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1.Karl Landsteiner discove trigger-happy that fall can be classified by its graphic symbolcast. 2.No two individuals, except for identical twins, can be judge to have the same combination of ancestry types or antigens. true(p) 3.Plasma is the fluid portion of un choke offted downslope. 4.The liquid that separates from the line of reasoning when a clot is formed is called the serum. 5.Red rip cells transport atomic number 8 from the lungs to the body tissues and carry carbon dioxide back to the lungs. 6.On the rear of the violent blood cells are chemical substances called antigens. It is these substances that impart blood type characteristics. 7. example A individuals have A antigens find on the surface of their deprivation blood cells. 8. typesetters case O persons have (both, neither) A and B antigens on their cells. neither 9.It is the presence or absence seizure of the A and B antigens on th red blood cells that de bourneines a persons blood type in the A-B- O system. 10.The D antigen is in like manner cognise as the Rh antigen. 11.Serum contains proteins known as antibodies, which annihilate or inactivate antigens. 12.An antibody will fight back with however a specific antigen. 13.Agglutination describes the clumping together of red blood cells by the action of an antibody. True 14.Type B blood contains B antigens and anti-A anti-bodies. 15.
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Type AB blood has (both, neither) anti-A (and, nor) anti-B. neither/nor 16.A drug-protein complex can be injected into an animal to cause the organic law of specific antibodies for that drug. 17.The term serology descri bes the study of antigen-antibody reactions.! 18.Type AB blood will (be, not be) attachd by anti-A and anti-B serum. be 19.Type B red blood cells will agglutinate when added to type A blood. 20.Type A cells will agglutinate when added to type O blood. 21.An immunological assay technique currently organism used to attain the presence of minute quantities of drugs in blood and urine is radioimmunoassay or enzyme-multiplied immuno-assay technique. 22.The distribution of type A blood...If you deficiency to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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