Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Is Marijuanna A Dangerous Drug?

Running Head : MARIJUANAMarijuana : A Two Sided Drug (Name (Institution (Name of instructor (Course SubjectMARIJUANA : A TWO SIDED DRUGAbstractMarijuana is the dose obtained from flowers and leaves of the plant Cannabis sativa . It contains umteen chemical substances , among which tetrahydro burnnabinol (tetrahydro advisenabinol ) has the most hotshot induced set up . The role in medical specialty and the hazardous set up it can likewise ca practise are the issues organism faced by this medicament . As long as occasiond in victorian assiduity along with the lapse of a medical in force(p) , this drug is relatively non life-threatening p IntroductionMarijuana , or the mixture of dried , rip up flowers and leaves of Cannabis sativa , is to a fault know in clear terms such(prenominal) as bargain , herb , weeds Mary Jane , gangster , ands chronic ( HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol / leaf blade .4therapy .com entanglement .4therapy .com , 2008 . Marijuana is angiotensin converting enzyme of the most contentious drugs cognize to man . This is be have of the contradictions of the healing properties that it possess as a medicine and also the destructive effects that it can also cause . These effects are contri provideded by the hundreds of types of chemicals present on itThe chemical compound that is the major component of marihuana is THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol . This compound binds to the protein receptors in the nerve cell membranes of the brain where it chiefly manifest its effect . This leads to a series of cellular reactions that causes the senior high being experienced by its users ( HYPERLINK http /www .nisda .nih .gov www .nida .nih .gov , 2008 . The concentration or the levels of THC in marijuana determines marijuana s expertness , and THC levels are affected by different factors such as plant type wea! ther , soil , and conviction of harvest ( HYPERLINK http /www .acde .org www .acde .org , 1999 . Aside from being one of the most abused drugs marijuana has its goods side as a medicine . However , the use of marijuana is still tough due to its deleterious effects .
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The interrogative mood that arises now is that , is marijuana a dangerous drug , or notBodyThe big question whether marijuana is a dangerous drug or not can be answered by evaluating different studies in the books about the properties , medical applications , and the effects of marijuana in the charitable body . One of the literature sources that I defy reviewed regarding the use of marijuana as medicine is the one given by Mack Joy (2007 consort to their article , the information on the use of marijuana as medicine can be traced back to personal accounts of individuals to accept diseases , from clinical studies , and from the studies that deal with the exploration of its chemistry and how it affects the human physiologic processesThe exploration of marijuana as a medicine can be attributed to its ability to lighten pain . As the authors have mentioned , it is used as a pain reliever nevertheless in minor symptoms such as headaches . The use is not limited to minor symptoms but according to some , it can also be all-encompassing in the alleviation of precise serious diseases such as AIDS , cancer , and neurological...If you indispensability to get a just essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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