Saturday, October 19, 2013

Byu History From 1851 Journal Entry 1

1.People invented untested technology usually to ease their make or others workload. new(a) technololgy usually makes a particular work at faster and much expeditious or maybe automated. The reasons atomic number 18 much the same in the modern period. Computers nowadays be constantly getting faster and smaller. 2.Some people qualification refute sandbags because they feel their income. For example long distance exaltation by wagon would be much less efficient than railroad shipping so less people would redeem for it. New methods of transportation atomic number 18 usually seen a task threat. 3.Today new technology and up and coming businesses grant a magnified effect on the economy. As more new technologys are invented more people will indigence to buy it for themselves, so more businesses will spring up to meet the consumers demand.] 4.If I was a women working in a textile manufacturing plant my main rival would be safety. I would most definetly wishin g to keep all of my fingers. My second concern would be equality. I would imagine that men got the higher executive director jobs with a higher salary and that they wouldnt be available to women.
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If I was working in a place such as that I would non be very happy. 5.Immigrants were not always delightful because many people viewed them as a threat to their jobs. roughly immigrants were willing to work for less hold so they readily replaced other workers. The views on immigrants have changed a lot since then. With the even up papers and applications almost anyone can make out a citizen of the united state s albeit with a small cost. 6.The cotton! make for a much more effiecient cotton harvesting process. Because more cotton could be produced faster the industry could keep up with demands and as a result made a large profit.If you expect to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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