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Alison MartinBritain How essential was policy-making opportunism as a foreland for Britain becoming more democratic between 1851 and 1928 ? Between 1851 and 1928 Britain evolved into a democracy. This happened due to various savvys. Some historians suppose that the most all-important(a) crusade for parliamentary neaten was political opportunism, whereas early(a) historians believe that it was other factors that caused Britain to become a democracy. The other factors were: the long edge legacy of the French revolution, the impact of the industrial revolution on British society, the new voting system which replaced the outdated one. besides thither are more reasons such as political opportunism, the ever-changing attitudes of the public, and the external influences such as the 1867 act. Finally, another important reason as ti why the parliamentary reform happened was the pulsation for change. Europe was hit by a serial proceeds of violent revolutions in France, Aust ria and some German states with threatened the subvert the established raise of government. This certainly prompted discussion in the special K and Lords but the fact reform was not passed until 1867 which was 20 diachronic period later.
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The British government supported the Italian muckle in their fight for democracy a developst the autocracies of Austria and Naples in the warfare of Italian juncture 1859-61. The government withal supported the jubilant North and marrow cause during the American Civil War. The heart and soul were fighting to gain freedom and political rights for Blacks. The development o f transnational democracy in the 21st centu! ry. Democracy was developing afield before WW1 and Britain had to be seen in keeping up with outside(a) trends. As the suffer country in the British empire there was some a necessity to be seen as evolving with democracy and world a leader in newfangled democracy. Before the clap of war in 1914 Australia and New Zealand had already granted the ballot to women. By 1914 some American states had also granted the vote...If you take to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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