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HENRY THE II         Some history movies provide viewers with development and knowledge on a certain undecided; however, the crush(p) history information can be obtained through books, and literature. two(prenominal) the king of beasts in Winter and Becket drive their standardizednesses, but they withal have their differences. henry the II was an great figure in Eng globe and his character and family played an important role in the conclusiveness devising for the succeeding(a) kingdom. Both movies argon same in that they bespeak enthalpys intellectual intuition; however, the movies are non similar in the rendering and the character of enthalpys family.         The description of heat contents intelligence in both movies is similar. In the movie Becket, enthalpy uses both protrudeline and intelligence when choosing to admit Thomas Becket Archbishop of Canterbury. His rea discussioning in making Becket Archbishop was because once Henry had both church and state on his side, then there would be nonhing stopping him. regrettably for Henry, he did not count of Becket to require a ? divine man and a man of God. In a Lion in Winter, Henry was involved in a discussion with Louis of France in which they discussed apiece new(prenominal)s moves. It was during this discussion that Henry proves his intelligence as sanitary as his cunning strategy. Henry, through his computation with Louis, was able to capture out how Louis worked and what his plans were without bad away his bureau or give tongue to him a thing. Henry likewise used strategy when it came to his relationships to Alyce and Eleanor. By controlling both Eleanor and Alyce, Henry was able to contain Alyces land and at the same time, keep Eleanors aquatane in check. By retention Eleanor locked up, Henry was able to plaintu completelyy act Eleanor to sign oer the aquatane in return for her freedom. With this deal cosmos set, Henr y became proprietor of almost half of Englan! d, thus change magnitude his power. Through strategy and positioning, Henry was able to conquer over enemies and obtain gigantic masses of land, thus revealing his intelligence.         The differences amid the two movies was not in Henrys character but in the character of his family. In Becket, Henrys family was an insignificant part of his kingdom. His wife, the mighty Eleanor of Aquataine, was shown stitching in her contain without regard or pity to Henrys problems. She was visualized as an insignificant, and a harmless character. Henrys mom, when seeing Thomas Beckets pursuance in Henrys court, verbalize that it was intimately that Becket was finally being interpreted down, after all he had caused a lot of chafe upon herself and Henry. Henry showed at this moment that he favored his be roll in the hay friend, Thomas Becket over his family by telling her that he loved Thomas even when he hated him, and he did not love her. Henry had no regard f or his mother. After all, she had left(p) him at a young age. Henry showed no love for his wife, Eleanor, nor did he care rough her. When she talked of Thomas Becket, he quick shut her up, not caring to hear her opinion. Henry too appeared to not like his children. In single scene, Henry is shown giving his son, Henry the III, a dinner in his name because he is to become the future king. Henry remarks slightly his sons stupidity plot of ground sitting at the table, he says something along the lines of Look at you, you pig. Even when I give you the glory you still dont encounter it. Henry lieu no care about his sons emotions nor does he care about his son. In a Lion in Winter, Henrys family is seen in a totally different perspective. It appears, in many another(prenominal) different cases that Henry loves his wife, Eleanor.
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When both of them are sitting in front of the fireplace after their sons had betrayed Henry, they had a talk about the Aquataine and about each other. They discuss what it was like before, when they were happy and in love, and they showed their emotions by kissing. Henry is seen as someone with emotion and Eleanor is seen as a loving, free-enterprise(a) lover. Henrys sons are also seen different. Henry loves his son bum the most, and he tells all three sons this while they are in the dungeon. He tells Richard that he thinks he is strong, smart, and would make a good regulation if he had not sided with Eleanor in the wars. He thinks of Jeffrey as a coniving, plotting and a disloyal son. Henry shows his authoritative emotions about his sons unawares after the curtain scene. Henry has found ou t that his son John, who he was going to give the kingdom to, had betrayed him and plan against him. He walked through the castle in complete ache and ail because he had ?no sons anymore. Henrys family is seen as nagging, and insignificant in one movie where as in the other they are shown as loving, competitive, and coniving.         Both movies were somewhat accurate in the boilersuit work out but each had their differences in character. Henry was seen in both movies as an intellectual master reason who plotted and stratagized his all move. However, the movies were different in the portrayal of his family. atomic number 53 showed his family as a distraction and an insignificant force, while the other showed them as an important part of Henrys kingdom. Hollywood movies are not always the best ways to explain history because their inclination is to make coin and not necessarily show true fact. If you want to soak u p a full essay, golf club it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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