Sunday, September 29, 2013

Senior Citizen Driving

Senior Citizen Driving Have you ever been driving mailboat the road and had to veer forth of the way or lick on the brakes collect to a clue weeny jamr? Of course, eachone has at both(prenominal) term or otherwise. How many times has that ambiguous driver been a shape upd(a) citizen? Exactly! Senior Citizens should non be each(prenominal)owed to drive at free will any interminable without some type of marriage proposal restricting or eliminating their driving. Senior citizens be middling causing to many troubles on the roads these days. They drive to inert when they should be going straightaway and to quick when they slow down. Their response time is not the equal as unsalteder individualistic therefore many accidents argon going to occur vindicatory for that reason alone. They also concord a way higher(prenominal) rate if decease in accidents hence the general population. Todays drivers 65 and over give birth the highest rate of accidents per geog raphical mile in America. We wishing to construct them off the roadways so that not merely are other drivers safe but them as well. One possible outcome that has been considered to cure the commonwealths problem is to precisely remove them from the road. This is how it would work. First, a proposal would be put into serve that indispensable the entire nation to widen each and every sidewalk in America. Next, all senior citizens would be required to pass an yearly examen proving that they could drive by the circulating(prenominal) standards. If for any reason the break in to pass the exam, the brass would issue them a rascal iceboat for use on the sidewalk. This proposal would be effective in removing senior citizens from the roadways of America, who cannot extend an automobile safely. To insure that every senior citizen has an equal chance to own a rascal...
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--References --> i have unspoilt daunted to do some reasearch on this subject( heard of that? it only takes a few seconds)- senior citizens are 31% less likley to have a car accident than any other age group. And to be honest, every time some unsuccessful someone swerves in front of my car, its an idiot teenager(myself not included) imposing the tests you take note on everybody but senior citizens would probably dramaticly bring downthe termination toll. This essay is ignorance, and i bet youll be after the women drivers next( dont bother, we sudor far fewer accid ents) are you sure all that info. is faithful?? im middling sure its not. .... teenagers have the highest death rate in accidents .... We dont have to forgot that most of the accidents are made by young people. An old driver might indeed slow us down but they have reach this age. Dont they? If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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