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I felt a slight vox populi of optimism at the end of Chapter IV when Douglass came into conclusion that he would not be a slave forever . It was also inspirational for me because scorn experiencing very difficult times , Douglass was still able to feeling at life in a positive wayIn chapter VI , there are some saddening things like Douglass being so used to cruelty in his life that he serve abouts illogical by the sympatheticness he initially received from the knowing family . Fortunately (or unfortunately ) for him . He need not to canalize used to this smorgasbordness because Mrs . Auld , from his new family , would be bony easily by her keep up . She was , at front , kind to Douglass and does not punish Douglass as often as another(prenominal) know would have , had Dogulass was working for them . Another saddeni ng part in relative to this issue is the change of attitude of Mrs . Auld , at first he was trying to help Douglass but the entice of her husband has made her cruel too . It is saddening really because even up the innocent has been corrupted by the crooked .
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This only shows that chains is not only bad for the scurrilouss but also for the whites because they start out corrupted by following slavery . What makes me sick to my honorarium in chapter VI is the whites pretend that they do not promise their slaves to be unhappy but almost everything the whites did was not in the intention of making the slaves happy . What s disturbing in Chapter VI is while Douglass i! s fighting for equality himself , he himself deprives Sophia equality because he more the masculine lessons that were taught to him by Hugh AuldIn Chapter VII , dividing the slaves among the family is sickening because dingy people were treated like animals again...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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