Friday, September 20, 2013

Wizard of Oz Notes

n ones from the plastic film Old-school black-and-white in the begin of the motion-picture show with upbeat, then lackadaisical music. Foreshadowing with scrolling, stormy electrical storm clouds during opening credits. Having seen most of the film numerous periods before just now never the ending(as I recall), it was easy to tell that Hunk must be the Sc atomic number 18crow, Uncle heat nub is the Lion, and Elmyra Gulch is the irredeemable witch of the east. Aunt Em must be the good witch of the North. Dorothy seems rejected by her family in the beginning of the film, like they dont have m or dont fatality to talk to her. nighplace over the rainbow always she-bops stuck in my head for days subsequently comprehend it. The movie switches to color whenever Dorothy grimes in Munchkinvilletownland. By the time the signboard lands on the bad witch and Dorothy and ToTo start walk approximately, Im thinking to myself, who creates such a fairy-tale land in th eir head? Someone that thinks about WAY diametrical things than I do, thats for sure. Im not a caramel of musicals, and Munchkinland is somewhat annoying for me. The Lollipop Kids were funny, but the rime is appease stuck in my head, and its FRIDAY! The driver of the chariot taking Dorothy and Toto around Munchkinland point they were singing had his eyes closed! Driving while drowsing(prenominal) is NOT SAFE!
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There are split of lesser tidy sum, but I think there are television camera effects in some scenes that establish some of the people understand smaller, when in fact, a closer look reveals the truth. cha nceful stuff for being such an old movie/sto! ry. The wicked witch of the west is crazy and supernatural, real green, very mean. Its consistent, every few minutes or so, SINGING. Not a fan. I just so happen to notice, one of the starting signal few times the Tin Man looks Dorothy straightway in the eyes, it seems as though he would like to make pick out to her. Weird. Check it out and TRY to tell me otherwise. WEIRD feel blue flying monkeys with the wicked witch of the west. Im not sure what the little man said...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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