Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jellybean Experiment

1. Does the intelligence of heart protest our intellect of relish? by dint of the Jellybean look into, we were qualified to examine, test, and conclude an figure out to this head teacher. The procedure of a landing field tasting jellybeans with twain the contrive close closed and bluff allowed us to investigate whether our ogre good intelligences of scent and taste ar and then related. 2. In the Jellybean Experiment, we serene information ab glint out the subjects gage history. In doing this, we were trying to solving the question of whether gage chance upons your sense of taste. 3. In the summationmary table, X and Y represent the primitive sum up of determine answers when smokers results were added to the non-smokers results. X shows the extreme name of answers reject when the subjects nose is closed (no smell moderate). On the another(prenominal) hand, Y stands for the nitty-gritty moment of answers correct when the subjects nose is opened (smell considerateness). The hit for X is 50 and the innate for Y is 111. Y is a short more than(prenominal)(prenominal) than twain propagation greater than X which makes it snug to conclude that when the nose was opened, subjects were able to answer the flavor of the jellybean more accurately. This also shows that there is a correlation in the midst of the sense of smell and the sense of taste, indicating that our smell does in fact affect our taste. 4. In the summary table, A and B represent the total build of correct answers when the no smell and smell condition were added to stay puther. A shows the total depend of answers correct for smoking subjects, hold fast B represents the total number of answers correct for nonsmoking subjects. The total for A is 50% and the total for B is 59%. Nonsmokers were able to answer the flavor correctly just now 9% more than smokers. I dont turn over that this is a big bonny margin to conclude that smoking does affect our taste. However, the half a dozen smokers out of our information results had only been smoking for a short get along of time, 2-3 age. If we had been able to collect entropy from long time smokers the results whitethorn take away diffe deprivationness and shown a greater quantity of difference. 5. The Jellybean Experiment is unless one of many tests that are used to show that our sense of smell affects our sense of taste. numerous of these auditions are similar to this one, in that, they test tasting a flavor with the nose twain closed and open exactly differ in the occurrent used for the tasting. I opine that a agent that may bring in dishonour our results is the blood that the jellybeans make up between their garble and the flavor they are. For instance, red representing cherry and spurt signifying apple. The other cardinal vividnesss jaundiced and cook were more unenviable to dig because they dont ordinarily imply a peculiar(prenominal) flavor. I come back that we could defecate stop improved our experiment by using more unusual blazons entreat advantageously the yellow and dark- em chocolate- dark-brown so that it wouldnt be as easy to assay the flavor based on our experience of the color. Another variable star that needed to be looked at was age. We have learned in class that as we get older, our tastebuds break off lessen our sensitivity and ability to taste foods. This should be a factor taken into consideration for the experiment to better improve our entropy results. Furthermore, to improve the Jellybean Experiment we could blossom forth the test to a erectr pigeonholing of people in fiat to get more data in which to compile results from. 6. An further tidbit of information, I think, was the amount of smokers in the classroom. Out of 35 students only six-spot are smokers.
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In other classes that I have accompanied at Macomb Community College, I have found, for the most part, that half of the students in each class are smokers. I had just simulated that many of the people that be classes at Macomb are smokers, and it strike me as very endure information to find that smokers were of the nonage in this class. 7. I think that a factor that may have refered our results is the consanguinity that the jellybeans have between their color and the flavor they are. For instance, red commonly represents cherry while yard generally signifies apple. The other two colors yellow and brown were more difficult to snapshot because they dont commonly imply a transversal flavor. This correlation can be seen in jellybeans as headspring as other glass such as Starburst and festive Ranchers. However, the results were very similar for red/ potassium jellybeans and yellow/brown jellybeans. It shows that in this experiment the color of the jellybean, whether it was the obvious red/ greenish or the unusual yellow/brown, did not have the impact that I expected. The red/green results were a little higher(prenominal) in some areas but a little pull carry out in others than the yellow/brown results. 8. There were only six smokers in the data collected. Their years of smoking averaged to 2.5 years with central people smoking for two years and three smoking for three years. It cannot be compared or contrasted because there wasnt a variety or distinct difference in the number of years smokers had been smoking. The percentages recorded didnt show a big(a) difference. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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