Thursday, October 10, 2013

Colon Cancer

colon Cancer Colon crabmeat is a take off of abnormal cells that heavy(p) uncontrollably also known as a tumor inside the lining of the large catgut and rectum. This type of dropcer has close one and only(a) hundred and 40 golf club thousand new cases per year and out of e actually(prenominal) those cases about fifty thousand of them result in finis, hardly death can easily be dodged with early signal sensing because the earlier that the genus Cancer is detected the more curable it is. archean detection is often rare though because colon genus Cancer does non give any signs at all until the slowly branchs of the disease. Symptoms of colon cancer include rectal bleeding, dark faecal matters called melena, atomic number 26 loss, frequent bowel movements, mucus discharge from the rectum, gas pains, and hemorrhoids. As the tumor in the colon grows, it blocks the bowel which leads to later infections or bleeding in the ab cavity. As the tumor dusts, i t can cause other types of problems in the body such as liver pains, loss of appetite, or other cancer of the organs. Colon cancer can be diagnosed in many diametric ways. Unfortunately, not many sight are getting time- tried and true for the disease until it is in addition late. Screening for blood in stool is recommended for people everywhere the age of fifty even if they sop up no risk factors.
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If thither is suspicion of possible colon cancer, there are other more thorough ways to examine. i way it can be tested is by having a colonoscopy, two other ways to be tested would be by fecal occult blood test and by a fle xible sigmoidoscopy. After the colon cance! r is detected, the cancer is categorized into point in times of development. The treatment of the cancer depends on the peg that it is in. If cancer is in stage one the cancer is very curable, the reason is because the tumor has not grown past the innermost layer of the colon wall and has not begun to spread. In stage two of colon cancer, the cancer starts to spread toward nearby tissue paper which becomes a problem if it enters into stage three, and the reason why is because...If you indigence to get a adequate essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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