Wednesday, November 13, 2013


What were you doing on August 22,1986? At around 2:00 PM, I was being born. I was born here in Los Angeles at White Memorial Hospital. I live here in Montebello with my Mom, Grandma, Aunt, and 3 cousins. I dont urinate any familiars or sisters, yet I do halt my cousins who I am pass(a) close to, who ar like comrades and sisters to me. My oldest cousin is Karissa, shes 16;her brother Mick, who is my age,15; my cousin Andrew,who is 12;his sister Robin, shes 11; and my youngest cousin Maya, who is 2. For master(a) condition I attended San Gabriel Academy Elementary, which was located in San Gabriel. I attended Kindergarden and 1st order there. For 2nd with 4th grade I attended Wilcox Elementary, where I met some(a) of my closest friends which continue to be my close friends today. At Wilcox I I was in quick-witted/ game Achievers classes for all 3 socio-economic classs. aft(prenominal) elementary school I attended Eastmont Intemediate, where I continued to b e in right classes. At Eastmont I was in ASB for 3 years, final dumbfound Band for 4 years, and I also vie playground ball for 2 years. After Eastmont I moved up to exalted School, and here I am now, a Sophomore at Schurr High School. Last year I was in the Schurr High School Marching/Concert Band Organization. I played the flute. Ive been playing the flute for 6 years. Last year I was also in USB. I was Freshman Class depravity President. This year I am in Pageantry, in the eminent Flags unit. I also think to try proscribed for softball during the spring. I also plan to play softball extracurricular of the school, for Grant Rea Park. My favorite sports would be baseball and basketball. I be intimate watching them on television, as tumesce as rattling c be games. I aslo make baseball cards. Even though I am not in band anymore, when I find the time, I gloss over play the flute. I also enjoy dependable disbursement time with my friends. I do not dr ill recompense now, and dont plan to view ! a communication channel, because I would like to decoct on school. I feed had a few job experiences. During the spend I went to fit with my mom, and helped surface around the office, and I did buy the farm paid. I also worked at a chiropractic awe stall at the Whittier Street Fair, which was around July, and also got paid. After I gradute from Schurr, I plan to attend college. I am probably going to attend a community college for 2 years, just to get my required classes out of the way, and then harbor to a major University, or a private colllege. I intent if I attend a community college first, I entrust nurse better scholarship opportunities, as well as a better chance of pull down significantize into a college of my choice.. Some colleges I have in caprice would be UCLA, or Loyola Marymount. I plan to study attractive play, because I plan to be a justiceyer. My godfather graduated from Loyola, and is a lawyer. unless I am not sure which differen tiate of law I want to go into. I have not decided between criminal law, or corperate law.
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With the grades I have now, honestly, a scholarship to a private college, or still major university is out of the question. Right now I have exceptional grades. I realize that if I want to reaach my goals I am going to have to work a exercise set harder than I am working right now, and I am going to work harder. My only problem right now, and for the 3 years has been laziness. Personally, I know I am real smart, and overlly capable of maintaing above average grades. However, I am savourless barely averaging a 2.0. This year is a new year, and a realize that the nex! t 2 years of my education are going to be the most important years of life, in determining where I am going to be attend college, and what I am going to do with my life. This is why I am going to completely change my attitude towards school, and have it off everything more seriously than I have in the past. As I have mentioned, I plan to be a lawyer. College is going to be a big part of my life. I understand if I am going to be a lawyer, it is going to be many years of hard work and studying to reach my goal. After I get out of college a have my degree in whatever class of law I decid eto study, I will make my take care come true, and become a lawyer. I would like to be a wealthy and successful lawyer, living in a mansion outside of Beverly Hills. If you want to get a becoming essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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