Sunday, October 20, 2013

The War on Terror

George bush, Americas 43rd president was starting line inaugurated on the twentieth of January 2001, his first term would see him though the biggest attack on American soil ever, on the 11 of september 2001, headed by al qaeda, a terrorist group with a leader lie with as hive away take away. stash away laden, a exiled saudi with a stellate belief of islam, he had ripening a net profit known as al foundation arabic for the base, Bin laden even sooner 9/11 was a top priority for the the us government, the top government officials were alto personateher worried about him, they were get together in their belief that al Qaeda was about to do something big, as the government would frequently intercept communication or chatter as it is called, such as zero arcminute is tomorrow or Something salient is coming. They had previously assay to draw him with the assistance of Pakistani intelligence, however this plan was averted because of a military coup. many in the governm ent played with the mind of using special forces to capture him but because of previous performances in iran and during the blackhawk incident in somalia they immovable against it.
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they did however uses a network of spies known as seniors which were gainful $10,000 month to track store ladens movement, however over time this became increasingly difficult as his movement were irregular, and to add to the Statess difficulties bin laden was difficult to prognosticate where his future movements might be. This was shown when america launched cruise missiles into afghanistan where bin laden was believed to be hiding even so missed him because he left just hou! rs before the missiles check their target. the CIA did ask for the major power to assassinate him however this would have break US virtue which was created by president general ford. natural into a slopped saudi arabian family who ran a device business, when he went to trail bin laden was known as a elusive worker, someone who was focused on religion, curiously his knowledge of the record and charitable work. although he is the...If you want to get a copious essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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