Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Problems With Social Security Program

Problems with well-disposed Security Program fond Security is often viewed as cite of a working man s hideaway plan . It is individual(a) of the three-pronged solitude chopines that a working person is forestalled to rush in place to back him up financially upon his retirement . It is not meant to be the only form of income or gather for a retiree . It is highly unfortunate that as a retirement syllabus , the social security program is liner horrendous straits in regards to its financial longevity . in that post are fears that due to mismanagement and other br factors , the Social Security as a brass ordain no longer be able to service its members in the futureThe master(prenominal) problem facing the dodging is that the flowing number of members who cede retired or who are facing retirement in the short-term f uture is not commensu reckon to the number of new fortune who are joining the social security program . The so called Baby Boomers are going to be retiring truly soon and there are not enough demesne to replace them as contributors in the system that relies heavily on member numbers and collection in to give those who retired the benefits they demand to receive . According to the Social Security online websiteSocial Security s pay problems are long term and will not be active forthwith s retirees and near-retirees , but they are very blown-up and in force(p) People are living longer , the first gear botch up boomers are nearing retirement and the birth rate is low . The expiration is that the worker-to-beneficiary ratio has fallen from 16 .5-to-1 in 1950 to 3 .3-to-1 today . Within 40 years it will be 2-to-1 .
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At this ratio there will not be enough workers to pay scheduled benefits at current tax ratesKeeping this in mind , the question that is running with the current social station minds is How does one prevent the system from failing Since the system is a pay as you go program , how do we detainment money flowing and exchanging messs throughout the system of contributors and members The feasible solutions are both a vast and composite entrap of suggestionsThere have been suggestions that those who are a part of the monied coterie of the earning society be taxed more(prenominal)(prenominal) than the lower wage earners A logical suggestion since it takes more from those who can spare more in to subsidize those who cannot afford to contribute more . In the unlikely event that such a suggestion is taken seriously and implemented by the system , there would no doubt be a sever backlash from the field being made to pay more . This is because such a move would effectively convert the social security program status from a retirement disability program to a welfare programThe Social Security on the other fade makes the following suggestions to help save the system from itself by implementing some(prenominal) or all of the following four stepsThe four basal alternatives that are being discussed -- singularly or in sect with each other...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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