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ISLAM , CIVIL AND COMMON LAWIDENTIFYING THE DIFFERENCE AMONG THE THREEThere ar three take apart lawful arrangings governing nations and states in the world : unwashed rightfulness , civil intelligentity and Muslim legality . How are they tell ? Is there a particular rectitude that is superior to allLet us find out by defining each of these laws and by taking a quick look at their origins so we can fully grasp the concept of each checker to Wikipedia (2005 , common law is the basis of the legal governing body of England and Wales , northwards Ireland , the Republic of Ireland It further added that statues which reflect the English common law are understood always to be interpreted in light of the common law customsCivil or civilian law is a legal tradition which is the base of the law in the majority of countries of the world . The Civil Law is based on Roman Law , particularly the corpus juris civilis of Emperor Justinian in the beginning civil law was one common legal system in much of Europe , but with the nurture of fieldism in the 17th century Nordic countries and virtually the prison term of the French Revolution it became fractured into separate guinea pig systems . This change was brought roughly by the development of separate national codes . The French Napoleonic code and the German and Swiss codes were the well-nigh influential ones . most this time civil law combine many ideas associated with the nirvana (Wikipedia , 2005According to Moghul (1999 , the Islamic legal system is rooted in divinity its sources are divine and thereof can non be change . He added that Islamics seek to conform to the dictates of their legal system in an effort to fulfill their sacred duties . These religious duties include obligations and rights with respect to humanity and with respect t o God , who is the LawgiverThere are 4 cogn! ise sources of Islamic law (1 ) the volume (2 ) the hadith or tradition of the seer (3 ) qiyas or analogies and (4 ) ijma or satisfying agreement .
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These quartet sources was brought well-nigh beca part Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi I was concerned about the var. of doctrine and sought-after(a) to limit the sources of law and establish a common methodological analysis for all schools of Islamic law (Muslim Women s partnership 2005Throughout history these sources were apply in descending by Muslim jurists in find the legality of an issue . If the legality was not based on an explicit command in the Quran , then t he jurists moody to look for explicit commands in the hadith , and so on . Problems were most likely to arise because not all aspects of the methodological analysis were unanimously agreed upon . analogous the Holy Bible of the Catholic Church , the Quran is as well susceptible to various interpretations . In addition , some traditions of the Prophet were questioned for their authenticity and to what extent they were sacredly imperative . Likewise , the use of analogies was greatly debated and there was scant(p) unanimous agreement among scholars in Islamic history about inexplicit issues (Muslim Women s League...If you want to get a full essay, ordinate it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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