate n of these agricultural advancements, such as Jethro Tulls horse-drawn seed drill, or Robert Blankewells stock induce ideas, or Cyrus McCormicks mechanical reaper put many farm workers out of work. This is, of course, not to mention the very...If you want to drift a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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